November 20, 2007


By JB, Aruban Boycott Member

I paid to go in to see for myself what other visitors were saying which was "No one is stopping at the Aruba Booths. Even though they have the biggest..." No one was interested in Aruba yet other Caribbean Resorts had plenty of visitors. Even the people manning the Aruban booths looked depressed for lack of visitors.

Several approached us and took literature and expressed their concern for Natalee and her family and said they would not go to Aruba.

One woman told us of an bad experience she had with Aruba. She wanted her deposit back for a trip and was harassed by Aruba. She mentioned that she attends this travel show every year just to tell Aruba she will never go there!

One women inside saw two people approach the Aruba booth. Afterwards, she approached them to tell them that Aruba is not safe and not to go there. The two people thanked her and walked away form the Aruba booth.

Security was so helpful and sympathetic and without causing to much of a confrontation with the Arubans (who knew we were outside) provided us a secured area and said that if we were harassed one little bit we were to notify the security desk.

Dan, head of security, Dave and Brandon were terrific and really made us feel we were doing a worth well cause.

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