November 22, 2007


UPDATE I: Comments from Jossy Mansur of Diario

This afternoon both the Kalpoe brothers and Joran van der Sloot were rearrested and are now in Custody. The Kalpoe brother were arrested in Aruba and Joran in Arnhem, Holland. New evidence has surfaced that warranted this measure.

In an official press release, the Prosecution gave all the details to the media, except what the new evidence is. The Kalpoe brothers were arrested for two days, after which they will be brought before a judge for the prolongation of their arrest. Joran was arrested for 8 days and will be sent to Aruba as soon as possible. He too will be brought before the Judge at the conclusion of the 8 days for a prolongation of his detention.

The suspects are now charged with involvement in the voluntary manslaughter on Natalee Holloway or causing serious bodily harm to Natalee Holloway, resulting in her death.

Joran gets another 8 days. 2k get 2 days.

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