May 04, 2007


Mansur said he's “definitely convinced” answers will come as to what happened to Holloway.

“There are sufficient declarations of the suspects themselves to the police that give me the indication, the strong indication, that it does have a solution. I mean, these guys have said many things to the police that should have been looked at further, but were not; they just lie there on paper,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

I love Jossys optimism. But I have my reservations.

Auntiem said...

It seems Jossy is joined by Mr. De Vreiss, in his opinion that this case can still be solved. Mr. De Vreiss has also become aware of the plethura of evidence being held by authorities on Aruba, and now in the hands of the Dutch authorities. It all comes down to how the Dutch choose to use this evidence,
The Dutch public are voicing their opinions daily on the VDS family and Joran's latest book. At this point in time it appears that on the whole they are disgusted with the Aruban investigation, the activities of the Sloots and the shame they have brought on the Dutch. It is pretty evident that Holland would like to have her name cleared....and it's obvious to them how it can and must be done!