November 13, 2008


I don't care what country you are in. When you are a prosecutor, you gather all the evidence and present it. You don't sit on leads and witness statements dismissing them with your own personal opinion.

Since Hans Mos is Dutch, could he be friends with Papa van der Sloot? Is that why he is stalling on taking any of the events in the last year, beginning with Joran's secretly recorded statement that he threw Natalee into the ocean, seriously?

A quote from the article below states, "Illustrious Dutch scientists told De Vries that these ‘TV-confessions’ are reliable. They don’t think that Joran had lied."

If what Joran said was not true, then he wouldn't have said it!

If Hans Mos doesn't trust these taped confessions, then why would "illustrious scientists" think otherwise? Wouldn't they be considered "expert witnesses" as to the validity of Joran's confession in Court?

Why is Mos not giving all this evidence and the new evidence (witness statements) to the judges? WHY NOT LET THEM decide what Joran's fate should be?

ORANJESTAD – The statement of the new witness about Joran’s involvement in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, is ‘very incriminating’ for him, indicated the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution's Office as a result of Sunday’s programme of crime-journalist Peter R. de Vries, in which this witness was mentioned. The justice department in the Netherlands has sent this statement to Aruba.

It is probably a confession of a friend of Joran, in which she aid that Joran had once insinuated having been involved with the disappearance of Natalee. Joran had also told her that he had misled the police in Aruba. “However, the witness statement is not specific enough regarding the fact of the disappearance of Holloway”, said the spokesperson.

The statement of the witness will be added to the dossier that has been brought back to life since the Public Prosecution reopened the investigation into Joran van der Sloot in February of this year, as a result of the first talked-about broadcast about him in the De Vries’ programme.

Purpose of the investigation is to determine whether Joran van der Sloot had told the truth in the secret recordings made by De Vries. Illustrious Dutch scientists told De Vries that these ‘TV-confessions’ are reliable. They don’t think that Joran had lied.

“Finding new evidence is difficult in a case that is for years in investigation”, explained the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution's Office. “None of the many tips have led to further proof. Some of De Vries’ tips are still being investigated.”

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