September 15, 2009



Sure, this is in Bonaire, and not Aruba, but it is part of the Netherland Antilles, which most likely means that others in the area do or have done the same things.

Yes, we have corruption in our own country (as many people love to argue with me), but this isn't about the United States. It's about Aruba and The Netherland Antilles, and it just goes to show how shady and conspiratorial they are...all the while calling themselves the "best" in the Carribean. What a load of crock this is.

MAYBE these people's actions will set an example for other wrong-doers. But probably not...

KRALENDIJK — Former minister and deputy Burney El Hage (UPB) ìs a suspect in the investigation on fraud, laundering, gold smuggling, and international drug trade, according to the ‘order for house search’ of which the Amigoe came into possession.

Burney El Hage

In the ‘order for house search’ of the Court in First Instance, El Hage is mentioned as suspect just like Willem van Wijngaarden, and Albert de Groof who have both been apprehended; the latter has been transferred to Curaçao. Van Wijngaarden’s wife, Yvonne de Vries, is also mentioned as suspect in the order. El Hage and De Vries have not been apprehended.

Deza (Directorate Economical- and Labor-Affairs) are also mentioned in the aforementioned order as a location, which required searching. Various sources have confirmed the authenticity of the document.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) of the Netherlands Antilles is not revealing anything about the investigation (Surprise, surprise...). The order for house search does not state what these persons are being suspected of. However, there is a list summarizing the documents and administration, which were to be confiscated from a number of companies and real estate- and development projects.

The companies from which the administration should be confiscated according to the order are Questron, Independium Trust, Emphora Fisheries, Struijk Overzee, Kaya Grandi Corporate Service, Bonaire Precious Metal & Minerals, and Bonaire Precious Metals Refinery. Justice requested the Board of Governors to hand over the administration on the issuance of ground leases, as well as minutes of meetings, reports, and conversation notations as of January 2006.

In addition, all administration regarding the Blue Lagoon-project must be confiscated, according to the order, as well as data on a number of properties in Nikiboko and Sabadeco.

In the framework of the (international) investigation, eighteen house searches were carried out on Bonaire last week Tuesday and another four the day after. A house search was also carried out at the residence of UPB party-leader Ramonsito Booi, in addition to the house searches at the residences of El Hage and Van Wijngaarden. Booi’s name does appear on the order, but he is not considered a suspect. The 39-year old Anthony Marsera is the main suspect in the investigation and was apprehended on Bonaire last Tuesday.


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