November 11, 2009


Bob, a member of Boycott Aruba since it's inception recently took a cruise to see the Panama Canal. Unfortunately, one of the ports was in Aruba. Bob turned unfortunate circumstances into fortunate and interesting discoveries about Aruba TODAY. Not four years ago. October, 2009.

Here's the "Aruba List"...thanks for all you do, Bob!

  • Aruba is almost dead as vacation resort.

  • The people I talked to on the cruise ship about Natalee refused to go ashore because of what Aruba did or did not do.

  • At most ports of call there where at least 50 to 60 excursion buses; in Aruba maybe 8 to 10.

  • Hardly any taxis came up to the ship and those that did complained if the ride was short and did not cost a lot.

  • There have been 1000 workers laid off at the Valero Refinery and production is down. However and this is a first for you and it is no where on the internet.

  • Aruba has installed 9 or 10 wind generators near Arikok National Park. The last set of props was being installed when we were there. I was right under them as close as they would let me.

  • Half of who I talked to were split between she was murdered and dumped in the sea to she was sold as a sex slave.

  • When Aruba says look how crowded our beaches are; there is a reason. If two ships like ours is in port they usually allow liberty for about 300 crew members. Where do they go; but to the beaches. So for six hours their beaches are crowded with about 600 non paying cruise ship crew members.

  • I asked a few Arubans about Natalee; the one’s I asked did not recognize the case or know her name.

  • There are no street signs outside of Orangestad so it is difficult to maneuver unless you know the area.

  • The pond that Dave went to in March 2009 was dry. (Monserat Pond) I was there and it is full of broken bottles and glass.

"Bob" even had a chance to peep on over
to check out the Van der Sloot residence:

Photos Private Property of Bob, Aruban Boycott's anonymous source

Even the fence looks like a blue web of deceit!


Michelle12 said...

The wind turbines were donations from a Texas oilman for the poor in Aruba. Aruba will scale down electric power plant due to bankruptcy. The windpower is for government and hotels. The poor Arubans will have no electricity soon. Drinking water and food supply are in shortage. Aruba asks UN to blame US boycotters.

Barbie said...

Natalee vanished on the Caribbean island of Aruba - part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - on 30 May 2005. Joran van der Sloot has been arrested twice in connection with her disappearance, but without conclusive evidence he has never been brought to trial. Aruba's Christian-Democrat AVP party took power and will investigate the cold case.

Angela said...

AVP will seek the truth, correct Aruba's past corruption and coverup in Natalee case. Jossey will be in charge of the new investigation. He has the full authority to arrest Joran van der Sloot to restore the good name of Aruba. Aruba is the good loyal friend of United States of America. MEP Oduber is out.

Annie said...

Aruba is raising taxes, laying off government workers, and cutting services. The whole nation is at stake. The new PM is asking help from US, and is willing to return Natalee Holloway's remains to her mother Beth Holloway. Aruba now prepares a arrest warrant for Joran van der Sloot based on his Holland video confessions, and possibly his lie-detector hoax.

Allenti said...

U.S. authorities want Aruba to clarify how and when would its government upgrade their police force to American standard responsibility of all American tourists before the finacial aids resume. Aruba is practically independent from Netherlands under AVP treaty. They can abolish the Dutch law bad influence and start a healthy law enforcement system.

Joy said...

Jan van der Straaten was kept away from becoming new police chief politically. Jossy might head the ALE. The new PM is very pro-American street smart guy. The Dutch government is not in good terms with Obama administration over Aghan war strategy. The Dutch encourage opium option. Aruba get a chance to get rid of Dutch control.

Anita said...

US now values Aruba more than Holland. Joran violated International human traffic laws. Aruba can tranfer jurisdiction to US for Joran's arrest techically under UN charter. Details are being worked out to export Joran from Thailand to US directly. UN knew Holland sponsors woman human trafficking and opium secretly under the cover of Aghan war zone.

Beatrix said...

Mr Tacopina was accusing Fox News of paying Joran for the recordings and his interview simply to make great tv and increase ratings. The lawyer also said Joran is "despicable" and "on the verge of [being a] sociopath". Human trafficking is a serious crime. Aruba will submit US a list of suspected money laundering and child porn American promoters in Aruba.

jean said...

With more than 80 percent of the votes counted, the AVP looks set for 12 seats, four more than the MEP. This means that, like the MEP over the past eight years, the AVP will be able to form a majority government on its own. MEP Nelson Oduber didn't quite submitted to the defeat. Eman has the black votes. Oduber has ALE support. Aruba faces new poltical crisis.

museum said...

AVP leader Mike Eman would dedicate himself to fight ArubanBoycott and to improve relations with the United States. But Holland is blocking him by protecting Joran in Thailand. Hotels have only 40% occupancy. Very few American tourists came to Aruba since US cracks down on offshore timeshares trading and poker tournaments in Aruba resorts.

johnson said...

Eman announced the Cabinet division and portfolios as follows: Arthur Dowers will become Minister of Justice and Education; Benny Sevinger will be Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Michelle Winklaar is to be Minister of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture, Otmar Oduber will be Minister of Tourism and Labour Affairs, Mike de Meza is slated for Minister of Finance, Transport and Utilities, and Richard Visser will become Minister of Public Health and Sports.

Connie said...

Mike Eman, born September 1, 1961, is an Aruban politician, a Christian and a Democrat. He is the new Prime Minister of Aruba and the current leader of the Aruban Volks Party (AVP). He plans to separate from the Netherlands Antilles and join US Virgin Island, while maintaining relations with the Netherlands. He will bring Natalee Holloway home.

beverly said...

The name of Mike Eman sounds more like good American than evil Dutch Nel Oduber. That's a good sign for Natalee Holloway case. Mike studies Dutch Civil Notary Law, similar to Obama studies US Constitutional Law. There are a lot of similarities between those two politician. Mike thinks Holland is on decline economically and militarily. He better moves on fast.

charlierat said...

Interesting piece of fiction. For starters, tourism on Aruba is not dead. Even at the worst of the recession of 2009, Aruban hotels averaged over 70% occupancy. (far better than other Caribbean islands and other vacation destinations in the US and abroad). Aruba set records for tourism in 2007 and 2008 (after Natalee's disappearance) so it is simply wrong to suggest that the case is still effecting the island's economy.

Oh, by the way, the wind turbines were not donated; the new government is not laying off people and raising taxes. Aruba separated from the Netherlands Antillies more than 23 years ago and has no plan to join the US Virgin Islands (as if such a thing were even possible). Water and electricity are not going to be shut off for all except the hotels and the government.

Why even post such easily-disprovan nonsense?

Christina said...

Nelson Oduber secretly refused to honor the result of 2009 elections when Mike Eman's party won by a landslide. Oduber plots a return with ALE and Dutch Elite support. The black people in Aruba expect Mike Eman will bring changes to the island nation, but so far Mike is still monkeying around with former corrupt goverment officials and human drug traffickers.

Michelle Says So said...


You were not there: I was.

I consider myself because of my presence on Aruba a better judge of the tourist situation than the non believer..

Talk about about back up your stats about the occupancy rate!? When was the last time you set foot on Aruba?

When quoting numbers be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.


Michelle Says So said...


BY the way I didn't say any of this........... the wind turbines were not donated; the new government is not laying off people and raising taxes.

Aruba separated from the Netherlands Antillies more than 23 years ago and has no plan to join the US Virgin Islands (as if such a thing were even possible).

Water and electricity are not going to be shut off for all except the hotels and the government.

But the Valero Rifinery is going out of production and is currently being looked at being purchased by the Chinese.


Darrin said...

The Chinese purchase of Aruba oil refinery is a certainty. It will bring reforms to Aruba in a very immediate and sweeping policy. The deal has been agreed between Holland and US authorities. Mike Eman has to act now, to prove himself as a valuable leader of Aruba. The quick resolution of Natalee Holloway murder is a loyalty test for Mike Eman if he looking supports from China and US.

Anita said...

If Mike Eman is corrupt, the whole resuce plan to Aruba by Holland and US will fail. The whole island nation will gutted and abandoned by American tourists.

Brenda said...

Mike Eman focused on cutting inflated Aruban government payrolls. Since Natalee Holloway murder case is closed down, he had to layoff hundreds of bureaucratic workers in the Ministry of Criminal Justice to reduce unproductive ALE personnel pool.

cindy said...

Past five years since murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, AHTA has lost all American tourists gains in last two decades. Mike Eman has to protect Aruba's wealth, estate and his legacy in today's Aruban political and economy troubles. Nelson Oduber missed his opportunity during his corrupt years of high risk governing. There is no return for him.

Donna said...

Mike Eman of Aruba dropped his rating below 50 points in just two weeks. He made every wrong move and hurting Aruba even more. He should learn from the US president who is now visiting China. China will soon take control of South Aruba, and see what evils Mike Eman going to do and hurt the poor black Aruban people. Shame on Mike Eman!

cantrello said...

Lawless Aruba becomes one of the world's most corrupt country blased by Transparency Internationa,l said in its annual Corruption Perception Index. The data are derived from five years of website depositories in Natalee Holloway murder case coverup in Aruba.

sharon said...

Aruba, 90,000 Friends You haven't met yet, see more episodes exclusively at, Aruba by Lewis Black, episode 1: weather, RollOver to EXpand the corruption and coverup of Natalee Holloway murder case in Aruba.

tina said...

ALE, Dutch elite, black Aruban residents and former government officials strongly reject Mike Eman's new guidelines for good Aruban government.

Gil said...

Aruba TODAY News has been shut down in bankruptcy. Last News was Tuesday, 17 November 2009. The sponsor ECA Nv had pulled out. The Weather Channel was terminated. No Sports items. Archive errors HTTP 500 The website is under maintenance. Julia Renfro lost her job. Aruba bank freesed the account due to late loan payments. Aruba failed to pay Lewis Black.

Zina said...

Nelson Oduber's performance was considered unprofessional, lazy, poor judgement and corrupt.

Beverly said...

The Aruba wind turbine constructions are substandard. They could be scams trying to suck money out of the American stimulus package green energy funds. Did any American authorities check the export license and security permit? Or is it a money laudary scheme?

Brenda said...

Disappointing report on Aruba's plunging tourists number and timeshares slump. AHTA task force prematurely projects robust Aruba economic recovery. Gloomy hotel recession casts pall and crimp Mike Eman's new Aruban government. The Aruban boycott is very successful and destructive to Aruba's tourism.

Sandra said...

Valero Energy Co. (VLO) plans to permanently close its refineries in Aruba and Delaware City, Delaware, refinery amid weak demand and rising inventories of oil, and poor Aruba tourism. The moves come after exhausting all viable options, including effort to find buyers for the facilities. Looks like the Dutch government will have no choice but barter the South Aruban complex and land to China for 50 years to pay off Aruba's national debt of 3 billion USD.

Michelle said...

In Aruba the hotel real estates are now worth significantly less than their business mortgages, the company property owners may just walk away than try to pay the expensive Aruban government BBO taxes and high offshore mortgage loan payments. Aruba continues to make the expensive mistake by covering up the Natalee Holloway murder when they shouldn't. The corruption triggered the extensive Aruban boycott five years ago.

Beatrix said...

Premier Eman by Queen Beatrix
November 24, 2009, 13:46 (GMT -04:00)

ORANGE CITY - The conversation between Queen Beatrix and the Aruban Prime Minister Mike Eman (AVP), today at eleven hours Dutch time took place at Huis Ten Bosch Palace in The Hague, went well.

Queen Beatrix is somehow related to Joran van der Sloot. She wants Mike Eman to close down the Natalee Holloway case completely.

Boycott Aruba and Holland!!

Ansley said...

In 2009 the number of visitors to Aruba is down from 2005 by almost 63%, the number of nights spent on the island is down from 2005 by 60%, the number of US visitors is down from 2005 by more than 79%.

Barbara said...

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The problem is the hotel rooms are 60% empty. So the services would be bad. No tourists will take the bait.

Barbara said...

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Aruba lies about Airport arrivals.

Zina said...

Some oil companies in US subsidized the Aruba travel packages for their loyal employees. Since the Aruba oil refinery closed, they no longer do that. So Aruba's tourism will never recover under the boycotting. The coverup of Natalee murder has imbedded into many US tourists, Aruba is not on their list for vacation destinations.

beverly said...

Reviewed By KWGal, posted on Apr 11, 2009

Please do not waste your time stopping at Mr. Jazz. I was in Aruba last week with a group of 40 people. We went to Mr. Jazz after dinner to listen to music and dance. What a mistake. We arrived around 10 p.m. to find the band still setting up and going through what seemed like sound checks. While they sounded decent once they did play, it was not very jazzy. We wanted to head out to go elsewhere, but no until we asked for the check were we told that there was a two drink minimum, and there was a $25.00 minimum for a credit card. Mind you we were 10 people or so with a bar tab of over $100 in ten minutes. The staff could not have been ruder about us getting out of there. Aruba is such a great island with such friendly people. Please save your time and energy and skip Mr. Jazz.





beverly said...

KLM: Amsterdam - Aruba no more
After almost seven decades of faithful service to Aruba, KLM - owned by French airline giant Air France-KLM - today announced its ceases operations to Aruba effective March 2009. Can you guess the reason? That’s right, the economy, the boycott, the Natalee murder coverup.

Sharon said...

Botched Holloway case continues to damage Aruba tourism
Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network
NASSAU, Bahamas (20 Jan 2009)

Zina said...

January and February 2009 arrivals

For the first two months of 2009, stay-over arrival stats from the airport immigration RADEX system, posted a -2.3% decrease for January while February registered a 7.7% drop, for an average of 5% year to date.

Since last year ATA has informed that due to the global economic crisis, it cannot expect further growth in 2009. The current forecast for Aruba is a 5-10 % decrease in tourism arrivals in 2009. “This forecast can of course change, based on the further development of the global economic crisis. Our goal is to minimize the decrease caused by the impact of global challenges as much as possible and to embark on new opportunities as they arise”, said Myrna Jansen, Managing Director of the ATA.

angela said...

I do have concern about tourism in Aruba. The island was quiet while we were there for 9 days. No restaurant was full. Walk-ins were very much welcomed. For January, I was shocked. I stayed at Costa Linda, which is very nice. But the ocean in this area is rough and the currents are very strong. I did not see many older people in the water, except in the pool. Palm beach is much nicer, and was not crowded by any stretch of the imagination. Rumor has it that the Natalie Holloway matter is causing problems for Aruba tourism. I believe it. The airport was dead when we arrived and when we left. I hope things pick up.

marmi_18 said...

Whats all this rubbish about "what aruba did to natalee". Aruba is an island ffs! its terrible what happened to her but this happens every day all over the world. all arubans are not to blame. grow up the lot of you!

Nikki said...

I for one will not spend one dime on ANY company, vendor or cruise agencies that go to Aruba and will boycott ALL sources of commerce to Aruba and any source who supports Aruba until they decide to bring justice for Natalee and protect tourist who still go there. It may take a while but there are so many of us who make sure every day that people know what goes on there and how incompetant and HOW LITTLE THEY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE IN ARUBA!!!!

Patty said...

I am glad for all the economic problems Aruba has had and will continue to have. I hope they all starve to death until the do right by Natalee!!!! I and every one I know boycott ALL merchants of any kind to Aruba.


Valeomar said...

First of all, Pardon my english grammar....

I'm really sorry for the comments left behind by American on the topic of Aruba and other political stuff.

I am also very sorry to say that things aren't that good in the US either ! ! The economy, poverty, CORRUPTION. How is the situation in New Orleans?? How is the war in Iraq won? Any progress there? How is the crime rate in your own city??

You are all very brave by hiding behind the US nationality. I've heard all the stories: 'USA is great'..'USA is a leading state'...blah blah blah... kind of fed up with the stories actually..

I know that Aruba has it's own share of problems. But we are trying to fix them as with any other goverment.

Please, before leaving hatefull comments consider the situation at home first.

The only to boycott is this blog.
(Maybe you are wondering how I got this blog. You should thanks facebook for that.)

My kind regards..

P.S. Did Bob for the blog really get lost on an island?? Sorry but that sounds pretty stupid! The people there won't bite if you ask them for direction. They will kindly point you to your destination

Dick said...

Finally - Chilean officials have the scumbag in custody. Wonder if the people of Aruba/Netherlands believe theie government did all they could? A shame another had to die.

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JZ said...

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