May 15, 2007


Confusion over what to call the Kalpoe home search?
This search was considered a "survey"

What is a survey?

(Source)--A survey is meant as a ‘personal visit to the scene of the crime’. The purpose is to get a better picture of the place where, or the circumstances under which an offence was committed or to determine involvement in an offence. The OM does not make a statement on the reason and the contents of the survey.

So what's the difference between a "survey" and a regular search?

A survey, where the investigation only focuses on the personal observation by the detective team, is not the same as a house search, where subjects are confiscated and suspects are arrested.

An examining magistrate directs a house search, while a public prosecutor directs a survey. The residents of the house do not have to give permission to enter the house. If they refuse, the public prosecutor has the authority to do this against their will. The residents have to be informed on what the team is going to do, the reason for doing it and based on what. The police can be called if the residents continue to resist.


Anonymous said...

I've got to tell you. What it appears they did. Makes no sense to me. They went to take a look at the inside of the house? Just to stare??? I tell you they just wanted the American public to see they went to the Kalpoes house. Who's in charge of the Dutch investigation. The guy who nominated Paulus for judgeship?

Anonymous said...

This Dutch house search thing was like a show and tell child lesson in kindergarden. Just fun and not that serious, they were testing waters to see how the American public reacted. So far so good, the Dutch is going to close the case on May 30.

Anonymous said...

"that is not how legal systems work, you have to prove that she is dead, the defendants don't have to prove she is alive" The Court don't view it that way. That's only explains the stupidity of the Dutch injustice and obstruction of justice of destruction of all the forensic evidences of Natalee's rape and murder.