November 21, 2007


How fun! A "Letter to the Editor"! And WOW! It's about our favorite hermaphrodite, Julia Renfro. Isn't she such an easy target to make fun of?! I love it! Thanks to the person that sent this to me.

This letter to the editor is in reference to the following article:

November 17, 2007

Mother wanted to hide Natalee Holloway’s rehabilitation past

WILLEMSTAD/ORANJESTAD – Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway that disappeared 2.5 years ago in Aruba, has done everything to hide the drug addiction past of her daughter.

Documentary maker Renée Gielen came to this conclusion. As a result of Beth Twitty’s recently published book, ‘Loving Natalee, the true story of Aruban kidnapping and its aftermath’, she threw herself even more empathetically into the case. She bases herself on declarations of Jug Twitty’s search in and around cholhouses in Aruba at that time. By now, Jug Twitty is the ex-husband of Beth. When Jug was asked why he was doing that, he said: “Because Natalee was recently in drug rehab in the US.”


“After I read the book, I got the feeling that there is something wrong here. The lies in the book and the many other doubtful claims and occurrences in the past 2.5 years made me think: Has Beth really wanted Natalee to be found?” For Gielen, who already has dozens of hours of visual material and is working on a documentary, this is reason for her to soon travel to the United States and go further into the Holloway-case.

Documentary maker to the US for ‘real story’ on Holloway

WILLEMSTAD/ORANJESTAD – “When I looked her in the eyes, I knew that something was not right, and from that moment on, I ducked down in the case; and I am still on it”, says documentary maker Renée Gielen about Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway. Gielen ducked down into one of worlds most discussed disappearance cases two-and-a-half years ago and was especially moved by the strange behavior of Natalee’s mother, whom she interviewed in June of 2005 in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Aruba for the Dutch TV-program TweeVandaag. “At that time, I didn’t know yet what I saw in her eyes; one thing I knew, I didn’t have a sad mother sitting in front of me. I know now what I saw then: a mother with a lot of problems.”

Gielen, who lives and works in Curacao, came earlier this year with video-recordings including declarations of persons involved, which put the case in a new light. Amigoe reported this and the Dutch current affairs programme Network broadcasted it thereupon. As a result of the recently published book of Beth Twitty ‘Loving Natalee, the true story of Aruban kidnapping and its aftermath’, she’s now working on a documentary with new material on tape, together with Dolph van Stapele, Peter Ranzijn, Michel Drente, and Suzanne Jansen.

Gielen is now getting ready to go to the United States for further inquiry. She describes Beth’s book as ‘an image building story with a first class rabble-rousing’.

“After I read the book, I got the feeling that there is something wrong here.” That confirmed her suspicions. The lies in the book and the many other doubtful claims and occurrences in the past 2.5 years made me think: Has Beth really wanted Natalee to be found?”


Gielen points out that Natalee was never put on FBI’s official list of missing persons. She also says that the surveillance tape of the Holiday Inn that shows a blond woman, was not sent to the Forensic Institution in Rijswijk, because Twitty said that the woman was not Natalee. Gielen says that she has information that reveals that Natalee did not at all meet the image that her mother Beth likes to portray her: the dream daughter, a virgin that has never done something wrong in her life, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, has never experimented with drugs; the Christian girl that in all sorts of manners propagated her biblical ideas in volunteer work and was an example for all other young persons.

According to Gielen, the truth is the reverse of all of the above. Natalee has even been in a drug rehabilitation clinic right before she came to Aruba. The girl had such a good time in Aruba that she didn’t want to leave the island. Natalee had the male persons present ‘lick her belly jellies’ on the bar, was smoking dope on the beach, and her girlfriends even warned her not to drink so much, recites Gielen. Natalee’s ‘addiction’ was brought up in an interview that Gielen has on tape, with the Aruban taxi driver Trina (for her protection no family name), who also appears in the book (as the only taxi driver) called by her first name. She tells Gielen that when Beth’s by now second ex-husband and his friend Mitch were in her Taxi, they asked her if she can take them to cholhouses on the island. “When she asked why, they told her that Natalee has recently been in rehab in the US”, said Gielen.

Gielen dares to say that in the days, months, and by now years after the disappearance of her daughter, Beth Twitty wants just one thing: disguise Natalee’s outrageous behavior and the way she disappeared. She only needed one thing for that: a whipping boy. And that was Joran van der Sloot, the boy with whom she was seen last, in the company of the two Surinam brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe; they must have done it. Gielen says that Joran made the mistake by the first instance lie about leaving Natalee behind. “Besides, he writes that in his book, in which he does not spare himself.”


The assertions of Beth Twitty in the course of time confirm the idea that she has played a peculiar part. Gielen names a few examples. “Twitty manages to say in interviews – FOX News, Geraldo – that the Dutch government has used the tragic occurrences around hurricane Katrina to release the suspects in Aruba in September of 2005. ‘Rape is not a crime for the Dutch government’, she added.” Twitty asserts in the same interview that there are five declarations in which Joran van der Sloot admits having had sex with Natalee in his house and that Natalee became unconscious so now and then, while these declarations do not exist, says Gielen. “You must have a lot of courage, when you write in your book that during a meeting in Aruba with Ahata, you make the statement that everything was a cover-up from Aruba’s side and that the then chairman of Ahata would have whispered ‘yes, that’s correct’, while you can count that this can be checked, which I did”, says Gielen.

Twitty writes that the Strategic Communications Task Force that Aruba established, was done ‘to combat the negative media and to combat us’. “A member of the task force contradicts this and says that the task force has always tried not to take an extreme position. In the beginning, the strategic task force has even set herself up as liaison for her. They fixed hotels for her and facilitated her press conferences. They have even collected money.”

The member can only guess that Beth experienced the website – that nuanced her often unfounded statements and accusations that caused the island harm – as an attack on her.

Gielen also quotes that Twitty has repeatedly insinuated that her daughter had no bankcard with her, ‘because it was in her bedroom in Alabama’. “This while Jug Twitty –Natalee’s stepfather, whom Beth has meanwhile divorced – and a friend were talking in a taxi about Natalee withdrawing money twice since her disappearance, after which they have blocked her account.”

Beth writes in her book that she felt threatened by Charles Croes, who as owner of a ‘rental cell phone company’, was real fast involved with the case and offered help on all fronts. Beth says that he has pose as ‘clairvoyant’ and supposedly has asked her about her sex life when he was alone with her in the car. A girlfriend had rescued her just in time. “These are not the only insults of Twitty to Croes’ address. Croes tells his story in an interview I had with him recently, and that is completely different. Besides, Croes confirms Twitty’s ties with the White House. Jug Twitty told him: ‘I have very long fingers that can reach all the way to the White House’. It already appeared earlier that via Jug, Beth had contacts with Condoleezza Rice, who, via the Dutch Justice-minister, managed to have Aruba make the case a ‘high profile one’.

Dear Michelle:

I am a blogger who is fed up with the lies, lies, and more lies coming out of the mouth of Julia Renfro from Aruba about Natalee Holloway and her friends and family. And it’s pathetically obvious that Julia was Renee’s source. Think about it. Haven’t we heard of another infamous “taxi driver”? Wasn’t this where Julia tried to sprout the Blue eyed Dutch boy theory?

For anyone who thought the Amigoe was a reputable newspaper, think again.

Would a reputable newspaper print such outrageous lies about a crime victim and her family without checking sources first? Probably not. Here is the connection between Julia Renfro and the Amigoe Newspaper.

Heleen Bongers came to live on Aruba in 1977. After having taught English at La Salle College for a few years, she started working at Amigoe, Algemeen Dagblad and The News. Nowadays, she is a freelancer, writing articles for magazines and for charity projects. She travels a lot to buy the latest jewelry for her five stores (Beauty and the Beast). Heleen Bongers is secretary of the Clown Doctors of Aruba and the Sports for Life Foundation. She is married to Evert Bongers, a retired French teacher at Colegio Arubano.

ARUBA TODAY Julia Renfro....Editor

Julia Renfro....Photography
Heleen Bongers.....Editor

Julia Renfro
Heleen & Erik Bongers

Based on the collaboration between Renfro and Renée Gielen in the recent Amigoe articles, it looks like Julia might be trying out her hand at tabloid reporting, in preparation for her reputed new job with The Globe magazine.

Trash meets trash. How fitting.

Hopefully The Globe will let her “write” from Aruba – where she belongs.

--Name Withheld

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this new information, Michelle.

Some of us have been wondering: Was there a meeting of The Hacks of Aruba club, that happened to coincide with the formation of the Strategic Communications Task Force?

It seems worth investigating how Ms. Gielen just happened to meet Beth Holloway in June of 2005. Who faciliated that meeting, Michelle?

It seems that Julia Renfro also happened to ascend from (...well, wherever it is that she comes from), to infect herself into Natalee's family, shortly after they arrived in Aruba seeking help in looking for Natalee who had been taken by Joran Sloot.

For what purpose was Ms. Gielen slithering around Natalee Holloway's mother during a time that it just so happens that Julia Renfro was also ascending from her dwelling to do the same thing?

But there's something about Gielen's statements that is very troubling, Michelle. When was the last time you ever heard of any credible journalist working on a "documentary" who made claims about statements made by Natalee's family members, without documenting the source of these claims? Does that sound like reputable, ethical, responsible journalism to you?

Gielen goes on to mention a taxi driver named Trina. Tell us, Michelle, do the taxi drivers in Aruba fall under the Transportation Ministry? ( You know, the group represented as members of the Strategic Communications Task Ferocious, I mean Force)?
Who heads up the Transportation Ministry?

The mention of Joran Sloot, as making a mistake by lying is significant since the lying is wrapped up as a mistake rather than an obstruction in the investigation,by an individual whom an expert concluded was a sociopath?

Did Gielen happen to interview K. Janssen, Michelle, the prosecutor who stated Joran's father and wife obstructed her investigation?
Or was Gielen solely collecting what now appears to be slander, from all the previously paid AHATA spokespersons who were paid for their outrageous slanderous comments and claims?

Did Gielen also happen to collect information to publish, that could be traced to the Strategic Communications Ferocious Force individuals whose plot was to control all the damage from some very ugly truths about Aruba, regarding a child that police claimed was "partying it up"?

Did Gielen document the many instances of disappearing records that several attorneys attested to as missing, as well as an Aruban judge? Did Gielen document the confession reported by the police chief that had perhaps had acid from Ms. Renfro's breath poured on it, to help make it disappear?

Where did the confession go? Where did all those missing statements go?

Will Ms. Gielen document the first meeting with date that the Strategic Communications Ferocious Force was begun so we can all be perfectly clear on when exactly the plot for damage control really commenced?

And since the Strategic Communications Ferocious Force helped collect money,certainly in the interest of full disclosure they will be willing to account for all transactions they engaged in pertaining to their damage control work in the Natalee Holloway case.

Thank you Michelle and have a Happy Thanksgiving day with your family.