July 11, 2007


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May 31, 2005

What events were taking place under the cover of darkness in the early morning hours of May 31, 2005? Something important enough for the 3 main suspects in Natalee Holloway's disappearance to have contrived a false timeline.

Steve Cohen - Investigation Spokesperson

COHEN: This is a questioning procedure that Chief Dompig is going to go through with them because as they‘ve analyzed the timeline, they‘ve found some other discrepancies and they want to review these discrepancies with the three suspects.

COSBY: Steve, what are those discrepancies exactly?

COHEN: Well, I think it‘s mostly timeline discrepancies ...

'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 12-21-05

Roland/Roy Tromp - Interrogator/Lead Investigator

Roland Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished. "Why should you do that if you are telling the truth?" he said.

CBS NEWS - 08-05-05

In December, 2005, it was the intentions of Gerold Dompig to bring Joran, Deepak and Satish in for questioning. Discrepancies within their declarations in regards to timelines required clarification. When all was said and done, the questioning of the main suspects never happened. Dompig failed to take into consideration that within days of the main suspects' release from detainment, the judge reversed the condition of the release which required Joran, Deepak and Satish to remain available for further questioning.

In November, 2005, it had been ruled in an Aruban court that Paulus Van der Sloot was no longer a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The implication of that ruling was that further questioning by interrogators in regards to timeline discrepancies was never a consideration.


1. Paulus van der Sloot

2:00 AM - May 31, 2005

Paulus' delaration of June 23, 2005 states that he is awaken by the Twitty group's arrival.

2. Joran van der Sloot

2:30 AM - May 31, 2005

Joran's declaration of June 14, 2005 states that Paulus calls him in the Wyndham parking lot.

3. Deepak Kalpoe

2:40 AM - May 31, 2005

Deepak's declaration of June 13, 2005 states that he and Joran arrive at the van der sloot residence after receiving Paulus' call.


1. Witness log

2:50 AM - May 31, 2005

According to the official witness log that was obtained through disclosure by Phil McGraw, the Twitty group gives a statement to police prior to going to the van der Sloot residence.

Name: Holloway Group and MR Stamper
Date: 31 may 2005 / 02:50
Pages: 3 Writer/Initiator. Robert Kock / Lindo Pantophlet / Eric Ras
Description: witness statement

2. Jug Twitty

3:00 AM - May 31, 2005

Jug Twitty conveys to Nancy Grace to Nancy Grace on October 3, 2005 the time that that the group arrived at the van der Sloots Residence.

3. Charles Croes

3:00 AM - May 31, 2005

Charles Croes, who was part of the group, tells Greta Van Susteren on June 30, 2005 that he went straight to van der Sloot residence after leaving the police station.

4. Jug Twitty

3:15 AM - May 31, 2005

Jug Twitty conveys to Nancy Grace on October 3, 2005 that it took approximately fifteen minutes for Paulus to emerge from the house following the groups arrival.

5. Jug Twitty

3:30 AM - May 31, 2005

Jug Twitty states to Nancy Grace on October 3, 2005 that the group leaves for the Wyndham Casino after Paulus speaks to Joran on a cell phone.

In conclusion, a collaboration must have taken place when statements were taken by the Aruban Law Enforcement. Paulus, Joran and Deepak could not have pulled their respective timelines - outright lies - out of thin air and have them all syncronize perfectly.

Why was there a collaboration to change the actual timeline back one hour in regards to the events of the morning of May 31, 2005?

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

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Anonymous said...

Dutch is Duh without truth and conscience. The unspeakable rape and murder by Joran the night before took an hour between 1AM and 4AM, exactly 3 hours confessed in a DutCh show interview by Joran himself. The ALE timeline is a stitch of the convuluted CrimeSpace stonewalled and whitewashed by the Dutch Judges and Prosecutors. In conclusion of the great American mind, the Arubans sunk their own reputation and tourism. The Duh have no qualms of pulling out their sex, drugs and debauchery lies.

Anonymous said...

Paulus had to have an explanation for his 2:30 AM phone call to Joran, and Joran had to have an explanation for his discussions with Deepak, and Deepak had to have an explanation for his 2:45 AM phone call to Satish, in order for all of them to explain how they ALL KNEW that Natalee was MISSING, before Ms. Twitty ever arrived at the Van der Sloot house.

Ziiiiiiiiiip. Time moves back, one hour, with help from Paulus' corrupt friends.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame all Dutch and Aruba cititzens for one man's crime!!!! And that's is exactly what you do now!

Let's turn it around, an American kills a Dutch citizen, how would you feel if we say then Boycott te USA!!!