February 08, 2008


Joran has been "banished" from Aruba by Rudy Croes. He has disgraced the Island of Aruba, he has disgraced his fellow citizens, his family (I suppose every screwed up family has at least one good person in there..), and his country. He has cast doubt, disrespect and shame that an entire island is paying for. Even the Netherlands doesn’t want him; although there has never been an official “Joran Ban”. Maybe one is on the way.

He is the most hated person in the world right now. It has been reported that his apartment windows were broken and his bike was vandalized. Who knows what else people have done? Only Joran knows. The death threats caused him to go into hiding.


Back in the day where did someone get sent if they were banished? Oh yeah, Siberia! Joran was thinking, “I’ll be caught when hell freezes over”.

Well, you’ve been caught, you are in hell, and it’s freezing.



Lori said...

Fantastic Journalism with a "Great" punch!

Boycott Aruba said...

AWESOME!!I love it!!!!!
Tell it like it is Michell!!!

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his family will put its collective tail between its legs and join their outcast son in Holland now?

Great update Michelle!!!

ic said...

Unfortunatly the persona non grata title doesn't stop Joran from going to Aruba...it's not a legal term yet, a law is in the making though. Believe me, the Dutch are very fed up with him too! sarcastic tapes, songs about it have already apeared. Most of the Dutch think his father is involved, and some think she's buried somewhere on Aruba...Hence Jorans' words: If they find Natalee's body, I'm busted, I'll hang.

Joran met Aruban police officers in a Rotterdam police station. His explanation for the "confession":
I said that because I was using marihuana. I made it up, marihuana makes me do that...".
Yeah right Joran, we believe you... NOT.

Grandpa about Joran:
grandfather: Well, we told them (his parents) some things, but yes.. ofcourse it is eh… their son…
reporter: Does it frighten you when you see your grandson like that, on tv?
grandfather: Well, I’ve seen him before on tv, as well with a (small) glass of wine.
reporter: Yes that’s true ofcourse, that wine incident when he tosses that glass of red wine at Pieter R de Vries..
grandfather: Now, let’s not exaggerate, a glass of wine… there was just a little bit of wine left in that glass. Such a b####rd (he means Peter R de Vries) should have been fooled more often, but well, that’s my opinion.
reporter: Didn’t it frighten you what your grandson says in that episode of Peter R de Vries?
grandfather: What is frighting, what is frightening… it’s a boy of 20 years old… well… there are more commiting other foolery.