May 24, 2007


Before anyone starts, this post has nothing to do with the Boycott of Aruba. Since the Dutch have taken over Natalee's investigation I am concerned with their lack of morals and laissez-faire attitudes. To me, this is a huge factor on how they may be treating her case. Let's remember WHO we are dealing with.

Now to this article...this is how much respect the Dutch still give Anne Frank and the millions of other Jews who lost their lives. This hatred comes from Dutch children, no less.

Anne Frank house vandalised

21 May 2007

AMSTERDAM – The Amsterdam police arrested two boys aged 16 and 17 in the early hours on Sunday for spray-painting graffiti on the Anne Frank house, various other buildings in the area, and the open air photo exhibition on the Westermarkt. The two boys caused thousands of euros of damage, the police said on Sunday.

A security guard caught the two red-handed just as they were vandalising the photo exhibition at about 5 am on Sunday. He managed to overpower one of the boys until police arrived.Police managed to track down the second boy near the Westermarkt.

The organisers of the photo exhibition and the foundation responsible for the Anne Frank house have filed charges for destruction of property. A special company has started to remove the graffiti. The boys could be held liable for both the cleaning costs and the damages claims.

The Dutch and Anti-Semitism

  • Verbal and violent anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is probably greater today than it has been during any other time in the last two centuries except the Nazi occupation.

  • Excessive Dutch tolerance has become an incentive for crime. Developments in anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism are a good indicator of what is happening in Dutch society at large.

  • ...Jews are above average targets for their racists' behavior. Easily recognizable Jews often try to hide their identity in public.

  • ...The Dutch government has still not publicly acknowledged the major assistance of the Dutch bureaucracy in the preparatory stages of the murder of Dutch Jews by the Germans during the Holocaust.

  • It also continues to misrepresent the post-war discrimination against the Jews in the Netherlands.

Figleaf: Anne Frank

...There is a widespread myth that there was no anti-Semitism in the Netherlands before the war. While this is largely true for extreme, violent anti-Semitism, many other less aggressive forms of anti-Semitism and discrimination existed. Social anti-Semitism was substantial, but details have not been adequately researched.

During the Second World War, 74% of the 140,000 Dutch Jews were murdered, a higher percentage than in any other Western European country. Due to the Anne Frank paradigm
, the myth of the good Dutchman has persevered in giving the impression that large parts of the Dutch population resisted the Nazis and helped the Jews. Much attention is given to the remarkable Dutchmen who hid her and none to those who betrayed and arrested her.

The truth about Dutch collaboration with the Nazis is very different from what is commonly known outside the country. The Dutch authorities sent the Jews on their first steps to their extermination on German orders; the Germans required very few of their own people for this. Dutch policemen arrested the Jews. The policemen were well aware of the criminal character of their acts; it is the role of the police to arrest suspected criminals, not innocent citizens or babies.

Government Denial of the Truth about the War

Dutch railway employees transported the Jews to the transit camps. Dutch policemen guarded them there. There was a small minority of Dutchmen who helped hide the Jews and they deserve great respect. The numbers of Dutch Nazi collaborators during the war, however, exceeded those active in the resistance. Relative to the size of its population, the Netherlands had the most Waffen SS volunteers in Western Europe.

Furthermore, out of the 24,000 Jews who were hidden, 8,000 were betrayed by Dutchmen for a reward which in today's money amounts to perhaps 30 Euro per victim. Almost all of them were murdered in the death camps.

The Dutch government-in-exile in London cared little about the fate of the Jews who were deported to Poland. It did not instruct the Dutch under occupation not to collaborate with the Nazis. After the war, the Dutch transport minister praised the Dutch railways for not striking when they transported the Jews because that would have been bad for the Dutch economy.

In more than four years of radio speeches from London, the Dutch queen, Wilhelmina, devoted a total of five sentences to the Dutch Jews and their fate.

Security and Justice for Jews Today

...For all practical purposes, the Netherlands cannot be defined as a state where justice reigns. The percentage of prosecuted crimes is low.

Dutch Hypocrisy

The widespread hypocrisy among the Dutch political left is even more extreme. Its attitude could be summarized as:

"From our friends we expect much more than from ourselves."

...It would have been easy to illustrate this statement by quoting examples of Dutch behavior during the German occupation and the collaboration of the Dutch authorities with the Germans in bringing the Jews to their death.


Read entire article...very interesting!


Anonymous said...

The Dutch have had a long incest relationship with the Arab Muslims. The Dutch are supposed to be the Puritan Christians who recognise the Jews are the God's Chosen People. Nevertheless the Arab Muslims were pro-Hitler who made promise to take the Holy Land from the British Empire and gave it to the Arab kingdoms, and helped the Arabs to explore the oilfields in the desert. The Dutch East India Trade Company imported the Arab Muslims to Indonesia to enslave the local islanders to grow sugar cane and rubber trees to supply the war materiel to the German Armies. The modern day Dutch Oil Company is a leftover of the disbanded Dutch East India Trade Company. The Dutch Oil Company helped the German spies to steal the petroleum exploartion technology from Texas. The Dutch Oil Company is owned by the Dutch Royal familes. They are not in the best interest of America. The Dutch Oil Company is taking over the oilfield production platforms from the American oil companies operating in Venezula. The Dutch always want to steal and sabbatage the good hearted Americans.

Michelle said...

There has been a person or persons who keep leaving stupid and vile remarks that I won't post. Save your time and energy because it's become ridiculous. If you have something meaningful to say, fine. If not, keep wasting your time while I keep hitting the delete button.