May 05, 2007


This title actually reads, "The Art of Lying--The Secrets of a Sociopath"

Seems like Joran's book isn't getting very good reviews! It amazes me that he continues to keep himself in the spotlight, yet he claims he just wants to get on with his life and move on. He's one sick bastard to capitalize off this. Hey! Let's boycott his book, too! Ha!

One Alabama man stated, "I don't like the idea that somebody so closely involved to the situation would then write a book and profit from it."

Listen to what the rest had to say in this video:

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Anonymous said...

The book OJ tried to publish here should give them some indication of how well it would have gone over here in America.

I must say though reading the book (or more accurately translations of it) is an excellent means to verify many of the things about Joran's attitude, lifestyle and routines that had previously "only" been "rumors" on various blogs.

Turns out - no rumors. The "boy" really is a self-centered predator who regularly used C&C's as his personal stalking grounds to ply his "hate" specifically on tourists. Getting the girl was his "contribution" to his fellow pimps.

Yep. His book is a confirmation of just about everything we've discovered about him.