July 06, 2009


Ank Bijleveld-Schouten shouts to Oduber, et al.

Bijleveld confirms investigation on Aruba--"No Matter What"

WILLEMSTAD/THE HAGUE — No matter what, an independent investigation will be carried out in order to get a more systematic view on the status of the government on Aruba.

State Secretary Ank Bijleveld-Schouten of Kingdom Relations (CDA) confirmed this once again today in a letter to the Lower Chamber on the eve of a general consultation on July 1st. She is assuming that based on last week’s conversations with amongst others, the Aruban Minister President Nelson Oduber (MEP), a communal investigation order as yet could be arranged.

“This and that should appear within short. If it turns out that this cannot be done together with Aruba, then the National Council of Ministers will be the commissioner for such an investigation”, Bijleveld wrote.

In her letter -where she looks back on her business trip to Aruba and Curaçao from June 22nd, up to and including June 25th- Bijleveld emphasizes that she is worried about the judicial upholding and good governance on Aruba.

“I consider it important to carry out an independent investigation in order to obtain a more systematic view of the situation on Aruba”.

She said she made agreements with Oduber on the drawing up of a plan of approach as how to crystallize this factual investigation. “From this factual investigation it must become obvious which measures are required by Aruba, or if the worst comes to the worst, by the Kingdom to improve the public administration and the constitutional state.”

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Anonymous said...

Bijleveld is one smart, tough love, and unsentimental Dutch lady. She also insists the new investigation of the rape and murder of Natalee Holloway by Aruban creep Joran van der Sloot.

Anonymous said...

The Kingdom asks Arubans to forge partnership with US FBI on the new investagation of Joran's criminal activities worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Valero mothballs Aruban refinery
July 16, 2009, 12:04PM

Energy Corp., the largest U.S. refiner, said it has completed the shutdown of its refinery in Aruba and will keep it closed for at least two months because of low profit margins.

The American authorities have greatly intensified the boycotting of Aruba to pressure Oduber to turn over the Natalee murder case to the US jurisdiction.

The whole world is watching the September 23 general election in Aruba and its tie to the extremist Iranian government who brutally murder the oppostition women and students.

Oduber had said he will certainly win 75% of the votes in the Dutch island Aruba. Oduber is a hated dictator who betrays the Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch parliament to Aruba Oduber: Don't Err on September 23 election and the Natalee case.

Anonymous said...

The jobless rate in Aruba is at 70.5 percent and going higher, that's very damaging to the reputation of the Aruban government.

Anonymous said...

There is no term limit for the Aruba Prime Minister position. If Oduber wins 70% of votes, he will be the third term Prime Minister. He can keep winning the votes hereby corruptions with backing of ALE, and be a dictator forever. Oduber is the chairman of MEP party who has destroyed opposition AVP party completely by laying off all the hotel workers. Oduber relies on Mafia funding and Queen Beatrix trafficking support.

Anonymous said...

During an official visit to Washington this week, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende - also a Christian Democrat - told US President Barack Obama that the Netherlands is willing to consider accepting a couple of Guantanamo detainees, reversing an earlier statement on the issue. It is thought that the Dutch PM did not broach the ICC matter during the talks at the White House.

ICC plans to arrest Joran van der Sloot for human trafficking crimes soon.

Anonymous said...

Instead of suppression and coverups, the Aruban government should work to address the concerns the American people have over the legitimacy of not arresting Joran van der Sloot based on his own SUV confessions and the Holland lie-detector tests and sane confessions of raping and murdering Natalee Holloway in Aruba four years ago.

Anonymous said...

July 20, 2009 10:16 AM
IRS Tentacles Reach Overseas

(CBS/AP)If you have any money stashed in an overseas account, the IRS wants to know about it.

The U.S. is launching a stiff crackdown on Americans who shield income from the tax man in foreign accounts. The new campaign could net tens of thousands of tax evaders, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal ($) Monday.

Taxpayers with $10,000 or more in offshore accounts at any point during the year will be required to file a tax form called the Foreign Bank Account Report, or FBAR. People who owe back taxes can expect some tough penalties. And for those who fail to file the form altogether, the penalties will be much greater.

The IRS has set a Sept. 23 deadline for voluntary disclosure of offshore accounts, a program announced in the spring. People who inadvertently failed to disclose foreign income, however minimal, could be slapped with a $10,000-a-year penalty.

Those who knowingly evaded paying taxes could pay $100,000 a year, or half of the offshore account's value – whichever is higher.

Aruba is one of the major targets. The Aruban timeshare buying programs encourage the American tourists to deposit as much a million US dollars into an escort account for monthly maintainence fees. The central banks pay the interests and they are tax-exempt under the Dutch Aruban laws.

Anonymous said...

Oduber said to his people you were being tested by the ArubanBoycott grassroot movement, and failing that test would not only mean your stupidity, it also meant your laziness. Go, find jobs in Curacao and bring the money home to support your families. Many Aruban businesses have moved to Curacao. Aruba has become a ghost island town.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban oil refinery was shutdown permanently because the Aruban Mafia were suspected to smuggle the cocaine and heroine in the motor bearings lubricant drums shipped to US. The US-Dutch trade agreements prohibit the customs inspectors from opening the barrels and inspect the content due to dangers of enviromental spillage and contamination of international seawaters.

Anonymous said...

Hero says he wants the Arubans to know that for every act of evil that they throw at Natalee and her mother Beth, there are millions more Americans and Dutch people who will boycott Aruba and destroy their economy.

Anonymous said...

"We stand at a crossroads of corruptions and coverups in Aruba," A airport taxi driver said last night. "We have to pay the airport passengers waiting tax now. We simply cannot risk continuing down the same path -- where our spending and American tourists priorities are increasingly divorced from the very real threats of today and the growing obstruction of justice of tomorrow."

Anonymous said...

The wide popular followings and support of blacks in South Aruba is key to the Aruba Dutch elite government's legitimacy. But most blacks are out of work and out of food money.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing at all to do with the Natalee case; just various people discussing how to combat crime in general" announced the Aruba light rock radio station. The Dutch investigators are in the Oduber's government residence to investigate Oduber's wrong doings. The Dutch military helicoptors are flying over the government buildings.