April 21, 2009


To "Aruba People"

You have my sympathies as you have had more than one girl go missing. You live on an island you can't get off of. I am not jealous of you I am very sorry for you. It's why I boycott your island. So your government will stop treating you, the natural citizens (not dutch born) and the tourists as second class citizens. You are in desperate need of human rights.

You are so obviously wrong in your argument because you are blaming the victim. You have no empathy or sorrow for the victim and her family. This is always the stance of the guilty.

You should not treat those who come to your country with such contempt. No one in their right mind is going to respond well to "Hurry up and give me your money and you've not given me enough, we hate you and if something bad happens to you here then you deserved it."

That really makes me want to go to a Hell hole like ARUBA - a flat wasteland full of prostitutes and drug dealers.

-Cherry Simpson


You obviously don´t have all your facts straight. You should know that you are wasting your time as our island is doing better than ever and we should probably thank the Hollaway family especially Mrs. Twitty for all the free publicity getting her picture taken having fun in the casinos while ¨looking for her daughter¨ I think that makes it pretty clear that you just can´t help having fun on Aruba.

I don´t know where you get that we are in need of human rights. People here are very happy and we travel all the time in this new invetion ¨the airplane¨ I think it´s called.

We do of course live of tourism and that´s why we are very happy to speak four languages and be able to host guests from all over the world. Who we treat with respect and are very happy to help with their every whim. That´s what a vacation is after all. The people who have visited us for so many years some 20, 30 or 40 years are still happy to visit and the new guests that come out of curiosity about the case or any other reason istantly falls in love with the Island and can´t wait to come back.  

But people have to use common sense. 

You are a mom and probably have though your kids not to take drinks from strangers not to get in the car with strangers (I hope) more so if you are not home. It´s not that I blame the victim because of course the blame goes to Joran for being such a big idiot when he knew better not  to take 1 of 200 americans who come crawling out of bars everyday with him.

Anyways I do not plan to keep having this crazy discussion, I just wanted you to know that what you are doing is a waste.

Aruba, One Happy Island forever.


Anonymous said...

The Natalee Holloway movie has been recommended for the next Emmy awards for best woman story and actress. Boycott Aruba becomes a legitimate and passion work for everyone who seeks justice for Natalee Hooloway.

Anonymous said...

Joran is back in Holland and has met with "terror Jaap", the winner of a Dutch "Big Brother" look-alike. Jaap is going to make a TV program and will possibly interview Joran. RTL Boulevard reports Joran will speak about new apsects of the case, which will be "spectacular".

Robin will be interviewed. She is flying to Amsterdam now to discuss a new movie prospect for Dave.

Anonymous said...

Robin and Dave are friends of Aruban people. Aruban people loves Robin and supports Robin's role as stepmother of Natalee Holloway in the new movie to be filmed in Holland.

Anonymous said...

By free publicity I wonder if Aruba People mean the bars, drug dealers and whore houses we saw on TV.

Aruba under reports crime, together with the utter absence of responsive authorities, combined with overwhelming poverty and mass criminal activity, suggests that what happened to Natalee is just the tip of the iceberg.

Natalee isn't just missing, she was admittedly "RAPED". Rape is a way of dehumanizing someone, it is sometimes termed "worse than death". It means supremacy, we are better than you. And possession, we own you.

Can't you hear that in Joran's answers and also those of Aruba.

Good decent people run from Aruba my friends. IMHO it's not only flat, rocky and ugly, it's full of thieves, rapists and drug mongers.

"Real Happy Island" - in a drug induced coma is more like it!

Anonymous said...

Why can't Aruba? 1) Stop all criminal activity; 2) call the criminals what they are; 3) secure accountability to the Holloways for what was done to Natalee; and 4) change laws and take citizens and visitors security on the island seriously.

Why must they? 1) Shove what really happened under a rug; 2) continue to dehumanize Natalee's human rights which have already been violated; 3) insist on putting it behind them, instead of stopping, naming, remedied to the extent possible, remembered, and used to make change?

What can we do to help Aruba realize a need for change? Send the message "LOUD AND CLEAR - BOYCOTT"

Michelle said...

RIGHT ON! That is the best comment ever...

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned for Aruba's lack of human rights. Their government needs to ensure the safety and security of their citizens (non-dutch born) and all visitors.

The game that’s played on Aruba is little more than cover up and confuse who is doing what to whom and thus condone drug trafficking, prostitution and organized crime.

It’s time for the world to ask Aruba’s justice system, what are you doing?

Violence and criminal activity is systematically tolerated by their government. Anyone who wants to stop something can not ignore law’s ability to do nothing while looking like it is doing something.

We need to communicate to Aruba the need for change. It would be to their native citizen’s benefit and to all visitors.

This is why BOYCOTTING ARUBA would be helpful not harmful.

This is why I have boycotted all Dutch islands since May 2005. It’s time for Aruba to change.

Anonymous said...

Behind the movement of drugs are drug cartels. Tourism coexists with organized crime in a kind of symbiotic relationship, and the US State Department reports also emphasize this link between tourism, money-laundering and offshore banking. It's been reported: 'Money laundering fostered by the off-shore banking and casino and resort industries on Aruba flourish. Aruba also witnessed an increase in such drug-related crime as shootings, robberies and murders between rival drug gangs vying for territory. What is good for casinos is good for organized crime.
The institutions of some Caribbean countries have been so effectively penetrated by the vast amounts of money generated by organized crime they could be described as criminal states. Aruba, for instance, fits this description, with drug cartels moving there in the 1990's attracted by it's rapidly developing tourist industry. Organized crime is efficient. It tends to be conservative and protects those it has corrupted. It operates best where it can work unhindered, undetected and in conditions of political stability.

A busy tourist industry can offer a suitable cover for criminal activities; it can also provide opportunities for investment. When the drug cartels looked for avenues to invest their billions, they found plenty of opportunities in the tourist industry where they could use their laundered money in legitimate operations.

The problem is tourism based on foreign investment does not provide for so-called 'basic needs provision' for the people. The public sector's laissez-faire approach, its inability to plan for the future and its failure to implement any plans that do exist are further key constraints to sustainable development. This is particularly critical in Aruba who has adopted a mass-tourism profile. The policy of Aruba's tourist industry to keep on bringing more and more visitors to its shores is seriously flawed.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba! Aruban government wants to erase the memory cells of Joran's brain by going through the flash programming in a modified lie detector device. When there is no lies in Joran's brain cells, he will be tested negative, and show honesty. But his data and history about his rape, murder and body disposal of Natalee Holloway will be lost forever, and die with him the insant he takes the live test in the Holland show.

Anonymous said...

There are some mind altering drugs information on Internet. Some rape drug components can be used effectively to fool the lie detectors.

Anonymous said...

Joran's mind has been scrambled, according to his Dutch doctor in Thailand. He now seems to be a walking dead. Don't trust what he says. Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

But Jora van der Sloot failed a background check in Holand when he applied for a welfare benefit program for his mental disabilities. He was denied by the Dutch investigators.

Anonymous said...

GVC was in Aruba late January 2009 and is now in Holland near Breda,where his Family is from before Aruba. Joran revealed that GVC and the company he worked for helped him to cremate part of the corpse. Natalee Holloway's body was dismenbered. Some was thrown to the sea, some was buried in the
Aruban pond, some was sent to the ISA incinerator. Quite a shocking lie Joran has made up. Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

Joran van der Sloot, Geoffrey Van Comvoirt and Guido Wever conspired to burn Natalee Holloway's body, news that leaked by Dutch psychologist Annette Heldense. Annette conducted several polygraph tests with Van der Sloot. The results are expected in the Dutch Jaap TV show. She is a certified sex offenders screener in Holland.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Joran in Breda does look like he is a cannibal, a blood thirsty killer, a woman eater; complained by the Dutch media.

Anonymous said...

Joran's newest revelations have made the Aruban government very angry. Aruba's total reputations have been destroyed by Joran. It might turn the tide against Joran. Mos is ready to issue a warrant to arrest Joran. He didn't think what Joran said is funny. Robin is going to make an important announcement in BFN. She is now in Holland.

Anonymous said...

Watch Natalee Lifetime Movie on YOUTUBE bigjuicykungfu Natalee Holloway Aruba 1- 8

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: A member of the Dutch parliament slams officials on the island of Aruba, allegations of a cover-up and corruption related to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Anonymous said...

In the movie when Joran was talking to Patrick J tells P he is lucky because Natalee was not weighted down. If that was true wouldn't Natalee of been found by now. I am so troubled if Natalee is really in the water or was taken somewhere else.

A Dutch viewer asked the above questions. She was gald she had found some clues and answers in this blog. She will boycott Aruba with all her heart and energy.

Anonymous said...

Annette said Joran is ill. He has sweating, high blood pressure and insomia. These syndromes can cloud the results of the polygraphs. She implies Joran might be highly guilty as a sex offender, but unlikely he is a cannibal.

Anonymous said...

Jaap is a pilot for a program that he wants to sell to a broadcaster. After lengthy negotiations would Joran van der Sloot does cooperate. Terror Jaap linked Joran for the cameras to a lie detector. What exactly was asked and answered is not known, but Jaap told that at the end Joran gave him the middle finger.

"At the end he screwed me over," says Jaap. "But I have material to do the same thing to him. Believe me, if it is broadcast Joran can never set foot on Dutch soil again." When the images to see depends on whether Jaap his talk to a channel or broadcasting can wear.

The above tempest is some kind of advertising for the Sunday Jaap Show in Holland. It seems like Joran is taunting everyone with these periodic admissions, including those trying to prosecute him as well as those obviously protecting him. Joran is looking for more money for his new lies, people just can't get enough of it. He is not insane, but in the danger of going off the deep cliff.

Anonymous said...

Joran's ambition, besides money, is to beat the lie detector, said Jaap. But he is not ready, and in constant fear; there is no reason for Joran to rush the test if he had nothing to do with Natalee's disappearance, rape and murder.

Anonymous said...

The variable credit card rate hikes hurt Aruba's tourism badly. Aruba government has very poor credit rating. The credit card companies are charging the Aruban merchants higher than normal fee for accepting the credits from the American tourists. The American authorities are lifting a finger to help Aruba to resolve their credit cards processing crisis. This is part of the on-going boycotting efforts against Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Joran insists to have a live lie detector test on Jaap Show Sunday, even Jaap strongly opposes it. Joran says he can make Greta believe him in the past interviews, therefore he can surely pass the test. It's a very high risk gamble for Jaap, he can lose everything on Joran. No matter what happens, Joran still gets his money direct deposited to his Swiss bank account.

Anonymous said...

Do thses idiots in Aruba actually believe what they post?

Anonymous said...

The Troy University Polygraph Center will provide advanced training courses as requested in the following areas:

Interviewing and Interrogation
Chart Analysis
Sex Offender Testing
Screening / Applicant Testing

Joran hit the Troy websited often, studyng the sex offender testing materials on his own. His live lie detector test in the Japp Holland Show will only be sex offender testing, no interviewing and chart analysis are allowed in the show. Peter R. de Vries and his staff will be watching and recording the Jaap show which lead to something
he hears and knows concerning Joran's sex video which shows Oduber was raping Natalee Holloway.

He is secretly working on another bombshell Joran show. It could happen soon, but Peter don't talk about that often to protect his new book and movie copyrights. He cannot give away free all his contents to a Dutch RTL film maker.

Anonymous said...

Queen's Day invitations spark controversyBy Johan van Slooten

Newsline interview with Charles van Renesse

Amsterdam is inviting people from all over the world to come to the Queen's Day festivities on April 30, celebrated by hundreds of thousands of orange-clad partygoers. But not everybody is amused by the poster campaign that comes with the invitation.

There is a billboard poster saying Queen Beatrix protecting Aruba and Joran van der Sloot. It's not funny.

Anonymous said...

Dutch news

Security service creates internet espionage file
Published: Thursday 23 April 2009 18:43 UTC
Last updated: Thursday 23 April 2009 21:13 UTC
The Dutch national security service AIVD has created an espionage file on its internet website. Visitors to the file are given tips on how to prevent espionage, for instance on foreign trips. The AIVD's move coincides with the publication of the service's annual report, which argues that Dutch citizens are not sufficiently aware of the risks of espionage.

The AIVD says the Netherlands is an attractive target for foreign intelligence services, mainly because of the many migrants and a highly developed technological industry. In addition to tips, the web file also offers an overview of recent developments in the field of espionage.

The Dutch official in Hague did not buy the defense of Aruba by Robin. Aruba is treated as a foreign country after its coverup of the rape and murder of Natalee Holloway by Joran van der Sloot. The Dutch government steps up its Aruban boycotting program by screening every Aruban at the airport for contrabands.

Anonymous said...

Dutch news

Venture capitalism in the Netherlands down in 2008
Published: Friday 24 April 2009 08:19 UTC
Last updated: Friday 24 April 2009 08:19 UTC
The Dutch Association of Holding Companies (NVP) says about 50 percent less was invested in venture capital projects in the Netherlands in 2008 than in 2007. Holding companies from home and abroad invested just 2.7 billion euros in Dutch companies in 2008, down from 5.4 billion the year before.

The NVP says foreign investors would like to invest in the Dutch market but are finding it increasingly difficult to get banks to back their ventures. However, holding companies are still investing in new concerns.

NVP chair André Olijslager says: "the present economic crisis isn't affecting investments in people starting out because these young companies are judged on their long-term chances. Also, this sort of investment doesn't call for financing by banks."

Last year, new firms accounted for 41 percent of all funded companies. The amount invested in new companies was 228 million euros, up 66 percent on 2007. Dutch venture capitalists are said to prefer investing in small and medium-sized companies.

The Aruban coverup of Natalee's rape and murder also affects the reputation of the Dutch government. The international investors are reluctant to create jobs and small business in Holland due to lack of trust and fear of coverup and corruption of the Dutch police. The Dutch government punish Aruba by increasing the airpot tax on the Aruban travellers. This is the newest boycott hurting Aruba most in the EU tourism promotions.

Anonymous said...

Dutch news

FLUX speeds up Dutch-US air travel
Published: Friday 24 April 2009 14:03 UTC
Last updated: Friday 24 April 2009 14:03 UTC
People flying from the Netherlands to the United States will be able to go automatically through passport control from now on. The new FLUX system was introduced at New York's JFK today. Passengers holding US or Dutch passports have to pay 169 euros per year to be able to use FLUX.

People travelling from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and registered for the new system can go straight through immigration control using iris scanners. When entering the US, they have to allow their passports and fingerprints to be read automatically and these are then checked with a biometric database.

FLUX was a set up jointly by the justice ministry together with the US Department of Homeland Security. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin says he hopes other countries will join in the scheme.

This is new in the US-Dutch joint task in boycotting Aruba. The new system will identify Joran automatically, as well as many Aruban criminal suspects from Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Ahata bleak
Director Rob Smith of Aruba Hotel and Tourism Authority (Ahata) says that in the twelve years that he worked in the Aruban tourism industry has never been such an economic downturn has seen. "I've seen anything like war and September 11. But that economic instability has some impact on tourism as it is now, not. Therefore, we are strong in our shoestouris for this crisis to be. This means that we must be present in the media and the relationship with the North American partners must comply. "

The boycott works very well, Aruba has lost 80% of their tourism last quarter, it might lost another 90% due to the harsh US-Dutch joint boycott force against Aruba. Aruba will die and ruin in dispair, and will never recover.

Anonymous said...

The housing bubble hits and bursts in Aruba. The American tourists have to take 20 cents on the dollar in order to dispose of their Aruban LaCabana timeshare. Things are bound to get worst and Aruba is not going anywhere until the Arubans bring the justice for Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Aruba Real Estate And Foreclosures are tearing down the Aruban banking and money laundering systems. US visitors contribute for 95% of the total number of visitors, having drastic effect on the real estate market, hotels and timeshares. The disapearance of US tourism dollars and the Dutch Reserve Bank will not be able to bail out the Aruban econcmy.

Anonymous said...

Arubans are now feeling the squeeze of the boycott. The costs of food and water, and unemployment are rising. The Aruban glooming economy is basically a self fulfilling prophecy of the coverup of Natalee's rape and murder.

Anonymous said...

Back to reality :-( - Official Aruba Community Forum
We sadly left Aruba on Wednesday afternoon. This was our first trip to the happy ... at the airport, we noticed all the gloomy faces, waiting to depart -- I had no ...www.aruba.com/forum/f7/back-reality-905 - 55k - Cached

Anonymous said...

Buying an Aruban timeshare is not the equivalent of buying prepaid vacations in Aruba.

Even if you get your free timeshare from AHTA, you still have to pay all those old and recurring never-ending obligatory annual maintenance fees & taxes & reserve payments from the corrupt Aruban government. If you don't pay up, they will arrest you at the airport when you leave.

Anonymous said...

The One Happy Island is no longer happy but bitter and dismayed under the harsh boycott from the Dutch American authorities for its coverup of rape and murder of Natalee Holloway by the old evil dirty ugly Dutchman Joran van der Sloot. Aruba is a Dutch ocean desert island with the highest unemployment rate in the Caribbean region due to the boycott of the American tourists. The beaches are now full of trash and abandoned, people are afraid of the swine flu sweeping through the region. Aruba is at the edge of civil disobedience, people are hanging black and red ribbons over the trees in Oranjestad, a custom warning, that demands the Mafia strongman dictator Nelson Oduber to step down and leave the island quickly. The ALE are giving up their positions and join the revolution to get rid of the corrupt Aruban government. The Dutch navy is watching and protecting the island from foreign invasions evil spirits. A new legitimate and just Aruban parliament will be elected and a new prime minister will be selected to save the island from economic distruction and bring justice for Natalee Holloway.