October 16, 2007


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Will the Kalpoe's and their lawsuit get tossed on their arses?

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Anonymous said...

Deepak and Satish are Dompig Oreoily cookies. Back crust with white sugar sandwich inside. They pick on each other's nipples and twist the facts of brotherly coverup. They all want to think like white Dutch Paulus and Joran, and dress themselves like NYC cabbies. Natalee was one of their 20 more times kidnapped and raped American tourist girl victims. The Judge decides to ticket them for their Non Convenience of the Aruban court, and toss their case back to the ALE and ATA in Aruba government. Oduber is screaming, that will ruin his chances in the November elections.

Anonymous said...

Joran picked his pricks too in his mySpace. 2K are sick of imitating him as requested by Father Paulus to keep the alibi fresh. Deepak recently asked the Aruban Immigration Minister to deport him back to Suriname. The Dutch oil comapny offers him an IT job to administer an Internet cafe in the new offshore oilfield discovered there.

Anonymous said...

He wants to advantage of Aruba's new Pack-N-Go outsourcung policy to get rid of the bad elements in the Aruban society. Joran got a good relocation package. Deepak thinks he should get a free one way airline ticket and a free delivery of his Honda to his girl friend in Florida. He knows his Dr. Phil lawsuit gone out of control, and he doesn't want to pay a penny to U-Heads.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans don't really need the tourism. It is just a front to conceal their crime ridden industries on their island. Their major income is from the cocaine traficking to US mainland. The Arubans still have money to import expensive bread, butter and meat. They are well fed.

Anonymous said...

A Jesuit priest came from an South America enclave for an official meeting in Aruba. He saw the Kalpoes walking on the street. He started to proclaim what he saw were the kind of evil babies and madman amidst the Aruban faithfuls that they had to avoid from being devoured.