April 23, 2008


Hit and run, something that
happens more often nowadays

This may have happened in Bonaire, but these are the kind of people the Netherland Antilles must be proud of.

KRALENDIJK – It happened more often lately that drivers continue driving after a collision. It happened twice last weekend; on Friday on the parking of the police station in Kralendijk, and Saturday in Antriol in Kaya Agnes, when a car collided with a column.

Hit and run is an offence and liable to punishment. (Liable? "implies a possibility or probability". In the U.S. a hit and run is a serious crime. Even though each state has it's own penalties, the word "liable" makes me wonder about these people and their lackadaisical laws.)

There were also six traffic accidents last Friday, whereby one person fell from a scooter and was injured. Three passengers of a car involved in a collision on the T-junction Kaya Korona/Kaya Papa Cornes, were injured. The man S.J.E. was arrested last Saturday in connection with robbery, while the woman A.M.S. reported her Sony video camera being stolen on one of the beaches at the south-side of the island.


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