November 19, 2008


Greta weighs in on this "new witness" information from last night's show. Jossy Mansur of Diario newspaper thinks that the prosecutor is doing NOTHING to investigate new leads or this witness. He said "they are indifferent to this case...people of Aruba are not interested in this case."


Anonymous said...

The first thing the new Secretary of State will do is to perform an autopsy on Aruba and dig out all the Aruba corruptions and coverups. Natalee's murder will make a good agenda in the coming months. Aruba has been sucking the American taxpayers for too long.

Anonymous said...

Han Mos is old garbage. Old Kondi also failed to help Natalee. You will have this new fierce SoS online soon. People believe she will bring new drastic change to Aruba. If you can deal the Arubans with Dutch law, somewhere it has to give. The Americans will go new politics and bring new changes. A new official Aruba boycott is in the making to punish Han Mos.

Lisa been there... said...

I for one have sent the petition on here out to all my friends for them so sign. You can bet it will get signed and passed on by many americans!! I am so sorry the Holloways have to go through this! I have been there when my sister was killed by someone but at least he is in jail and we know! I hope and pray that you find those answers and if a crime was committed they get the punishment they deserve! I know one other thing if I had a family member that I knew killed someone, sold someone or whatever I would turn them in!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Lisa Been There--

Thanks for showing your support. I know Beth really appreciates it. I talk to her and she is emotionally overwhelmed by the amount of support she has for Natalee.