January 07, 2009


Looks like Brinkman has few true allies in his "anti corruption movement". Could it be that some of these people may have personal, political and/or monetary interests? Is he the only politician left with a conscience no matter how "unpopular" or messy it could get?

Starting this movement could make him into a renowned world leader in anti-corruption. Who wouldn't want to get on that bus unless one has something to hide?

If I could, I'd be there right behind him.

"The Hero" Brinkman

ORANJESTAD/WILLEMSTAD – Many politicians are doubtful that suddenly Lower House member Hero Brinkman (PVV) has good intentions with the Antillean and Aruban people, after he launched his plan for an ‘anti-corruption movement’ among the population in the Caribbean kingdom parts to put an end to corruption.


The Curacao Island Council-member Hensley Koeiman (MAN) says that he is ‘totally against corruption’. In an e-mail with wishes for a happy 2009 he maintains the motto ‘Ban hasi kos na drechi’ (Let’s do the things right). “This doesn’t only include good governance and good service, but also not commit corruption.

I will support Brinkman if he wants to set up this anti-corruption movement in the entire Kingdom. I support each Brinkman and Brinkwoman that is against corruption. But why does Brinkman want this for just the Antilles and Aruba? I am therefore doubtful whether his intentions are noble.” (Huh? He's totally for it, then questions an alleged motive?)


Koeiman’s colleague Gisette Seferina (PNP) agrees with him on this subject. “Each civilized person is against corruption. But why doesn’t Brinkman start in the Netherlands? If he thinks that the Antilles and Aruba has the patent on corruption in the Kingdom, he is then profoundly mistaken. It appears from the context he puts this idea that he is completely disturbed this time.” (And WHY would he NOT be disturbed? I don't understand the way these people think and the garbage that comes out of their mouths.)


DP-leader Norbert George

DP-leader Norbert George says that “this anti-corruption movement is already in existence for a long time. We ourselves are tired of all corruptions. I therefore do not understand what Brinkman means with the set up of an anti-corruption movement. But I wish him a lot of success!” (Duh...what an idiot. Keystone Politician...)


Renfred Rojer

“Very good idea!” is Renfred Rojer’s reaction. “But he needs to include the Netherlands. We learn corruption from them since the time of the pirates. Look how they have dealt with the construction fraud and other practices. Very different than how they want to deal with us in these terms. We are well on our way with the drawing up of rules to promote and enhance good governance for the benefit of our people.

Any good will person that wants to cooperate in combating corruption is welcome to join the club, including Brinkman.”


Commissioner, Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé

Commissioner Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé (Education, Sports, and Culture, PAR) says that ‘everything that is done with good intentions, is acceptable’, but she doesn’t know what Brinkman’s intentions on the real agenda are.

“There is corruption everywhere, all over the world, which is unfortunate. But I condemn the stigmatization of certain society or politicians by means of insinuating messages that at first seem well-meant.” (She sounds like she needs to hang out with the lefties over in Hollywood like Susan Sarandon...what an annoying knat.)



“I repeat what I have clearly declared earlier. Mr. Brinkman is for us a racist and a fundamentalist that is not interested in the well-being of the people of the Antilles and/or Aruba”, says Arthur Dowers of the Aruban opposition Party AVP that takes part in the POK.

“This person’s statements are purely meant to obtain the sympathy of those that advocate racism. (What does racism have to do with corruption? I guess people throw the race card in other countries, too.)

Arthur Dowers, Aruban opposition Party AVP

Someone's hiding something!

Look how he internationally attacked Aruba recently about the matter of a young lady that disappeared here in Aruba. If you advocate the well-being of Aruba, you wouldn’t tackle this problem in such way that you harm the island financially and economically”, says Dowers. We don’t need Brinkman for combating corruption, says Dowers. Supervising the government and combating fraud in general is necessary and important to him. “Citizens all over the world are more and more raising checks and balances. The Antilles and Aruba are also experiencing that.

We furthermore have sufficient institutions that take actions against that. The population has pre-eminently the power to vote out politicians that they do not approve through democratic elections, and vote in those that they do approve. There is no need to misuse the media – You wonder what politics this person is going to perpetrate when everybody realize that just like everywhere in the world, we have individual politicians that do wrong and that our institutions really act against that.


The difference in tone and contents in the reactions of the chairman of the Dutch POK-delegation, Willibrord van Beek (VVD) and that of the chairman of the Antillean POK-delegation, Pedro Atacho (PAR), on Brinkman’s idea for a common anti-corruption movement is very striking.

Pedro Atacho (PAR)

Atacho: “We are very clear about this. Same as in The Hague in June of last year, we request Mr. Brinkman to go to the Public Prosecutor (OM) if he is aware of any penal offences. We noticed that he didn’t do this and prefers to continue drawing the attention with a sensation eager, tragicomic show.”

Chairman of the Dutch POK-delegation,
Willibrord van Beek (VVD)

Van Beek: “As chairman of the Dutch delegation, I won’t give any political comments.” (What a way to puss out...)



Unknown said...

“This person’s statements are purely meant to obtain the sympathy of those that advocate racism. (What does racism have to do with corruption? I guess people throw the race card in other countries, too.)"
Is there anything more racist that the arrest of the two Security Guards?

Michelle Says So said...

Donald--excellent point!

Anonymous said...

I'm an antillean so maybe this is why i think like this...but why do u need to boycott the antilles?...the person who said they killed nathalee on live TV(joran van de sloot)is is The Nederlands..go and boycott them..we are islands that can't even run ourselves..go to the big bosses and fight..and for this Nathalee case..it is only getting this kind attention because the suspect is a local..i live in St.Maarten and i doubt you've heard about the missing Leta Cordes..why not?..because the suspect is her AMERICAN husband..whats up with that?