April 10, 2009


WILLEMSTAD — Last weekend, Justice intercepted a group of people in a research that was directed at human trafficking. There were also seven children in this group.

This was confirmed by the public prosecutor Ludmilla Vicento. Details could not be given with regard to the importance of the research, nor if any suspects were detained.

Minister of Justice David Dick (PAR) announced the action of Justice during yesterday’s State meeting. The children, originating from a country in the Caribbean region, were en route elsewhere to perform some kind of slaves’ work. The minister actually talked out of turn as the research is still in progress. According to Vicento, the character of the practices requires more clarity. In any case it has to do with illegality, forgery and human trafficking and/or smuggling.

Prevention policy

A difficult phenomenal to tackle, but a workgroup within the department of Justice is actually in full swing to implement a prevention policy. Momentarily there are advertising spots on the radio and a special telephone number.

Recently, Justice participated with a research by the Surinam authorities regarding human trafficking, whereby Surinamers were recruited and came to Curaçao via Trinidad where they nevertheless were forced to work.



Anonymous said...

The expatriate tax deferment program will end this month in Aruba due to its rampant money launfering and tax evasions, the American expatriates like Julia Renfro must pay all the back taxes when she visits Florida again or face arrest at the US Custom. Julia Renfro can no longer use the Aruban diplomatic immunity to avoid US taxation.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch official said there's always a potential for tragedy here in Aruba. When the Aruban people feel their options are limited under the harsh boycotting, they sometimes react in more unpredictable and violent ways and kill the Americans living on that island.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans are getting louder and saying they are not afraid of the Americans and Dutch. The Arubans are very motivated by the Somali pirates who defeated the US Navy. The ransom has just been paid by the shipping company to free the captain.

Anonymous said...

The lawlessness of Aruba has turned the entire Dutch Antillies into a safe drug trafficking haven. Mafia Drug Lords don't live on the water, they live in Aruba. That's where we need to get them Aruban pirates.