May 28, 2008


So, it may be because of the cost of fuel, but Aruba is now feeling another BITE. Karma comes in forms of many ways. Too sad. "Bye, bye birdie..."

Eagle will eliminate destinations:
Samana, Dominican Republic, and Aruba

American Airlines' parent AMR Corp. unveiled the first details of its plan to slash its schedule by up to 12 percent this year, cutting flights from Chicago, Boston and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The airline will also move some of its ATR-72 turboprop planes from San Juan to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and retire its fleet of Saab 340 turboprops, which are less fuel efficient, company officials said.

Fort Worth-based AMR, which owns American and American Eagle, said last week that it would cut its schedule, park up to 80 planes and eliminate thousands of jobs as it grapples with crushing fuel prices.

"Fuel prices have risen so quickly and show no signs of falling, the economy is far from strong, and airline industry losses are mounting," Peter Bowler, Eagle's chief executive, told employees in a memo. "I believe the crisis in the airline business is real, and the steps American is taking to reduce its schedule and the schedule it is asking us to fly on its behalf are necessary."

Flight cuts planned Changes include: Ending service from Chicago to Buenos Aires, Argentina, effective Sept. 3. Discontinuing Chicago-to-Honolulu flights, effective Jan. 5. Between Sept. 3 and Jan. 5, the flight will only be operated on peak demand days. Eliminating Boston-to-San Diego service Sept. 3. American is also making reductions in San Juan, where Eagle operates a hub. The regional airline will cut its daily San Juan departures to 35 from a planned 55, effective Sept. 3.

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