May 04, 2007


An old article to revisit...we can't forget about this scumbag!
The dutch need to look into him as well.

Monday, November 21, 2005
[translated by Getagrip]

Aruban casino owner with criminal past goes to America
Joe Mammana is not permitted to enter Aruba due to his past
but how did we end up with Mike Posner?

We all know that Joe Mammana won't be visting Aruba or anywhere else for that matter...he's sitting in jail awaiting his sentence and is facing up to 7 years in prison for tax evasion (isn't that ironic?) However, when I used to talk to Joe, he told me that he DID go to Aruba after he was "banned". Since he has a criminal background, I'm sure he found a way to get into the country without the correct identification or slipped through the cracks. He laughed when he said he was walking all around the island and NO ONE noticed him. Shows how much their "security" works!


ORANJESTAD (AAN) The case of Natalee is taking other unexpected twists and very negative ones that are going to tarnish Aruba’s image as a safe destination for tourists and investors.

Joe Mammana has a very impressive criminal past in the U.S. but for one reason or another he has found publicity with different cases which have set his image straight and in the case of Natalee, he is trying to find national attention in the US by using sensationalism via the American media. The government of Aruba recently declared that they will not permit Joe Mammana to enter Aruba.

Related to his past and criminal record, the government took the decision via the Minister of Justice that they cannot let such a person enter Aruba and about this there was information circulating that this Joe person sent a threatening letter to those who were detained in Aruba related to the case of Natalee.

The government’s actions in this case were correct because they cannot let this type of person come to Aruba and believe that they can come do what they see fit on our island, and to boot, Mammana is one of those who is trying, body and soul, to organize an unjust and unjustifiable boycott against Aruba. (Joe didn't organize ANYTHING...he was just a "talking head"...all talk, no action. It is WE, the grassroots movement that are making a difference in the boycott, not Joe.)

What is strange is that the government refuses to let this ex-criminal enter Aruba, but on the other hand, permits another ex-criminal, Mike Posner who is going soon to the U.S. for cases of law violations, to be able to have a business in Aruba, and enter and leave Aruba whenever he wants.

To make matters worse, the person in question, Mike Posner, has been able to obtain a permit to operate a casino, where anyone who wants to have a casino in Aruba and the majority of other countries in the world have to have a clean criminal record.

Recently, this information has started to circulate in the U.S. as well, and seeing that it hasn’t been many days since via the American media false information was given that Aruba is a sort of den for criminals and even terrorists, the matter of the Aruba casino owner with a criminal past in the US, is going to help those who want to implement a total boycott against Aruba.

Wasn’t it in Mike Posner’s casino that the principal suspect in Natalee’s case, Joran van der Sloot, was sitting gambling, despite the fact that he was underage and that never should he have been permitted to enter the casino?

Some weeks back, other media in Aruba came out in vanguard of the ex-criminal Mike Posner and wrote and article that praised Mike Posner for his supposed achievements in Aruba and what interest they had with him, nobody knows. (To me, that is really sad...awhile back I wrote a post about Posner and his Chicago days burying himself in various criminal activities such as pimping, owning strip clubs and involvement with the mob. He spent time in Joliet prison with the likes of John Wayne Gacy. Read all about Michael Posner by clicking HERE.)

Now that the government refuses an American ex-criminal entry to Aruba, the government has to justify the reason why until today they continue to permit a person with such a police record such as Mike Posner, can come to set up a business in Aruba, continue to operate his business in Aruba and come and go whenever he wants.

What sort of handling of Justice is there in Aruba and what impact will this case have in the US when the American media start to question the government of Aruba about this matter? This matter is pending because there are more questionable things here and also the role that certain politicians in Aruba play and continue to play in this matter.


Anonymous said...

Long ago Aruba was an exile prison island in the Dutch Antilies. Many white Dutch on that island carry the genes of their prisoners forefathers. Letting in the criminals and ex-prioners from the US is the backbone of the Aruban tourism infrastructures. The Aruban government seldom use background checks on their ALE police cadets because all the elders themselves have some sort of criminal records. Oduber had a DWI record also. They are one happy criminals island.

Anonymous said...

Now, THIS is funny (quote from you) "He (Joe) laughed when he said he was walking all around the island and NO ONE noticed him. Shows how much their "security" works! "

One should be careful when crowing about Aruba's 'security'. Afterall, our very country (USA) has between 12 and 15 million ILLEGAL ALIENS within our very boarders.

Now, THAT speaks volumes about "security"

Michelle said...

I can "crow" about the U.S. as well! We sure aren't perfect...and corrupt as hell, too. So, call me an "equal opportunity crower". But, hey...if the U.S. security were my job, I'd kick 'em all out and put up the great wall of China all around the border. It's too bad I don't have the power to do so.

Anonymous said...

Aruba (and its "supporters") always like to compare their crime rate, security issues, etc with those of the United States. What a farce. That comparison isn't apples to oranges, it is apples to SEVERAL ORCHARDS.

The closest "Americanism" to Aruba is more accurately something like DISNEY WORLD. Disney owns about as much landspace as Aruba, employs about as many as the population of Aruba, advertises itself worldwide as a carefree, safe, fun, resort similar to Aruba's (albeit false) claims and Disney has its own "police" just like Aruba. Now, that's a comparison that is comparable. And, guess what? Aruba BY FAR fails in that comparison on every point of any importance to their targeted "tourist" population attracted by the brochures.

Disney hasn't once had a man turn up in a cave with his legs cut off, set afire etc. They also haven't had someone completely disappear off the face of the earth having been last seen with their own employee (citizen). But, most telling is when there IS a problem on Disney properties there is an ALL OUT IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to the issue. Disney takes care of their bottom-line by TAKING CARE OF THEIR TOURISTS.

All these defensives moves to compare Aruba to the United States is WISHFUL THINKING!

Michelle said...

That was a really intelligent and awesome comment. I couldn't have said that any better!

You go girl/boy!!! (Since no one likes to EVER use a freakin' name!)

Anonymous said...

:-) I don't use my name here because "you, Meri, etc) don't "like" me. I became persona non grata when I didn't leave BFN in the great exodus. I also wasn't invited to any of the nice little hide-outs where all the departing ran to "hide." (I guess that left me the choice of stay with BFN to remain informed and involved or simply give up and go away?)

I think you'd be surprised how many people care about Natalee and many (maybe most) agree with a Boycott of Aruba who found themselves faced with my same dilemna when who-likes-who-best was a game (like road)- not chosen by me.

Michelle said...

Hey...unless you are on Natalee's side I always like you. That feud Meri and others had had nothing to do with me. I just stayed out of it, and published things that Meri asked me to. I felt that her posts were informative, but I made it clear that I'm not personally involved or agree with everything that is said. The blog at that time was a "sounding board".

I'm sure I like you if I knew who you were. :) Make up a name at least? Superfreak? Little Miss Sunshine?

Auntiem said...

To Anonymous who fears to use their name when posting here, your fear is not of Michelle, it of the your fellow posters on BFN. IIRC, when the Exodus occured, it was due to the blatant insults to the loyal posters and "friends of Natalee's family" along with, and most of all, the incipid praise of Reality and MIP6, who had all along been bashing Beth and Natalee and never standing up for those of us there who were never allowed to retaliate to their nasty posts. If it surprises you that when we, in order to find a place where posters were ALL sincerely interested in helping the family and NOT in helping AHATA or interested in bashing and porn, that remains your problem.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Auntiem my thoughts at the time were all kinds of things. Like, who got to decide who would be told where you were all going to go when you left? What was the cut-off on criteria to be included? I had all the same problems with all the same things going on - including feeling slapped by that "final straw" post thanking the "select few." But, the only choice left me with nowhere else to go was stay there and try to "make peace" or go offline and not post anywhere. The ones all of you snubbed by the way you left sent the perfect message. It wasn't only that "we" had to disagree with management - we had to disagree with it JUST LIKE YOU. Without realizing, I "assume" the participants of the exodus did very much the same thing all of you accused Robin, Debbie, etc, of doing.

Michelle said...

Woah...I am sooo out of the loop. This is over my head.

Auntiem aka Kindteachmom said...

Not over your head Michelle, just not making any sense! When I opened my mouth in defense of Meri and Aruba,Dirty Police ( which had been highly respected before his post on Robin) I left BFN with NO PLACE TO GO!!! I would rather have found my own info than remain with the ilk at BFN and kiss ass! I am not a great researcher,don't have the time or savvy, but I could never be a hippocrite or phony or play nicy nice with Beth bashers!!! Never!!!!!!!
So whine all you want that you are not trusted by the the truly sincere posters whose only agenda is to help find the truth for Natalee!!!
If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything.... quite obviously you chose to fall for the line of the made your lie in it!! You stuck with the majority, those in charge, you are not only a cry baby, worst of all, you are a COWARD!!!!

Anonymous said...


I believe your kind "responders" have now clarified, WHY, my posting here is - anonymous. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm Me tinks it's a she and her name is anonymous/Susan or is that Suzie. LOL Yes yes, you stay with BFN and their ilk. You fit in perfect with them. "grins wyly"

Anonymous said...

Fearful Anonymous,

Merely not being invited to a "splinter group" when BFN was shown to be the farce it truly is - an option for you could have been (and still could be) to register at SM.

THAT is a fair site, with factual info, and best of all - NO POSTERS WITH AN ARUBAN/DUTCH AGENDA.

No reason to stay at a site where you have to put up with sexual harassment, pro-Aruba BS, and the heavy handed "Dutch judges are flawless" crap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous post of Mon May 7 10:11: That is a great idea. Join SM. That would be right after you register, follow up with how many emails to Red, then try to figure out if you know the email address of anyone there to please ask someone to pay attention or allow you to join. I've run out of steps on that idea. On the plus side, there's been yet another exodus at BFN (much smaller scale) which has left things much more peaceful.

Auntiem said...

Fearful Anonymous, and just how long did it take you to figure out BFN has an Aruban agenda??? Duh!

Auntiem said...

Another Exodus at BFN, but smaller this time. Well I'd guess, there's only a handful of multiple usernames left! LOL