April 19, 2008


Maybe just for this weekend--

HOPEFULLY more weekends to follow!

American Airlines wants to cancel flights

ORANJESTAD -- American Airlines has threatened to cancel all her flight for this coming weekend. That's what the American airline company has told Tourism-minister Edison Briesen, says Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP).

Management of American Airlines told Briesen in an e-mail that the company is concerned about the 'unstable situation' in Aruba. The company also requests a guarantee that the airplanes can land without any problems this coming weekend. "If we cannot give them this guarantee, they will cancel the flights, and that is a very serious matter", said Oduber.

Airport director Peter Steinmetz indicated yesterday that he regrets the fact that the public employees' actions are concentrating on the airport. "I regret the fact that they are trying to interfere with the landing and taking off of airplanes. I am not saying that the actions aren't rightful, but we are not really a party in this matter and we are only trying to drive the economic engine of Aruba."

Steinmetz also confirms that there was a bomb alert last Saturday, which turned out to be false alarm. An investigation on who did it is still going.

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