November 11, 2008


Hans Mos--The Worst Prosecutor in the World

An undisclosed source close to Dave Holloway announced this information in an email:

Dutch Prosecutor Hans Mos has said:

1 - The recent Joran/Thailand sex trafficking story is unrelated to the Natalee case so there is nothing relevant to Natalee's case.

2 - The new statements by Joran's girlfriend: Mos says this does not add enough new info or anything he can use against Joran, so he is dismissing her statement.

3 - Mos plans to finally close Natalee case in December (for good this time).

The only reason it remained open this year was De Vries' tape that went global media which forced him to open it - but since then he sees no valid reasons to keep it open so he will close it in December.

PLEASE NOTE MR. MOS--There is NO statute of limitations for MURDER. You may "close" this case, but it will never be closed to the American public and all those who support the Holloway family who want justice for Natalee and that she be found and returned home to her family.

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