March 13, 2009


“Too much aggression in the community”

Premier Emily de Jongh-Elhage (PAR)

WILLEMSTAD -- Premier Emily de Jongh-Elhage (PAR) is concerned about the increasing aggression in the community. The tone of the political debate and the campaigns concerning the referendum harshens, but also the society becomes more and more aggressive, says the premier.

This from the ‘Wereldomroep’. According to De Jongh-Elhage politicians as well as the entire society has harshened. “We are too aggressive with each other. When I listen to the Island Council, I wonder where have I put my people.” Also the media plays a role in the hard atmosphere, according to the premier. “We attack each other in the media. It’s no longer about the subjects, the attacks have become personal.”

Also the halfhearted response on the two family dramas in one week, in which two men murdered their ex-wives, has surprised De Jongh-Elhage. “We no longer tolerate anything from each other and are ready to attack each other.”

The society doesn’t even pay much attention to the murders; People talk about it for just a while, and then forget about it. That has become the most common thing in the world. “People used to talk for weeks about a homicide, but now it’s like it has become business as usual.”

She wants to come up with a plan to stop aggression and change the atmosphere. She wants to do this with women. As a mother I think: this cannot be. This must be tackled via schools and the family. Money is not important in this case. It’s about love and how you treat each other in your family.”

According to the Prime Minister, the hard tone that the opposition parties use in the run up to the referendum on the 15th of May is very harsh, because the opposition can never agree with the government.

“Certain people want to be independent, and we will never agree on that. But others only oppose because they are in the opposition. They take a hard stand, because they feel that they won’t change their opinion.” She stays very hopeful though about the result of the referendum.


Unknown said...

"The tone of the political debate and the campaigns concerning the referendum harshens"

What is the referendum about?

Anonymous said...

Government announces total flick-knife ban
Published: Friday 13 March 2009 15:16 UTC
Last updated: Friday 13 March 2009 15:16 UTC
The government has announced it is to introduce a ban on the sale and possession of flick knives and butterfly knives. Under present legislation adults are allowed to buy these types of knives up to a certain length. However, the government says there is evidence that they are also regularly sold on to minors.

Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin says such knives can hold a great appeal for young people. According to government reports, they have been used in school stabbing incidents in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Moreover, at present it can be difficult to distinguish between legal and illegal types of butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, which makes it hard for the police to confiscate them. The total ban will prevent any confusion and murdering of women.

The two women were kidnaped , raped and murdered their ex-husbands because the two women wanted to be independent and get re-married. Sex and hate crimes were important factors in these body disposal cases. They learned from Aruba and Joran's murder and coverups. The councilmen attacked the women who are going public in the media to talk about their husbands' drinking and gambling problems. It’s no longer about the justice, the attacks have become very aggresive,vicious and personal like what's happening in Aruba. To make the matter worse, Aruban judge Rik Smid released the rape and murder suspects for lack of material witnesses and murder weapon flick-knives. Under the Aruban Dutch law, Rik Smid later faxed and allowed the suspected murderers be moved to Aruba.