August 19, 2009


Let's refresh our memories...not too long ago, Rudy Croes publicly decried after the "hidden video" tapes of Joran's confessions to Patrick van der Eem aired, that van der Sloot is "persona non grata" on the island of Aruba. He was quoted, “Let Joran be the first example of a Dutchman that is not wanted in Aruba”, said the minister, who also knows that judicially, it’s going to be difficult to really deny him admission to the country. “I simply do not want him here.”

Although it is known Joran has traveled back to Aruba on occasion, maybe this statute will banish his ass forever so he may continue to seep into the sick, dark world of Thailand that he seems to love so much.

WILLEMSTAD — When the Statute Law passenger travel becomes effective, a Dutchman / Dutch woman (read everyone with a Dutch passport), can be deported from another part of the Kingdom, and prohibited from ever returning to that overseas territory. This appears from the draft-version of the Statute Law passenger travel.

“A ban on admission and residence can be ordered for reasons of public order or public safety to a Dutchman / Dutch woman who have not been a resident in a country or public body for a period of ten years.

If a Dutchman / Dutch woman has been a resident for more than ten continuous years in a country, then a ban on admission and residence can only be ordered for compelling reasons of public safety”, according to the enactment.

“A Dutchman / Dutch woman, who have been issued a prohibition for admission and residence, cannot obtain or retain a lawful residence in the territory of the country that issued the prohibition. In case he/she has already obtained admission to or residence in that country, this prohibition will be enforced by means of deportation to another country or public body within the Kingdom.”


The Statute Law passenger travel further determines that a Dutchman / Dutch woman has the right to reside in a country or pubic body for a period longer than three months if they have employment or intend to look for employment. (We all know what Joran's "employment" is...I would say that is not "applicable" or legal employment. These individuals should be absolutely shunned by all Arubans in order to redeem themselves and protect their future.)

A Dutchman / Dutch woman may also reside in that country for other purposes. In that case, the Dutchman / Dutch woman must have a medical insurance for him-/herself and his/her family members and his/her family may not form any unreasonable burden for the social security system of the country or public body where they have taken up residence. This latter condition is laid down in consideration of the limited financial resources of the island for the protection of their social security system. Therefore, this condition does not apply for residence in the European part of the Netherlands.

The prohibition on admission could for that matter also be (temporarily) removed by the minister who had issued such. This is possible ‘if the personal conduct of the relevant Dutchman / Dutch woman no longer forms an existent, actual, and serious threat for a vital importance of the society’. (Is Aruba finally getting their act together and no longer in denial in preventing these low-lives that cause irreparable harm to reside on their "one happy island"?)

In any case, the minister will determine this if the prohibition on admission or residence was not followed by deportation of the relevant Dutchman / Dutch woman within two years after the announcement thereof, according to the enactment.

The minister may also temporarily remove the prohibition on admission or residence in exceptional and urgent cases. Conditions will then be deployed regarding the place of entry and the duration of the residence. In that case, there must be ‘conclusive reasons of humanitarian nature’ or it must be ‘in the interest of the country or the mutual country’s relations’.

The Dutch minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA) explained to the Upper Chamber three months ago, that the Statute Law passenger travel is not a result of the agreements of 2006, ‘but it is something that should be brought to one’s attention with the realization of the current cabinet’. It was also laid down in the coalition agreement, that such a Statute Law passenger travel should be constituted.

Hirsch Ballin: “It was brought to one’s attention – that the connection was explicitly made with the realization of the cabinet – that something similar had to be realized at the moment that the Netherlands Antilles will be split up into three countries.

The existing complication in the passenger travel of the Dutch people between the countries of the Kingdom would otherwise multiply. From an international point of view, it is actually very peculiar that forms need to be filled in when Dutch people move in one direction within the Kingdom, and strongly resembles that, which is required for the application of a visa upon visiting a foreign country where relations are limited. This is certainly peculiar as we have the communal citizenship.”

‘Wild-west stories’

The minister of Justice also denied that the Statute Law passenger travel would be some kind of deportation regulation in another version. “Wild-west stories have been circulating in the West, as if this would be some new version of a submitted enactment by a former minister for Alien Affairs and Integration, directed at the deportation of some Dutch youngsters from this part of the Kingdom (who you be referring to Joran?).

These are truly wild-west stories. (Again contradicting themselves...continuous denial of admitting the REAL issue.)

The purpose of the proposed Statute Law will be entirely different from that of the withdrawn enactment. It is good to clearly express this to all parts of the Kingdom, so that there is no confusion whatsoever on that withdrawn enactment, that this regulation is based on article 3 of the Statute for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as this after all leads to a Kingdoms Affair, the status of the citizenship, therefore the Dutch nationality, and certain aspects of the passenger travel of Dutch people as well as of foreigners.”



How obvious is it that the Dutch don't want to be associated with the residents of Aruba, Antilleans and Curacao citizens, yet they feel free to infiltrate purely for illegal and corruption purposes. The ultimate "fall guys" are Aruba, et al.

One-way traffic

The political party Pueblo Soberano calls the Statute Law passenger travel ‘apartheid’ – ‘the sixth Statute Law’ in the framework of the political reformations. According to Pueblo Soberano, “the presumed free passenger travel is a one-way traffic”. “The enactment introduces a number of conditions for Arubans, Antilleans, and CuraƧao citizens, and what is called the BES-islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba), to prevent our people from going to the Netherlands. The party is convinced that this enactment was deliberately suppressed until after the referendum. “The Netherlands, PAR, PNP, and FOL want to prevent our people from going to the Netherlands but have our islands overrun with their people”.

Sounds like the Arubans don't want the pompous Dutch living in Aruba. Maybe they've finally quit drinking the kool-aid, and realized that Aruba looks bad BECAUSE of those certain Dutch nationals who are obviously complicit in a 4 1/2 year old conspiracy and coverup that have irreversibly tainted their island.

Their country has suffered due to a Dutchman (I use the word "man" extremely loosely) like Joran, including his well-connected "judge" father, his political friends, the dutch police commissioners, the dutch government, and the dutch judges involved in dismissing any wrong-doing in the unsolved murder of Natalee Holloway that has garnered such world wide attention for over four years.

They know Natalee's story and legacy will not go away, and they've finally realized how powerful the "little people" can be.


donald said...

A "slap on the wrist" manslaughter charge has to look good to Joran right now. At least he would know when it ends. We have news for him.

It doesn't.

Michelle Says So said...

Where is Jack Ruby when you need him? LOL

Anonymous said...

Over 13 percent fewer registrations Website
21 Aug, 2009, 14:17 (GMT -04:00)

ORANJESTAD — In the first half of this year registered to over 13 percent fewer companies with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC), compared to 2008. Then there from 696 entries, this year there were 603. There is also a forecast made for the year 2009. That is a total of 1,206 registrations. Unlike last year these are 150 fewer registrations, when registered to 1356 companies.

The continuing boycott and new Dutch statute passenger travel law are designed to discourage the new companies and existing businesses from operating in Aruba for more than a year. These measures become very effective and kill off the whole Aruba economy and society.

Anonymous said...

Joran's confession of his rape and murder of Natalee is a mockery of the Dutch Aruban Law which rewards the Dutch Elite rapists and murderers in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Aruba's economy taking hardest hits in July and August from all directions. The tourism is down 80 percent from same period last year.
The main cause of Aruba's nosedive destruction is its economy's total dependence dependence on American tourists. The other decline factors are losses of oil refinery taxes, drugs and child prostitute revenues; fewer money laundering and U.S. income tax contracts due to exposed secret Swiss Aruban bank accounts in the tiny Dutch Antillies colonial island.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Oduber promised to remove Joran van der Sloot from the rapist murderer suspect list if he wins the September election.

Anonymous said...

According to Rudy Croes, Joran van der Sloot was not a perfectly normal teenage Aruban boy.

Anonymous said...

Poll showed 87 percent of American people opposed decision to free Joran van der Sloot based on his mental illness of repeated lyings and confessions.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber was dearly dearly credited with taking aggressive action to protect the ArubanBoycott economic attacks. He will be sponsored by Queen Beatrix for the third term.

Anonymous said...

Arubans said they were fed up with ArubanBoycott meddling and accusations of their Aruba island and the Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban government did not truly report the swine flu cases on the island to protect its tourism. A new swine flu outbreak is expected in September. It is timed to disrupt the election. Many Arubans and voters will get sick and die. The new prime minister election voting is moot. It is corruption, coverup and a curse on Aruba.

Anonymous said...

There will be a new movie about Natalee's rape and murder in Aruba confessed by Joran van der Sloot. The five years almost everlasting conspiracy and coverup have become the bestseller Internet advertizing blognews ever since. The Aruban tourism suffers the heaviest deadly decline.

Anonymous said...

What IF Dave agreed to "end the boycott", associate with the enemy, agree to send Fred Golba to Aruba, etc. all for the promise of Aruba simply to return Natalee???

The above is total misinformation spread by the Arubans. Dave don't support the boycott. Only the ArubanBoycott -- A Grassroot Movement -- Michelle Says So is geneuine boycott authority with half a million hits around the world.

Anonymous said...

The world has a very sad feeling that the old queen Beatrix would pass away in her sleep in September, and very very bad will happen to Aruba.

navneet said...

I found this web site to know more about Aruba. I hope it will help you.

Michelle Says So said...

Thanks for the website!!! :)