November 06, 2008


So Greta visits Asia for some secret mission? Maybe she's spying on Joran, who is now living in Thailand with the rest of their pervert population. Maybe she's trying to pull a "de Vries" and get her own undercover "befriender" to get Joran to sing like a bird again. Wouldn't be of any one in Aruba will ever prosecute him.

November 6, 2008 by Greta Van Susteren

I get emails non stop asking me about Natalee Holloway investigation. I hate to tease you this way (read below)..but I also don’t know how to answer the non stop (since 2005) emails and I think I owe you an answer. Viewers have been critical of us for not working on this story and the truth is we have been. I understand why the criticism as it appears we just dropped it and moved on. We did not. It just did not seem like a good idea to tell you what we have been doing until now. As you will see, we have not stopped working on this investigation. We have been working on it since the first day I stepped foot on Aruba in June of 2005.

So what is new? Well…now that the election is over I will tell you where we stand in this investigation (well, I am not telling all, but enough to prove to you that we are still working on this) …

So here it is: in the midst of all the traveling for the election coverage beginning last spring, I flew to Asia (yes, Asia) for a quick trip to work on the Natalee case. I left on a Friday, flew 18 hours to Asia…upon landing, did fast work on the ground….including taping an important interview (which I have not yet shown you but expect to soon)…and then, without sleep, jumped back on a plane…flew back 18 hours…and was back in the USA by about 9am on Monday. I was back on the air for ON THE RECORD at 10pm that night. Yes, no one knew about the trip (other than Fox.) We learned something new in Asia — and from a source that is very important to this investigation.

To try and figure our more (corroborate/disprove) what we learned in Asia, I also took other trips - including one out to Seattle and I was back in one day. I took an early morning flight…interviewed someone…jumped back on the plane. It has been, as you might imagine, exhausting trying to fly all over the globe doing this Natalee Holloway case while also meeting my responsibilities for election coverage.

Fox has been great throughout this investigation …Fox has been 100 per cent supportive of us attempting to finish this still incomplete investigative story……Fox has spent a fortune making it possible for us to track down leads all over the place. Some have been worthwhile and some not.

So now what? well…we are working on the final part of our investigation…looking to corroborate what we have or disprove what we have…we need to make a decision how to show it to you. Do we show it all to you, including the wild goose chases we have been on? I am sort of in favor of showing you all since it does show you how we gather news…what we do ..the behind the scenes part of our business that I like to include you in.

….if all goes as planned, we will air this soon…so yes, we are working on it…and we have not dropped it.


Anonymous said...

You have to have the money and good timing to run a campaign agaisnt Aruba's corruption and coverup criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

I guess De Vries tipped off Fox? Why else would Greta be in asia for