May 10, 2008


This post was written by Aruban Boycott Member, Dan from TX. Great response to previous post regarding Ed Briesen's gutless interview regarding the effects of the Boycott against Aruba.

Let's translate this from Aruban 'spinspeak' to English:

Aruban : "I don't know about the family problems they have, which seem to be the reason behind this case"

English: "We're going to keep bringing up slanderous and unproven rumors about the victim and her family in an attempt to rob them of public sympathy"

Please note slandering the victim is a common defense behavior in cases of murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Aruban: "We've had the FBI, the Aruban special task force, F16's and special recovery vessels searching the island"

English: "Nothing we tried worked. Sorry, not our fault"

Please note that the FBI has never been allowed access to evidence, access to suspects during questioning, or anything remotely meaningful. They have never been allowed to do anything but 'observe' (and nothing in Dutch or Aruban law prevents more involvement- that is left to Aruban Justice ministry to decide.)

Let's make this clear: the Aruban government is 100% responsible for keeping the FBI out of the investigation). The F-16s were Dutch, sent by the Netherlands; they didn't cost Aruba one penny. The search vessel was unable to search even half the areas of interest due to lack of funds; Aruba ok'ed the search, but again provided no money toward this effort (it was all paid for by American donations).

Aruban: "I would not want Aruba to be known in the same way Iraq is known"

English: "We're reminding Americans of their own issues, which in fact have nothing to do with the Holloway investigation, nor have any similarities, in order to distract you from the issue at hand"

Please note this is a classical fallacy of logic called the Irrelevant Conclusion.

Aruban: "The island is so small, social ties are strong. Everybody knows everybody in Aruba"

English: "If anyone knew anything, surely they'd stick their necks out and possibly betray family, friends, and business associates who may be involved even though nothing is forcing them to. Us Arubans are just that angelic"

Please note that when the FBI first went to Aruba the week after Natalee disappeared, they were allowed to do NOTHING. They complained that the Aruba legal circles were 'incestuous' and that the very condition Mr. Briesen crows about is in fact preventing any honest, meaningful investigation!

Aruban: "What happened in Aruba...has become for us and everybody a model for crisis management on the islands"

English: "We don't care about the real issue (justice) and the real victims (Natalee Holloway and her family). We care about damage control and what is good for us"

Aruban: "But we'd like to forget and move on."

English: "But we'd like to forget and move on."

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