November 13, 2008


Was Joran's new sex trafficking career just on a whim, or had he been cultivating it for some time? Did Joran perhaps "intern" while he was still in his teens living on Aruba with his gang, "The Pimps" where Aruba is known as a "stop off/drop off/pick up" port for human trafficking? Maybe he's been doing this for years?

Would it be out of the question that Paulus van der Sloot was his mentor?

He knew right away to call daddy.

"He's done this like 20 times before and nothing ever bad happened."

Suppose Joran hadn't intended to kill Natalee. Suppose he was "pimping" her out. Look at Amy Bradley's case.

Then there lies that controversial picture where Natalee, Joran and Paulus are seen at the same table in the casino. Could Paulus have been the one to tell Joran Natalee is one he wants? Remember when Joran mentioned that he didn't like Natalee, and that he liked her friend instead? Was Natalee hand picked because of her white skin and blonde hair? Those features are big bucks. Is that why they stopped off at Joran's apartment with Freddy waiting? To take pictures for potential clients?

Something bad happened.

His plan didn't work because she was overdosing from the date rape drug she was given.

Could Paulus van der Sloot be involved somehow in the sex trafficking ring? How else would Joran have learned his craft? One doesn't go to Bangkok and just "set up shop" as a sex trafficker. It's like any organized criminal group. Joran has been groomed for this job for a long time.

Who taught him?

Just a thought...


Richard said...

It's worth mentioning, too, that (as far as I know) people who engage in this filthy trade don't just go out on the street and hang up a poster. In other words, you need contacts.

So how did this punk kid from Aruba infiltrate these circles in the Netherlands? Just because he was street scum? Or did he have contacts from his days in Aruba?

Anonymous said...

It's not rocket science to know that Joran and his Daddy are guilty as hell of the murder and disposal of Natalee. To prove it is one thing. To get the authorities of Aruba or Holland to do something is quite another matter. We can only hope that Joran is caught up by the Asian authorities and thrown into the filthiest and nastiest prison on earth. That might happen.

Anonymous said...

wow... Now THAT is a theory...the pictures are very convincing. I will NEVER go to Aruba and I will make sure no-one in my life goes to Aruba as well.