May 21, 2007


What is next? The Fisherman's Hut?

Jossy Mansur was interviewed on FOX last is a synopsis of what he said:

"I don't think it is a cold case, there has been movement..only it hasn't been publicized. The investigation is an ongoing one. It has never been considered a cold case. Where they are going next, I believe the Fisherman's Hut. Many things happened there and came forth from the interrogations that point to that spot as one of the most important ones in the investigation. I think that is where they will move on to next."


Anonymous said...

One thing I know that isn't going on is. Jossy questioning in his newspaper why Karin Janssen's letter hasn't been rescinded? There was no reason for her do it. But she did anyway. Does Jossy ever question this? Of course not. He knows there is no reason for what she did. But he has nothing to say or add??? Didn't he make her Aruban person of the year in his paper? As I have said before. Jossy says all the right things on American TV. As for his paper???? HMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

There is not much to look at the Fisherman's Hut. No one would walk on that beach that night on high tide hours. It was a small piece of Joran's big beach lies.

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands want you to believe they done all they could. Want you believe Joran is innocent. And Natatlee just vanished on face of this earth. But the fishermen know the Dutch are bad liars. Their fish traps are not big enough to hold a body unless there were some dismemberment of the body for disposal. Dompig invented the story of a big fish knife being stolen. Certainly Natalee's body is still somewhere on the Aruba island unless she was cremated, which is a big possibility that Joran can have such great confidence in all his Greta lies.

Brown Sugar said...

I agree. What about Paulus's friend Yolanda Wever that owns the crematorium???


Why didn't anyone question Yolanda? I heard that she went into seclusion after someone tried to question her.


Anonymous said...

Paulus could easily dashed the ashes into the concrete load and poured that around his old swimming pool inside his beatup house yard. To make sure Joran can see it for himself that Natalee is destroyed completely, and no body and no case. There is no compassion and remorse in Joran's heart and mind. However his soul has a gapping hole and driving the whole Dutch people into insanity and condemnation by God and the entire world. Anything the Dutch doing now are haunting the Europe economy and survival. No one want to buy and fly any of the European products. They just hate the Dutch for their diobotic brutality.

Anonymous said...

KLPD are taking it easy and not going to search the Fisherman's Hut in a hurry. They have their own problems. KLPD are overworked and underpaid in Holland. They are glad being far away from home, and enjoy life as much as posssible. They are laughing about Joran's sex lies and his stupidity. And thinking how to lock him up on May 30 along with the Kalpoes. The KLPD are taking the countdown, one day at a time. Because Judge Smid may release and free all the J2K under the criticism of UN. In UN and Aruba and Holland, the Dutch law only give the criminals and prisoners the right and protection. The victims don't have the voice and say on the justice and honest investigations.