May 26, 2008


So, want to talk about lies? Ok, so let's talk about lies.

It's been three years since Natalee has been gone, now coming up on the the 3rd anniversary and this is the crap that is posted in your paper? What in the hell does it have to do with the fact that Natalee was last seen with Joran? What does it have to do with the fact that Natalee was most likely drugged and according to Joran, was cast into the ocean after he thought she overdosed? What does this story have to do with ANYTHING? Does it shed light on the vast lies told by not only all the perpetrators, but the police, the "witnesses", the government, the Aruban Tourism Agency? NO. It does nothing but make them look like asses by trying to discredit Beth Holloway...a woman who has no reason to lie.

This isn't a smoke screen. It's a pathetic excuse to fill up that white space in that pathetic Aruban paper.

‘New’ evidence reinforces Beth Twitty’s lie
The computer print-out showing that Beth had lied about her arrival time in Aruba.

WILLEMSTAD/ORANJESTAD – From a print-out of Natalee Holloway’s telephone it appears that the private jet of her mother Beth had already landed in Aruba at 17:15 on May 30. At least, that’s what TV-producer from Curacao, RenĂ©e Gielen says. She has the telephone print-out of Natalee’s cellular telephone. This is very striking, says Gielen, because according to her, it means that Beth Holloway wanted to come to Aruba before Natalee was missing. “The print-out shows that Beth had called Natalee’s cell at 17:15. She did that from her own cell and she could not have done that while being in the air.”

She emphasizes that it also means that the call was not done with a satellite telephone and it is also not probable that Beth’s private jet had made an intermediate landing from the United States. “That is not usual on these short flights. For that matter, she must have left even earlier.” The print-out doesn’t show that it was a missed call, but that Beth had really talked to someone.

Gielen assumes that she had talked to Paul Lilly, one of the chaperones of Natalee during her vacation in Aruba. Besides, when Beth arrived in Aruba, she was carrying a stack of posters asking Natalee to call her. “This suggests that Beth must have known that there were problems, before Natalee disappeared”, says Gielen, who from the beginning of the disappearance case three years ago, is investigating the case.

Gielen and her team are now in the process of rounding off the documentary ‘‘Natalee, The Unrevealed Time Lines’ that is expected to be presented on June 2.


Gielen considers the print-out as new evidence that Beth had lied about the exact time of her arrival in Aruba. She has been declaring all along that she arrived in Aruba ‘around 23:00’. She also wrote this in her book ‘Loving Natalee’ that was published late last year. A former employee of the airport, Alberto G, said before the cameras of Gielen that the private-jet of Beth had landed at 19:45. He retracted his declaration, because, as he said, he was mistaken. He did this after the Americans Dan Young and Kelly Castillo that claim to be detectives, showed a computer print-out indicating that Beth had arrived earlier. G. confirmed the authenticity of that print-out.

The motive of Beth lying about her arrival time is still not clear. Despite many telephone calls and e-mails, Gielen didn’t manage to reach Beth. Also the police don’t know anything. “The police say that there are no telephone data available from the radio tower equipment for that day, which is very coincidentally” says Gielen. Former chief of police, Gerald Dompig told this newspaper earlier that at that time, the police had investigated the time line, the flight data, and also the flight movements.


Anonymous said...

if you look at a blowup of the "report" gielen shows a picture of a evidence, you'll see that the last name contains l0 letters and the last 3 letters are l, e, e. you just can't make twitty out of that combination anymore than you can find the truth in anything else she alleges in this liementary. gielen's just another paid media whore for briesen and the aruba tourist community. not a heart or soul or conscience to be found in the whole bunch of them.

Maximiliaan said...

So, you guys want to talk about lies? So, "Aruba" just keeps on lying and is completely responsible for a stupid young woman who just stepped in a car of a young man she just met? And because of this it has to be boycotted? If there's a nation in this world which has to be boycotted (worldwide, it's the USA! For making such a mess in many countries, for LYING, for real! I'll never forget Collin Powell in the security councel during his fantastic Powerpoint presentation showing all the storage places of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Well, now, a couple of years later & hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed by the "brave americans", the question is: where are they? These weapons of mass destructions? Naturally, all was just a LIE to start a war for OIL! Now, that's what I call lying!!! By a president with a "limited intellect" (= saying in a nice way: a retard); this is the way Scott Mc.Clellan calls your brilliant president in his book "What happened inside the bush white house and washington's culture of deception". And the idiots who voted for him and elected him, twice, are also responsible. So, you want to talk about lies and responsibility, look at yourselves.

Michelle Says So said...

You see, the thing is, I'm not talking about the US. I'm talking about Aruba.

If you feel so strongly about the US, DON'T COME HERE. With that attitude you certainly wouldn't be welcome you misogynistic pig.

Brown Sugar said...

You go, Michelle. Drop dead Max.

Anonymous said...

roflmfao, max, please do mark the u.s.a. off your list of places to go, and i sincerely hope you can talk anyone you call a friend to do he same.

and just rememberto "don't call us, we'll call you"

Maximiliaan said...


I've never been to the usa and never will; don't feel the need to.

Who's "we" : the CIA? You're hilarious :-)

Michelle Says So said...

Glad to hear you aren't coming.

Because if I ever met anyone like you, a serious bitch slap would be in order...and I'd be the proud bitch to do it. Go away.

Maximiliaan said...

Wow ... a bitch slap eh? What happened, you're running out of words? B.t.w.: I know how to handle bitches :-)

Michelle Says So said...

I never run out of words. In fact, I always have the LAST WORD. You've caught me on a bad day to mess around; hence the verbal hostility towards futile people such as yourself.

Maximiliaan said...

I don't believe in having "bad days" ; you either have the capacity to discuss or not. I'll let you have your last word, for now. But just one more thing: this whole blogspot calling up for a boycott on Aruba is of course ridiculous. Why? Simply because of the fact that on a daily basis, worldwide, people are killed, raped, abducted etc. If for all these cases nations should be boycotted, all nations would be boycotting each other. Just a matter of common sense. Now, one of the most expressed criticisms on this blogspot is the way the Aruban authorities handled the whole NH-case. I'll be the first one to admit it won't receive the "effectivity-award". But ... doesn't these things happen everywhere? Even in the big & powerful USA? With all its technology? Why aren't you promoting boycotts to e.g. the states in your country where the rate of unsolved, vicious crimes (because: let's be honest to each other, many cities/states in your country are by far more dangerous than Aruba!) are much higher than that of Aruba? Seems very hypocritical to me.

Michelle Says So said...

I'm getting the LAST WORD.

(1) If you knew anything about me or read my thousands of other posts from my other blog, you would know that I do things in the US to help victims and other people. I started that quest WAY before the boycott. Do your homework before you make judgments about me.

(2) I never said the US is oh-so-great. In fact, I think the govt sucks, the companies are greedy, don't care about the people that work for them and only the "bottom line". The majority of the population is clueless as to what is going on in the world and our own nation.

I'm a proud American, I'd never leave, but I never said we were better than anyone else. Every country has its faults.

I can't save the world, but I can try in my own way. And obviously this blog has gotten to a lot of people in Aruba.

Mission completed.

Anonymous said...

You go Michelle. Keep up the good work.

Michelle Says So said...

Muchos gracias anon! :)

Anonymous said...

Maximiliaan I think you need to look at yourself. First off you hurl insults at a person that is apparently dead and can not defend defend themselves.

Then you start talking about a country that has done more good for the rest of the world than all the rest of the world combined. You compound that tragedy by taking the side of an idiot that couldn't be the press secretary for Chavez with Chavez telling him what to say. The fact is Max, Scott McClellan is about money and nothing more. He is promoting his book that was published by George Soros and his cronies a left wing idealogue that keeps his money out of the U.S. to avoid taxation and champions higher taxes on those of us that support Bums like yourself through the taxation he is for. So why don't you tell us about hypocrisy, PUNK.

Then you come back to threaten a lady's response to your crap with a threat of how you can handle bitches. Maybe you need to try a man, I would personally kick your everloving ass to Hell and Back.

As for Aruba they not only did a horrible job on the Holloway case but they tried to place the blame on the victem and her family, that sir is not forgivable and if the people of the Island of Aruba can not bring pressure on their government to do the right thing then they don't deserve our money. Its not hard to understand pin head.

Maximiliaan said...

@anonymous of May 2008 11:34pm:

I wasn't intending to respond anymore on the hilariuos comments on this blogspot, but your remarks are really something (and I don't mean this in a positive way):
1) So, your country has done "more good for the rest of the world than
all the rest of the world combined"? I certainly hope you're not serious and just stating this to have something to say, otherwise you have the same "limited intellect" your president has. Just out of curiosity: what exactly are all these good things your country has done? You mean like the mess it has created in Latin America, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan (where is obl?), in Iraq (where are those weapons of mass destruction?) etc.
2) The only reason I wrote "I know how to handle bitches" is because Michelle wrote she would "bitch slap" me; well I don't know about you, but I was raised up with the notion of never letting anyone just hitting me like that and not doing anything; and it doesn't mater she's a woman; she or anyone else doesn't have the right to hit me. And, as for you, well, let's hope we'll never meet. It could be a fight you won't like to remember. And no, I'm not threating you.
3) And as for Aruba & its people: I'm going to tell you something about myself. The reason I've ever reacted to this blogspot is because I know the island very well. I was born many years ago there. I'm not really an Aruban myself, my parents are Dutch and they were working at that time in Aruba. I spent the first 8 years of my life there, and I still have warm feelings for that period. When I almost became 9 we returned to the Netherlands, and now that I'm an adult and have the possibilities I go almost every year to visit friends I still have over there. So, I know the Aruban people and I know they're warm hearted people. You're writing they should push the government to do more; but my anonymous friend, how? You've ever heard of the "Trias Politica"? Meaning (among others)a democratic elected government should never interfer with the way Justice does its job? What do you expect: that the government should tell the whole Justice Dept. what to do and how? Well, in a real democracy this is not possible. Maybe you and everyone else should consider this: a) yes, the Justice dept. of Aruba did a terrible job, but this is no reason to hold a complete nation responsible for this. B.t.w.: the prime SUSPECT, JvdSl. is Dutch, and the 2 other suspects are originally from Suriname, so the possibe perpetrator(s) are not even Arubans.