August 10, 2007


Remember the Curtis Mayfield song, "Freddy's Dead"
from the movie "Superfly"? Perfect song for this post.

Satish Kalpoe's statement of June 24, 2005

"On your question if I can remember if during of the many conversations at Joran’s home that the father said “no corpse no case”, I can say it following: The father of Joran said it in other words. The father of Joran had said: “if there is no corpse it would be difficult to arrest us”.

"The second time was when Joran, my brother and I took the camera to Freddy’s house. We delivered the camera to Freddy."

Police Van Conversation
Between Deepak and Satish

22 June 2005 (P. 179-181 in book)

Translator: There are a few weird sentences that are difficult to translate. These were already marked with (? ? ?) in Joran's book.

D: I’m not going outside much (in prison), since they’re asking too much shit.

S: When you stay on your own, you’ll start to think too much, so don’t stay on your own. Talk to people. Play domino.

D: I’ve told them that they should arrest Freddy as well.

S: The three of us have been arrested, but he just knows the truth.

D: I’ve told them to arrest Koen and Sander as well. Fucking all of them. From me, they won’t get any hint, as long as the truth keeps hanging. None of them are friends, except for us. Do you get it? Do I get it? (<- this is a Dutch saying when “ something doesn’t make sense”)

S: I have nothing, there is nothing, nothing from me and I didn’t do anything.

D: I’m not afraid of that shit.

S: I’m not afraid. I don’t worry.

D: I want them to get (“find”) the girl, so, but preferably alive. But anyway, if they’ll find her dead, yeh, then that’s bad luck for the family. But when they find her, they’ll know exactly who did it. That’s what I all learned from (? ? ?). I want them to get her. I know (? ? ?)

S: I know where I am. I am close to the truth. I’m always close to the truth.

D: I’m not afraid. I do miss mum and all those things. That bores me.

S: Yes. D: Not that I’m afraid. The worst has already happened. I’ve already come to the worst place, so nothing worse than this can happen, do you understand? But I know, that when I get outside (be released) then they are going to pay me very well…

D: I’m not afraid. It also depends on that fucking statement. Yeh, since there’s one (or a) person who changes his story every time. That (person) has made already six statements, I guess. But they are all pure shit (? ? ?) and I’m still in it (here).

S: (? ? ?)

D: You push (? ? ?)

S: And by let give to let go (? ? ?)

D: It is impossible, swa. When you start that car the whole neighborhood will hear it.

S: Anyway, he seems to know everything better.

D: He knows our rule, we trust him as a friend, like a brother to be close with (? ? ?)

S: Anyway, bad luck.

D: And I also trusted Freddy like a brother.

S: Yes.

D: But he also talked shit, that’s why we’ve been arrested.

S: What did he say?

D: He keeps information behind. You know that Van der Sloot trusts Freddy with his life. Freddy knows what has happened. Freddy knows the truth.

S: I know he knows truth.

D: Freddy knows, Freddy knows.

S: I’ve just said, Freddy also knows about the story of what happened, ask him.

D: Freddy knows.

S: Yes, he knows that if that person maybe has told him some details (? ? ?) that I don’t know, but I also know what that person has told me. That is the first and the story that we made up, that I know (? ? ?)

D: That boy is also arrested, no. Steve. He has been solved too, so then it’s solved too (? ? ?)

S: He didn’t do a thing.

D: It has been solved. (…)

D: Up till today, I haven’t told any shit about him, whether he did something with the girl or that the chick…

S: We’ve only told the truth.

D: Yep, because he hasn’t told me anything and I don’t know it. I’m not gonna lie about him. But the more he talks (? ? ?) I would never never never talk shit about him like: “he did do this or that to the girl”, because I don’t know.

S: Must just declare the truth.

D: I’ll never do that. But let him talk shit. I’ll never say something against or about (? ? ?) him. Never, just tell the truth. And that’s also what I’ve always declared in my statements. His attorney will point that out to himself. I’ll never (falsely) accuse somebody.

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Anonymous said...

Freddy is in South Florida working as a cook in a Mexican restaurant.

Anonymous said...

He has the film and the sex video at Sloot's house and Oduber's party mansion.

Anonymous said...

Report Freddy to INS and check Freddy out if he has a working permit for employment in US. Even if his relatives own the restaurant. If he violates the law, that will be easy to put him in custody of the law. A warrant can be applied to search his apartment.

Anonymous said...

Freddy can't return to Aruba. He has too many enemies there. These animal criminals are cannibals. They will have Freddy torn in pieces and devour him, no bone fragments, no traces. Freddy took the film and the video jump drive with him for blackmail and own protection. He outassed the ALE. He is smart. South Florida is his refugee. He has an uncle providing all his clothing and needs. He just has to send him a check monthly. Freddy shaved all his hair and facials. He wears blue contact lens. You can hardly recognise him in the mall. He visits the southland mall frequently. His girlfriend works there.

Anonymous said...

Beleive that Freddy will talk in 2008. Certain US Congresspersons were involved in the Aruban drug scandals. Big Time. The US Prosecutors are brokering a witness protection deal with Freddy. To expose the cocaine traficking from Afgan to Netherlans to Aruba then US territories and free trade zones which compromise the homeland security sheilds along our southern borders. Freddy will talk, he hates Paulus. Paulus is the one sugar Daddy tried to have him paid and killed at the ATM that night. So happened he went to Joran's apartment and slept there. The hired terminators failed to locate Freddy. Joran told him his father want him to join the poker tournament. Freddy then fled Aruba the same morning.

Anonymous said...

Freddy did not rape and killed Natalee. Paulus did. Joran loves his father, and he tries to cover for his father's womanizing murder crimes upto these days. Joran knows if he talks, his mother and brothers will be murdered by his father Paulus. Joran also has a DVD of the sex video, but not the instant camera film. Freddy has the only one original. Joran played his DVD to shut up Dompig and Karin when they both were in Arhem to question Joran about Freddy's involvement in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Paulus and Oduber are the two CEOs anointed by the Queen Bee to run the Aruba company town government. All the elections of the Prime Minister are phony. The Dutch can void the AVP and other political parties at any given time. All the independent self governing constitutions are BS. Aruba is in fact a very tightly controlled police and slaves state. The Dutch has fooled the US government entirely (??? the corrupted US Congresspersons were behind this dictatorship). Aruba is Hollnad's holy cow which pumps billions of dollars of illegal drugs and money laundering into the Dutch Kingdom to pay for lavish life styles of the Queen and her cohorts. Paulus and the Queen may be sexually involved but the Dutch people are very afraid to talk about it.