April 01, 2008


The protest for the Boycott of Aruba has generated so much buzz...there are more questions for Dan in TX to answer from his butt-kicking experience in Houston last weekend.

Bring it on!

Q: How big was the Aruban delegation in Houston?

Q: Did they have their famous/infamous dancers, or any other lavish stuff?

How gay is this?
What is she supposed to be?
A peacock?

A: We only saw three people at the Aruba booth. To answer #2 as well, no they were just travel-agent type in business suits.

Q: To those people who posed questions about Natalee, do you know what they replied? In previous shows, they just said that the investigation is still open.

A: I don't think anyone asked the Aruba people about the investigation. We simply asked them to express their displeasure if they happened to go by the booth...

Q: Did any of them approach, or talk with, any of the protesters?

A: One man, an American working with Aruba, judging by his speech, came out and chatted very briefly with us, and took our photo with his camera phone. I don't know why, but he seemed polite enough. (Michelle's note: I'm sure Joran seemed "polite enough" too...isn't that what they said about Ted Bundy?)

Q: Did you get the sense that they were expecting you?

A: I do not think they were expecting us, because one woman came out for a break and put her hand over her name tag and ducked away from us as soon as she saw us. There seemed to be a moment of recognition wherein she realized, "Uh oh....!"

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