September 12, 2007


Bottom line: If Deepak et al does not come up with their "discovery" to show CBS, et al, then their suit will most likely be DISSED AND DISMISSED.

How'd ya like that Kalpoes? Did you know that if you lose or dismiss a civil suit with prejudice YOU are responsible for attorney fees? Wonder who is paying your bill?

Judge Gives Dr. Phil,

CBS Access To Holloway Files

(CBS) LOS ANGELES Lawyers for CBS Television and "Dr. Phil" McGraw can have access to e-mails and Aruban documents about two brothers arrested, then released, in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, according to a ruling obtained Wednesday.

Deepak and Satish Kalpoe allege they were defamed in a Sept. 15, 2005, "Dr. Phil" show during which it was alleged that they gave Holloway a date-rape drug and had non-consensual group sex with her. The episode also implied the siblings helped kill Holloway and dispose of her body, according to court papers.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edward A. Ferns issued a 12-page ruling Friday that upheld the tentative ruling he reached in favor of CBS and the celebrity doctor before he took the case under submission Aug. 30.

"The documents are relevant to the most fundamental issues in this case," Ferns stated. "There is no other (information) which can substitute for the documents sought by the defendants due to the nature of this case."

Ferns stated it is not important that the majority of the documents sought by CBS and McGraw attorneys are in the hands of Aruban authorities.

"Most, if not all documents originated in Aruba, simply because that is where Natalee Holloway went missing and where the criminal investigation arose," Ferns stated. "The competing policies of California and Aruba would not be undermined by production (of the documents)."

Attorneys for CBS and McGraw maintain they need the information to refute the Kalpoes' defamation suit filed last Dec. 13. But lawyers for the brothers say much of the information the defense wants is in the hands of Aruban authorities, who they say have refused to release it until the investigation is complete into Holloway's disappearance.

Holloway was vacationing with friends on the Caribbean island resort when the 18-year-old vanished the night of May 30, 2005.

The Kalpoes and another Aruban resident, Joran van der Sloot, were arrested in the girl's disappearance but later released.

The Kalpoes and van der Sloot have maintained that they were not involved in her disappearance. They denied rumors and allegations they had sex with her.

Attorneys for CBS and McGraw claim documents exist showing the Kalpoes admitted to both Aruban authorities and to van der Sloot that they had sex with Holloway.

In a separate declaration to Aruban police, van der Sloot said "that he thought ... Deepak Kalpoe had raped the girl and thereupon murdered her," according to the defense's court papers.

The CBS/McGraw lawyers also want copies of all e-mails between the Kalpoes and other people regarding the case.

Edmund J. Siegert, an attorney for the Kalpoes, said during the Aug. 30 hearing that he is "between the old proverbial rock and a hard place" because his ability to comply with Ferns' order is dependent upon what Aruban authorities decide to give him.

"No one wants to thumb their noses at any of the institutions here," Siegert said. "I'm trying to balance ... and not get anyone in trouble with any tribunal."

But defense attorney Charles L. Babcock said during the same hearing that the lawyers for the Kalpoes were being "duplicitous" in their arguments because Aruban authorities have often discussed the Holloway case in the media.

"When it helps them they will solicit statements from authorities in Aruba about this case," Babcock said.

In another ruling today Ferns has now made final, the judge denied a motion by the CBS/McGraw attorneys to dismiss the estate of private investigator Jamie Skeeters as a defendant in the lawsuit.

The Kalpoes allege that associates of McGraw sent Skeeters to Aruba to develop material for a segment of the show dealing with the Holloway case.

Skeeters, using a family friend and co-worker of Deepak Kalpoe, gained his confidence by saying he could help exonerate both Kalpoes of any wrongdoing in the Holloway case, the suit states.

Skeeters then secretly videotaped and recorded an interview with Deepak, according to the suit. Part of the interview was broadcast during the "Dr. Phil" segment, including statements the suit maintains were "significantly manipulated and altered."

Skeeters died Jan. 24.

In addition to defamation, the Kalpoes' suit alleges invasion of privacy, emotional distress, fraud, deceit and civil conspiracy.

The CBS/McGraw lawyers maintain the Kalpoes are public figures who are obligated to show the defendants knew the statements during the "Dr. Phil" episode were false, or that they acted in reckless disregard for the truth.

A case management conference is set for Nov. 7.

On June 1, another judge dismissed a wrongful death case against the Kalpoes by Holloway's parents, ruling the Los Angeles Superior Court did not have jurisdiction. The parents maintained the brothers conceded jurisdiction when they filed their lawsuit in Los Angeles against CBS and McGraw


Boycott Aruba said...

I love it. The greedy Kalpoe's deserve nothing.

We want Natalee

They want $$$$$$$

Tell what you know poo poo's and get the reward money.

Boycott Aruba
Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

The Queen and the Sloot family have won the first round, they are going to put the Kalpoes through the gallow and close the case. The Aruban government was ordered by the Queen to hand over all the Kalpoe Internet blogs, emails, downloads and court documents to the American authorities. The Joran and Paulus names will be completely blackened in all the releases to prevent conflict of interest. The Dutch want to close the Natalee's case as soon as possible to clear Joran's name.

Anonymous said...

Janssen is very upset about the LA Judge's ruling, the court breifings she filed will expose her love affair with Paulus. Without Joran's involvement, she already convicted the Kalpoe brothers and closed the case in June.

Anonymous said...

The Kalpoe lawyers (including Joe T) cannot afford the bad reputation and damages done to their law offices and law practices if the case got dismissed. They will turn over their own certified copies of the Kalpoe Aruban court documents to the California judge.

Michelle Says So said...

Joe T is not representing them. Some girl fresh out of law school in Chicago is. Scared of that... NOT.

Anonymous said...

Oh then that's easy for Kalpoes to lose their case and pay for their souls.

Michelle Says So said...

I can't wait until they lose and then they will have to pay for their attorney fees. I am assuming since it is a civil matter, they are most likely on "contingency"...meaning their lawyers get paid when they "win".

Wouldn't it be nice if the attorneys for Dr. Phil filed a motion to make Deepak et al pay for their attorney fees as well?

So much for your book, greed and money Deepak.

Anonymous said...

That will be a public condemnation of Aruba. Because the ATA helped to prepay all the business and travel expenses.

Anonymous said...

Ramm strongly said the World Court of Justice in Hague can strike down the LA Judge's unfair ruling. I hope not. Ramm understands very well how the Dutch court system works. He is an expert.

Anonymous said...

The whole nation of Aruba is despair and self denial, the people there know for sure the worst possible thing can happen to them.

Anonymous said...

This Kalpoe Dr Phil lawsuit is a crooked corruption of its own and of the Dutch law enforcement.

Michelle Says So said...

HA HA...please say that is pure sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

As you can see, Greta's legal panel discovered the wordings of the LA Court Judge is dead serious. The Judge is not joking. He means the Kalpoes and their lawyers are to turn over their Aruban files to the US Government, or else he will find the plaintiffs in contempt of the US Court System and collaboration of conspiracies against innocent Americans. The lawsuit is in due process, according to the California statute the lawsuit cannot be withdrawn without indenmity until the said order of the Judge is completely satisfied. Only the Judge can dismiss the case in his own discretion. At this point of time, the Judge's order is binding, and has to be executed by the plaintiffs in said timeframe. Greta is not sure what to do, whether she would incline to believe the Kalpoes and their lawyers or not. She learned a hard lesson from Joran.

wingnut said...

I truly hope that Greta reads here and realizes the mistake she made by being Joran's buddy. The ONLY time I watch Greta now is when there is news of Natalee. Once answers and justice prevail for Beth and Dave, it will be "Greta WHO?" in my book.

And for Judge Ferns in California, I say, "Thank you, and GOD BLESS THE USA".