September 24, 2007


Here is a recent comment that I posted today:

The Dutch oil company gave lots of money to the NY based private college, so the Iranian President was invited to visit the campus and the Dutch Aruban students there. They are the main organisers for the unAmerican event.

Mon Sep 24, 01:29:00 PM EDT

My reply:

Michelle Says So said...

PROOF please. What NY private college? So the Iranian President was invited to visit the campus and the Dutch Aruban students there. If so, when? Dates? What was said? Give some proof.

Or is this just more insidious crap?

I apologize in advance if this was a serious post, but with all the weirdos that post here (some of which I have to censor out of respect for Natalee and Beth), I have to not only allow most posts for my belief in freedom of speech; however, I have to draw the line when the word slut, "she deserved it", etc. is used. These are just outright lies.

And to me as a recovering assault victim, I find it intolerable.

If you have been reading this blog for the last 2 years, you must understand that most of the time I don't know what is BS and what isn't...and if someone uses "anonymous" all the time I don't and will no longer trust the credibility of that post unless someone has the balls to at least even use a NAME...fictional or otherwise.

Afraid of "multiple monikers" who might use your name to fake comments? We all know there are ways to find out where a person lives (even with a proxy). If you feel you've been wronged, write me ASAP. I'm able to find out who they are, where they are from and their possible "agenda".

So "multiple monikers" out there, you are not fool proof.

I have too many people on the side of this blog to let any stone un-turned, including A LOT of tech savvy people...including those who know a lot more about this case with all their investigation work and research (i.e. Natalee's Freebirds) and the the knowledge of the "secret" identities of the evil spawns of satan from forums who dedicate thier lives to trashing the family.

This blog has many protectors and these individuals are my base...they care just as much as I do about this case and whom I own great gratitude. Some of these individuals have more time to help me with this blog due to my time constraints being a "regular jane" with a full time job and a child to raise on my own. Those people involved fill me in. I can and have gotten the facts and evidence I need to know to blow a lot of people out of the water.

Trying to 'debunk" or discredit this blog won't happen. I'm too much of a warrior to allow it, so don't even try.

Remember, I am the black mamba. Look it up if you don't know about this infamous and deadly snake.

I believe in complete and total justice...with out without the police or "proper" authorities involved; because unfortunately justice is not served as much as it should (especially those victims that are women.)

When someone is victimized they don't need a "jury of their peers" to judge and pass blame. They don't need to be rudely questioned by some defense attorney who only cares about his acquittal rate.

Those victims WERE THERE...they know what happened. They suffer everyday with the aftermath of the victimization.

I honestly believe is it time for women to take matters into their own hands, no matter the consequences. We cannot allow ourselves to be victims due to men who force their so-called "power" on us.

Take a look at "Justice is a Woman with a Sword", by D.A. Clarke @

In the future, if anyone wants to comment and write some possibly outlandish and false statements I am going to REQUIRE back up proof.

This blog WILL NOT be used because just because I allow most comments. Don't get me wrong...I draw the line on MANY people...just out of principle and respect for the person I have been avenging for the last 2.5 years...including her mother.

Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

The Dutch is most morally weak state in EU so the Iranian president picked them out to do the job. Where would you think most of Iranian oil go under the US embargo? The Dutch want to tear down the Jewish old houses along the canal next to the Red Light District in the name of cleaning their unlicensed prostitutes. People would not say the Dutch are Anti-Jewish, but they seem they are.

Anonymous said...

The oil money can corrupt. There are competing interests among the members of the trustee board at that NYC private college.

Michelle Says So said...

I would agree that there are is a lot of anti-semitic and anti-jew rhetoric in the Dutch culture after researching them extensively over the last two years.

I never understood why the hatred towards Jews. I'm glad I have never been affected by the ignorance and biases towards jews. Where I come from, it is unheard of...only the occasional joke that they make more money than us other white folks.

Ok, unpolitically correct, but since when do I care in making an off color comment?

Anonymous said...

The Dutch denying Natalee is just like the Iranian leader belittling the Holocaust. They both blame the victims, especially the women. The Iranian females are treated as sex tools under the religious dictatorial government. They won't allow the girls go to college. They make their women covered themselves with black body bag style clothing. Some white Dutch women married to the Iranians in Tehran are made into black wooden shoe sex slaves. The Dutch foreign office refused to help those kidnapped prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Joran love to repeat Hitler three or times in his interviews. In their bllod, they dislike Jews.

Anonymous said...

The university president is just the spokesman, he did what the school board told him to. Now it backfires, so is the Dutch.

Michelle Says So said...

AGAIN...what university?!?! I have a short fuse today.

Anonymous said...

It is on NOVA, the people in Holland are watching. They don't agree with the president.

President Bush said Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia "speaks volumes about really the greatness of America."

He told Fox News Channel that if Bollinger considers Ahmadinejad's visit an educational experience for Columbia students, "I guess it's OK with me."

He said about Columbia University, and the Dutch is fine with him. Natalee had never crossed his mind. People would not say he blames victims, but the situation is pointing in that direction.

Anonymous said...

There is a true love from the north behind her and motivating her to promote her book tour for Natalee. To fight the Dutch, you need a true heart and genuine love. Beth needs all that.

Anonymous said...

Joran eventually will become what of Mike Tyson, fifthy, defeated and admitting the guilt of killing Natalee. Commneted by someone after watching Columbia University speakers show rerun tonight.

Auntiem said...

Yikes, I'm totally confused after reading this Thread and comments, grant it I do have a bad sinus headache, no joke!! Michelle, did you respond to some post re president of Iran,( can pronounce his name but not sure of spelling) speaking at NY college, before you heard about his invitation from Columbia?

What a rediculous waste that was. All Bolinger seemed to want to do was get him in front of an audience in order to insult him, which only relfected on Bolinger, making him look like a rude host. I have to say, the little squirt from the Arab hell-world got "one-up" on Bolinger with his quick-witted answer. (the only thing he actually said that made ANY sense during his entire nonsense dialogue.

The Dutch are anti-Semites. tearing down a historic group of houses facing the canal, under the guise of ridding Amsterdam of prostitution,while they are destroying the "Attic", the place that the family of Anne Frank lived in hiding until they were turned in and sent to Nazi concentration camps. This place has been preserved since after WWII, when Otto Frank, her father and the only surviver came back and was given her diary by Miep, his loyal friend and employee. Why would anyone want to destroy such a landmark, a tribute to innocent victims and truly a destination of many tourists. Only to destroy and deny the "Holocaust"......