November 22, 2007


The public prosecutor's office has ordered their renewed arrest because further investigation into the disappearance has led to new incriminating evidence, the statement said.

Adolpho Richardson, one of the lead investigators in the case, would not discuss the new evidence but said he was optimistic about it. He said the arrests were not related to a Dec. 31 deadline that prosecutors have under Aruban law to determine whether to move forward with the case.

"This case is not going to go unsolved -- not on my watch," he said Wednesday.


Hans Mos, chief prosecutor in Aruba, declined to discuss the new evidence or any other details about the case.

"Our intention is to keep them in detention for a longer period," he said.

Van der Sloot's mother, Anita, denied her son was arrested and said he was only taken into custody for more questioning. She said he wasn't put in handcuffs.

"What they want to do with Joran is to bring him to Aruba for a final reconstruction," Anita van der Sloot said by telephone from the family's home in Aruba.

She said her family and that of the Kalpoe brothers had also been questioned in recent weeks.

"The questions they asked were so obvious, things like, 'Why did Joran leave his shoes on the beach?'" she said, referring to the place where her son said he kissed Holloway alone before her disappearance. "I think it's ridiculous after two-and-a-half years to be doing this."

The brothers were expected to make an initial appearance in an Aruban court Friday, at which point prosecutors were expected to present the new evidence to a judge. A court date in the island had not yet been set for van der Sloot.

Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch national prosecutor's office, said van der Sloot could be sent to Aruba without an extradition hearing and the transfer would occur "within several days."

In April, investigators from the Netherlands dug around the home of van der Sloot's family for two days without revealing what prompted the search. Then in May, Dutch and Aruban investigators visited the home where Deepak and Satish Kalpoe live with their parents for what authorities termed an "inspection," without revealing details.


Anonymous said...

Anita van Sloot -

"What they want to do with Joran is to bring him to Aruba for a final reconstruction".

A final "reconstruction"?

Of which lie?

How many reconstructions would it take for Aruba's ALE to reconstruct all the reconstructed lies told by Joran the predator, and his lying friends?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll have so NEW lies! I wouldn't doubt it.