December 12, 2005


One-on-One with Beth Holloway-Twitty

When I spoke with Beth, she was on her way to the Alabama's governor's mansion for the candlelight vigil given by Alabama's first lady. Beth is a woman who is on the go 24-7. I never realized that a mother who is going through so much pain could still have the stamina and perserverence as Beth does. She's a very pissed off mother with a major mission. However, the stress has taken a huge toll on her. Since June, she's plummeted from a size 6 to a size 0.

Now she's battling her latest quandry
: the defaming Vanity Fair article in which Gerold Dompig claimed that Beth's interference with the investigation is the reason why they haven't found Natalee. I could feel the anxiety in her voice, so I asked, "How are you feeling, Beth?" She said quietly, "Not's rough. Very difficult." I asked her if she knew in advance that the Vanity Fair article was coming out. She explained that she knew about the article, but had no idea the piece would be so mean-spirited and evil to the fact that he would blame the family. Looks to me that we are seeing the true colors of media...ratings and money. Nobody wants to hear the angle of an anguished mother...they want to read the dirt. Whether the statements made are correct or false...people seem to have that unconscious desire to hear about someone's loss or tragedy and will pay money to read the blasphamous garbage.

Beth has not been "banned" from Aruba, but on October 18, 2005, she received a phone call advising her not to return to the island because Aruban officials would place her under arrest. Arrest? For what? She explained that she has been threatened to be arrested because she called Joran, Satish and Deepak 'criminals' on national TV; in addition to coming forward with the fact that her original written statement to the police was changed and 'falsified'. Evidently, those Arubans are squirmish about which words you use. Mainly because they don't have the capability of understanding the difference.

"Is it falsified or altered? Is it edited or manipulated?"

Aruba doesn't have freedom of speech, and they can't stand the fact that Beth has used the media to state her position on the lack of professionalism and possibly conspiracy that Aruba is pulling over. Aruba would have felt a whole lot cozier if Beth said her statement was "altered". It's the typical example of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Aruba was pissed from day one because the americans came to their island and wanted answers. They claimed we were "taking over", because they weren't getting any answers or doing anything to further the investigation. Aruba's ego got in the way of a missing girl and it is their doing that this matter has gotten out of hand.

Michelle: What about the witnesses that originally came forward? The jogger? The gardner? The landfill witness? The girls who came forward stating that they were also drugged and raped?"

Beth: "It's fear. They are afraid of the repercussions. For example, they threatened to deport the gardner if he spoke. The aruban law says that they don't have to release ANY information regarding a criminal case if they don't want to."

Michelle: "I heard the jogger witness disappeared, what did they threaten him with?"

Beth: "The aruban police claim that they no longer have this witness's statement. They 'lost' it. And they don't know his name or where to find him. They claim he hasn't come forward again, so they can't do anything about it."

In a community of approximately 70,000 (smaller than my hometown), I am sure they can find the jogger...they probably know who he is, and I'm sure they threatened him to keep quiet. It makes sense...everyone who had information has suddenly disappeared or recanted their statements.

Michelle: Why doesn't Aruba release the tapes of their interrogations, copies of their interviews, DNA evidence, evidence taken from Joran's apartment, etc?

Beth: "Like I said, the ALE doesn't have to release anything...and they haven't. And they won't."

Michelle: Has the FBI gotten involved? Are they doing anything at the moment?

Beth: "No. I've gotten no help from the FBI yet. But I still have my aruban lawyer, Helen Lejuez."

Michelle: Were the bartenders at Carlos-n-Charlies questioned? The owner of the bar?

Beth: "No...not that I am aware of."

Wouldn't that be typical police protocol? Interview the business where she was last seen?

Michelle: "Have you used psychics, and have any of them been able to help or shed some light?"

Beth: I've used many, many psychics...obviously nothing has worked."

I suggested that maybe we should recruit the expertise of Medium John Robert...from "Crossing Over". It can't hurt. I plan on trying to contact him with this case.

Michelle: "Did any of the other students experience anything odd or weird while they were in Aruba? What about students from past years?"

Beth: "There have always been crackheads walking around harassing and threatening the students...but I haven't had the personal opportunity to talk to any of the kids or past students."

Michelle: "One of Joran's and PVDS's alibis was that Joran was picked up at the McDonald's. JVDS originally told you the first night you met him that he picked Joran up at 4:00 a.m., but he later gave a statement that he picked Joran up at 11:00 p.m. Do you know if there are security cameras in the McDonald's parking lot to prove this claim?"

Beth: "On June 5, we asked officials to check to see if there were security cameras, and to this day, nothing has ever been done. No one has looked into it."

Michelle: "Have you talked to Jamie Skeeters since the Dr. Phil tape fiasco?"

Beth: "Oh yes. I talk to Jamie all the time. He stands by his tapes. He's had 20 experts authorize that the tapes are real. I spoke with Dr. Phil as well. He is angry that the Aruban authorities claimed he manipulated the tape...when it was just 'edited' for tv time."

Obviously Aruba and Americans are not on the same page when it comes to vocabulary and comprehension.

Michelle: "Have you been privy or given copies of any court or police documents?"

Beth: "No. Back when the prosecutor did have communication with me, I was brought into a room where they read from dutch statements of many witnesses. I was not allowed to see the documents, but I wrote the names down."

Michelle: "They wouldn't let you see the actual documents? They READ them to you? How do you know what they were reading to you was true? Have you thought about revealing the information they verbally gave you?"

Beth: "No. I can't share that information."

Is Beth is still scared of Aruban authorities? They are the ones that hold the key to the answer of Natalee's disappearance, and it seems as if she's unconsciously trying to still please them while at the same time pursuing the investigation on her own.

Michelle: "Will Tim Miller and Texas Equasearch be coming back to Aruba any time soon?"

Beth: "Yes. Another search will be done, but they need correct information from the Aruban authorities on locations to search. To this date, they haven't been contacted and they can't come back and search without new spots to search or additional leads."

As for the other burning questions people have about the actual events of May 30, 2005, Beth does not have much information. She has been kept in the dark the entire time with all the details, and the ALE has NEVER given her any information. All the information she has gathered has been on her own...through the help of her own investigators and volunteers.

Why won't Aruba release any of their investigative information? They jump quickly to ensure they trash the evidence we collected, but won't give up any of their own information to prove anyone's innocence. They have been adamant about not helping the Holloway-Twitty family from day one...and completely apathetic about following up on leads and interviewing vital persons of interest.

I realize that the ALE and the U.S. have two different judicial systems, but it seems that their way of solving a case is something out of an episode of "Keystone Cops". They have a lot to lose by not revealing any information or helping this family out.

Final thought: When you leave the United States on vacation, you have NO RIGHTS anywhere. Especially in Aruba, where they can arrest you for any reason they please. Remember this when you plan on taking a could end up being a victim and your family will be completely helpless.

I am reiterating to please avoid traveling to Aruba...there are many other beautiful islands in the Carribean in addition to gorgious locations all over the world. Does Aruba with their wildly available drugs, menacing drug addicts, and rampant date rapists sound like a vacation paradise to you? Doesn't to me. I'll think I'll pass...from now and forever.


Lake Erie Princess said...

My heart aches for Beth Twitty.
As a Mother, I know the pain of NOT KNOWING where Natalee is much be overwhelming at times. SOmehow she will get a resolution, an answer, when ? Well I am beginninbg to believe that it truly will be in God's time, not ours.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the interview. I pray for Natalee everyday. Aruba will not get a penny from me!!

Anonymous said...

That was a great interview, Michelle. Thanks so much for that! It's so sad to think that so little progress has been made since May 30th. It should give all of us the determination to keep the boycott growing!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Michelle isn't never ever coming to Aruba. I'M PLEASED!

I think it's time that my Cousin, Helen Lejuez, finally has to stand behind her words and not work anymore with Beth, seeing that all that comes out of her mouth is pure lies!
All of the sudden the Vanity Fair article is negative publicity and she claims that only BAD press gets aired! Is she blind, deaf or ignorant? How abouth the last 6 months where the US-media bashed Aruba based only on Beth's stories? One Article against her AND all of the sudden the MEDIA SUDDANLY SUCKS NOW? BS!

Michelle Says So said...

Gabriel--you are such a loser that you don't even realize how much of a loser you are. The 'name dropping' routine isn't work on any of us. Prove what you know. Otherwise don't waste my time.

Do you know actual facts, history of crime, and statistics in matters such as this? I have a degree in criminal justice, and I know that when someone says, "Something bad happened", coming up with 9 alibis, pointing the finger at someone else (security guards), the infamous quote, 'no body, no crime', and blatant aloofness and disinterest by the ALE in such a serious manner that means "where there's smoke, there's fire".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Aruba has something to hide. That's why they have refused to give out any information that they've gathered or work with the FBI. Until they come out with solid FACTUAL and 'un-fabricated' evidence, then this boycott will continue indefinitely. I can promise you that.

And you can tell that to all your friends and 'relatives', since it seems you are all inbred.

Buena suerte!

Anonymous said...

The Congress House Committee has decided to investigate the Caribbean tourism industries about the safety of the American citizens. Too many American and Canadian tourists are missing in their Caribbean vacations. There are indications of organized crimes against the North American people. Aruba is on the cross hair of the investigation due to its corrupt police force.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle: I believe the MC for "Crossing Over " is NOT John Robert but his name is John Edward.
The show comes out of New York and was carried on the SCFI Channel
Regards: John from South Philly

Michelle Says So said...

Yes, you are right John! Thanks for correcting my error.

Anonymous said...

I think at this juncture, If I would have someone tail Joran every minute of every day in Holland (within the boundary of their laws) and be a constant presence that exerts subtle but unrelenting pressure on him.

Another tack would be to hire an undercover "student" at the University to befriend him, with a wire.

Another tack would be to use a ruse to get him the the US or US commonwealth (talk show offer or other) and then deal with him appropriately once on US turf
to gain information

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your interview Michelle. (I'm serious)

It beats the hell out of, and does more good, than your Bush bashing, corporate conspiracy theory posts.

Keep up the good work (and rethink the bad)!

stupidamber said...

On the NAcny Grace show Beth Twitty claimed to be a teacher.

What subject did she teach?

I have not been able to find any former students.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone care so much about this "no body, no crime" quote? This was said by the father to the son very early on when there was a chance that Natalee was just missing. It simply was said to say that without a body, there is not a crime to worry about. It is not that sinister

Michelle Says So said...

StupidAmber: Beth was some sort of speech therapist in the public school system.

Perfect Person: If Joran supposed really did leave Natalee on the beach, which was his original alibi, what reason would PVDS even say, "No body, no crime". The symantics don't make sense.

If you don't know what symantics are, look it up in the dictionary.

Anonymous said...

NOW Beth hates the media? They have given her far more press than any other missing person, including those with actual proof of foul play! She calls names, slanders people, makes wild accusations and one person dares to refute her so the media sucks? Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

I feel for her and her situation, but agree that her tactics and her own lies (mysterious paperwork, even more mysterious witnesses who confessed to ALE about payoffs from Beth for bad stories, chest thumping, nonexistent criminal records and a myriad of others) have all but ruined the case.

I don't think ALE was ineffective in their techniques. Aruba was acting no different from US law enforcement in watching, waiting and observing; you cannot rush in guns a-blazing and expect results. So far there had been none, zero,zilch evidence of any foul play. There may have been some in the hotel room that was contaminated by the Twitty camp, for all we know.

As for Aruba hiding things....What does Mountain Brook have to hide since none of those kids or so-called chaperones have spoken out...remember, they have had seven months to change their stories and doctor evidence.

This was something that was stated on a forensics program: the obvious suspect is not always the guilty party.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were able to show Beth some kindness... she looks so sad and who can blame her...She has such strength and stamina God bless her and you too.Very good article

Anonymous said...

Beth: I've used many, many psychics...obviously nothing has worked

But....I thought she claimed to be a christian??

Either she is not, or in the best case, she doesn't know her bible then..

Maybe someone can explain her?

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,

Before you post crap to someone you should know \"facts\" yourself. Some kind of speech therapist? How about a pre k speech therapist? And you cant even get John Edwards name right? Security guards? You do know they said A MAN WHO LOOKED LIKE A SECURITY GUARD right? Oops, looks like you dont.

Genuis that you are you seem to ASSume that Aruba should just hand over information but I guess it went right over your blond head that if they do that THEN THAT INFO CAN NEVER BE USED IN A TRIAL. Get your head out of Beth\'s ass and learn something before you post crap. I hate to tell you but the USA wouldnt change laws to suit the parents of one missing foreigner yet you and the other assholes who follow this case expect Aruba to do just that!!!! Get real. Maybe instead of throwing out your degree you should look into Aruban laws before you spout yet more crap.

And you think you recognize a loser? Must not have looked in your mirror lately. You might learn the definiton of inbred if you do.

Michelle Says So said...

It's John Edward. Not Edwards. And excuse me for the f-ing typo.

You sound so, my...are we getting to you? Are you scared? Boo hoo for you. You are evil and will most likely see your maker in hell. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

In your next interview with Mrs. Twitty, could you get the specific answers to these questions. Thanks.

Where was Marcia Twitty between May 26, 2005 through June 1, 2005?

Who was the first person to inform Beth that Natalee was missing, and at at what time was she informed?
What did that person tell Beth had happened to Natalee?

Why did the family take posters with them to Aruba, with both pictures of Natalee and Beth on them, with a direct plea for Natalee to call her mother?

What were the names of all the passengers and crew on the McWane jet on the trip down to Aruba to find Natalee?

Why was it felt that it was necessary to dispatch a MedJet. When did the MedJet first arrive in Aruba and when did it depart?

Why didn't the Twitty twins stay in Aruba and help the family search for Natalee, knowing that she had not been on time for her flight, and aware that she left Carlos N Charlies at closing time with 3 local boys, one of whom, Thomas Twitty described as a "local drug dealer".

Anonymous said...


I know a few 'psychics' myself and they are all staunch Christians who give all credit to the Lord for their gifts. I actually discussed this with my brother-in-law once:

Me: Let me ask you this: Do you believe that there is nothing God can't do, that so He can do absolutely anything?

R: Yeah

Me: So you believe a literal interpretation of the Bible?

R: Yeah

Me: So you believe the world was created in six days, Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt, and Jesus fed the masses, healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead and rose from the dead himself?

R: Yes I do.

Me: Ok, so why is it so hard for you to believe that the Lord chooses some people to reveal things the rest of us cannot see in ways we cannot explain? That there are still prophets among us?

R: ... I don't know.

And then I changed the subject, because I had made my point. Wondering, go to
and do a search for 'DREAM'. See how many Biblical passages deal with prophecy and dreams in a bad way and how many, many more instances of God's prophets receiving dreams and visions from him there are.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you were just rude to me? What did I say to deserve that? I simply stated that the "no body no crime" statement is overblown.
To answer your two questions:
1)It is clear as day. If Joran did nothing, and the girl was just missing, then saying no body, no crime fits. She is missing, you committed no crime, so relax. See
2) I looked up your fancy word, and you know what - could not find it! Maybe you mean semantics? That is what us educated Chicagoans use. Before you get all mouthy for no reason, get the word right. Maybe John Roberts can help you - our Supreme Court Psychic.

Michelle Says So said...

Sorry if I was rude...I just feel strongly about that sentence, "No body, no crime".

By the way, I am also a Chicago native...but when I moved we called them F.I.B.s.

Yeah, so I got the John Edward name mixed up...who you know how much I write a day? Besides, you all know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your interview, though it was interesting, asked any of the real hardball questions of Beth. All of the MB people know a lot more than has been brought out to date!

Anonymous said...

I have been called a FIB on my trips to our house on the lake in Wisconsin on multiple occasions. I wear it like a badge.
I hope you see the humor behind the Supreme Court Psychic. It was intended to be such.
Maybe you could respond to this - why do you think that so many people seem to be cheering against Beth Twitty? I am not cheering against her, but I at the same time am not convinced that these three kids did it. They would have broken or ratted out each other. Not disrespect to her, but Beth comes off as abrassive and it is well documented that she exaggerates many things she says. Maybe that she appears to stretch the truth, or manipulate it makes her a target.

g3jedi said...

Love your blog Michelle. B'ham is close to home so its nice to still see someone is in the right frame of mind. Never listen to the critics or even acknowledge they're there. The real reason for all of this is a missing girl and some would choose to ignore this. Keep the dream alive and keep your head up.

"Without hope there can be no tomorrow."

g3jedi said...

This is a blog - not a hate fest. Quit hating on Michelle and do something about the case if you feel so strongly about it. Write the Dutch goverment - tell them to help - do something besides surf blogs, comment negatively and basically be an ass. Hell go out and find the missing girl if you are so upset about Beth's comments. Shit she would love you to death if you could answer her questions. She just wants her daughter - not a world and now two countries full of hate. It makes me sad that things have gotten this bad. I guess in theory it can all get lost because you have an opinion about something and feel like you have to be heard. Who cares what you think? You. And thats why you have to be so scathing. It's not about how you feel or what you think. Its about the girl. Its about Natalee. Not Beth. Not the Police. Not Aruba. Stop being negative and fucking help. Thats all Beth is asking anyone to do. As cheesy as it sounds - on both ends - stop the hate and keep the hope alive. May the body and the soul of a wandering girl find her final place of rest.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, whay did you post this part of the interview, this is prove Beth is a liar! You just have to keep this kinda stuff out if you want to help!! Else go out and face the results for Beth and yourself on the un-patriotic blogs!!!

From the "Michelle" interview:
Michelle: "Did any of the other students experience anything odd or weird while they were in Aruba? What about students from past years?"

Beth: "There have always been crackheads walking around harassing and threatening the students...but I haven't had the personal opportunity to talk to any of the kids or past students."

Mary said...

Michelle, I totally agree with you. I think we have to take these posters with a grain of salt, You know, the ones who are like the 3 monkeys: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil?

Wonder if that's the reason why they sign their posts as "anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

Anybody that would leave people in pain like he does. He is despicable.

Joran van der Sloot: One day, I will explain exactly what happened, but, right now, I don’t feel ready to do that.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this post is it assumes that the ALE process is a bad one. Maybe you know more about law than I do, but my guess is you don't. What right do you have to criticize anothers countries legal system?

Michelle Says So said...

Perfect Person--

I did get the pun of the Supreme Court Psychic. I almost gave you props for the good quip, but since you are a FIB... j/k.

I think (and have inside info) that most of the people who are cheering against Beth are people from Aruba who are paid by the Aruban government to search the web and make as many negative comments as possible. I don't see negativity towards Beth in the mainstream media in the U.S., sans the Vanity Fair article.

As for the boys 'would have cracked' by now...not so. Not when you are dealing with two sociopaths. I don't know anything about Satish, but both Joran and Deepak fit the profile of a sociopath to a T. People who have no care about anyone but themselves will lie, lie and lie. Look at Scott Peterson. Look at Ted Bundy. Look at OJ Simpson. They are natural born liars and killers. They've never admitted fault to what they've done.

I think the only people who will 'crack' is Satish and possibly Steve Croes. Steve Croes already showed us that he isn't too bright. I don't know how Aruba interrogates their suspects, but maybe they should watch an episode of CSI. HA HA.

Beth is abrasive because she is pissed that she's never been given the courtesy of being given information or Aruba outright denying outside FREE help to come in and assist in the search. If I were Beth, I'd be more than abrasive. I don't suppose you have a child?

If people think she tells lies, then blame Aruba for that one...since she never gets a straight answer from the prosecutor or the ALE. Her only source of information is her attorney, the media, private investigators and volunteers.

What would you do differently?

Anonymous said...

Michelle -

Again, I would humbly ask you to not write about psychological symptoms such as a sociopath. You have not interviewed any of the suspects and you don't have the background to giva any analysis.

Plus, saying things like Aruba is paying people to write bad things on the internet is pure paranoia (no, I'm not qualified to say that either, but I can say it appears to be paranoid in nature).

You have to ask yourself - why would Aruba really care that much? The answer is - they wouldn't. They feel bad about this whole thing and have spent millions of dollars to find Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Um, Beth was just in Aruba recentely. And she was NOT arrested. So clearly there's no warrant for her arrest in Aruba.

The gardener was questioned in front of a judge and was deemed completely non-credible. The guy was lying and working for Jossy Mansur's family. That much has been shown a long time ago.

The landfill guy failed a polygraph and was a crack addict.

Let's see what else. Ok, the Dr.Phil tape, which four experts at the Dutch Forensics Institute have said was falsely edited to incriminate the boys. The tape where there was NO confession. The tape that was edited from "no she didn't" to "she did" in response to the question did they have sex. I guess "editing" out the "no" and "n't" really saved a lot of time on a two hour show.

Your claims of rapists and murderers running free on Aruba are just as bogus as this interview and the Dr.Shill tape. It's so easy for you to accuse when you don't have to provide any proof.

stupidamber said...

THX for answering my question. I thought she was a speech therapist as well but I saw BT on a show where they were interviewing her Tara Grinsteads sister and Tim Miller and BT said that she wanted to help a fellow teacher. I know this is nitpicky but she really is not a teacher.

It seems strange that BT has not talked to the other students or talked to th Bartenders at C and C.

Great interview I respect that you called the tape the skeeters Fiasco.

kyranlis said...

I think Beth Twitty is desperately looking and hoping to find her daughter or at least what happened. If she is abrasive, it is because she is determined and has been roadblocked from the beginning.Michelle's interview was very good and I am glad she is on Beth side. Aruba and much of the world has a very corrupt legal system. What I can't really figure out is why all these students are allowed to go there for their senior trip. Why don't they check into it a little more thoroughly before sending their children to a foreign country where anything can happen? All my prayers to the family of Natalee. I do whish her friends would be better interrogated, because it is hard to believe at least one of them doesn't know something.

Anonymous said...

All things are from the Lord.

I believe in the sun
even when it does not shine

I believe in love
even when I do not feel it

I believe in God
even when he is silent...

All things happen in the Lord's time. I have time to wait for the truth.

bill satt said...

Anonymous said...

The fact that Karin Janssen is fired, next is Jerry Dompig. Heads are rolling in Aruba and it is a good sign. Aruba is more like a cancer spreading to Holland. The Queen said enough is enough. Stop it. The Dutch Queen cannot declare war, but she can dismiss corrupt judges and LE personnel. That is the way the Dutch system of government works.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview, thanks!

Here's my take on the Jamie Skeeters tapes. Obviously I am not an expert and I have only listened to it a bunch of times on TV shows, but this is basically what I hear (when I close my eyes and refuse to "read along" with the transcript):

SKEETERS: ... I'm sure she had sex with all of you.

DEEPAK: (inaudible but sounds like a very soft, "Shh ..." as in, "She did.")

SKEETERS: (inaudible but sounds like an expression of surprise like "Huh?")

DEEPAK: No, she did. You'd be surprised how simple it was that night.

SKEETERS: Okay, well then good, if she did, then fine.

The sound expert on Dan Abrams showed that there was no editing for content. All recordings -- the ones that came back from Holland and the ones from Jamie Skeeters -- are exactly the same when you look at their wavelengths, etc.

As far as saying the boys would have ratted on each other by now, I completely disagree. In Aruba there is no such thing as a plea deal or getting a lighter charge for telling on someone else. The boys have no motivation for telling on one another. Each of them would be just as guilty and facing the same punishment.

So ... does anyone want to boycott VANITY FAIR? I appreciate that they wanted to express all sides of the story, but their conclusions seemed illogical and cruel to me ...

Anonymous said...

pathenry lists some very good questions that should be answered. also:
1) why does beth say she has not talked to the students that were natalee in aruba? that is difficult to believe.
2) dig into background of joran's father...who sponsored him to be a judge? i.e., who stands to benefit from him becoming a judge?
3) why are natalee's friends so tight lipped about natalee and about the aruba they know more than they have told?

Phtfashion said...

Michelle, It's nice that you could interview Beth in a more relaxed atmosphere. I felt like she opened up with her feelings a little more with you. I don't understand, with all her telephone calls, why she has not talked to any of the MB kids. That just sounds weird. On the other hand, it is absurd that no one has interviewed the owner of C&C. Wouldn't want to upset a profitable place of business!

I find it disheartening that people are so ready to attack a victim. It happens over and over. People don't like someone to shake their boat. They will attack you for making their life inconvenient, if for nothing else. They aren't concerned with truth. And so, now the investigation is Beth's fault. Yea, let's attack the victim. That will surely take the limelight off of Aruban authorities. NOT

Even Dompig said that Joran was impossible to crack. I believe that I read that at Scared Monkeys.

To post anonymously is cowardly, IMO. Furthermore, anyone can curse. It does not add to the intelligence level of someone's post. Symantics is a commonly used word.

Those are my thoughts. Good interview, Michelle. Take care.

Anonymous said...

The Queen demands the ALE to bring the charges to the three suspects and bring them to the Royal Court in Hague. The Queen will be the presiding Judge, and her Majesty want an open court trial to show the whole world the Kingdom is a Land of Justice. No one can be above the law. If the suspects are found not guity in the Royal Court, they are free to go.

Anonymous said...

I, along w/my friends and family, have been to Aruba many times. It's one of the most beautiful and unique places I've ever been. I was even there days before Natalee Holloway disappeared, on my honeymoon. The way Aruba has been described by the media & people on this board is not at all how I remember it. I've hung out w/the locals, and made a few friends....I traditionally stay away from the tourist spots because it doesn't appeal to me or show the "realness" of the island & it's people. The people were so very friendly & accomodating. As far as the "crack head" or "rapist" comments, there are more people like that here in the US than in Aruba. While I feel for the family & my prayers go out to them, I don't think it's fair to label an entire island or it's people the way they've been labeled.

On a side note, people should be careful where ever they vacation...whether visiting an island, Europe, etc. Evil is everywhere & too often we put our guards down when visiting a new place and/or when alcohol is involved. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions & stop trying to blame a group of people or an island. Aruba may be handling the investigation differently that how we would like it handled...but those are their laws not ours. We are visitors to their country & should understand that our rights & priviledges are non-existent when visiting another country.

medleyrelay said...

As Deepak said - "enough of this BS alread!" and every time Beth opens her mouth it is more and more BS! She has told so many lies, I have no idea how she even remembers what she said and when - so now with the VF article she is upset with the media - oh my the very media that she has been using and abusing for months now, finally decides to write maybe the first truthful article about this case. Too bad Bethie, the truth will win out - eventually!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is only good for BEth and the gang. Nothing positive at all. Most of the comments do not give the arubans a fair chance to react against those nasty statements. Bear in mind that Aruba was the world largest fuel suplier during the world war two, and you americans most be gratefull for this. There is no crime in Aruba regarding Nathalee. The mother should know better and she is the one that can clear up this investigation. Beth is a big lier. I am an Aruban and we have support Beth. But now we don't feel she is honest. Keep harrasing Aruba as u feel like. We move on!

Anonymous said...

The owner of the blog is a unfair person. If you come to Aruba we will show you the facts of the case and how Beth failed to comply with certain requests of the justice system. We still forgive her and pray that she can get out of her insanities. U can e mail me at My name is Carlos.

Anonymous said...

All the American public want is a fair trial at the Queen's court in Hague. If the three suspects are found not guilty, they are free to go. The Queen of Holland is their symbol of justice and liberty. The Queen Her Majesty is also under the constitutional laws and oath of the Holland Parliment. With the national corruption crisis streaming from the Natalee Affair, the Queen of Holland has to declare her decree to have the Aruban police to bring charges on the three suspects and bring them to the Royal Court in Hague for open trial.

Anonymous said...

You refer to "Aruba's ego". Nations do not have "egos". Feel free to boycott Aruba as much as you like, people are generally friendlier to Canadians once they realize we aren't Americans, so your absence will only increase our vacation experiences.

I am flabbergasted by the lynch-mob mentality regarding the Aruban people. Their police force doesn't deal with the scourge that American law enforcement sees on a regular basis, and admittedly may not have been fully competent. To create a wide-spread hate of an entire nation is frightening indeed. While the calls to burn the three bozos at the stake echo loudly, it seems it is forgotten that while they rotted in jail all summer in Aruba they would have been free under your own law.

It seems very likely these three clowns did something terrible to the poor innocent girl. Sadly, they are the youth of the ocean, and know what happens when an object meets the open sea. They may very well have committed the perfect crime. That is a true shame, but hardly makes Aruba more dangerous than your gun-infested homeland.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch are killing themselves by allowing the three clowns to get away with the rape and murders. More legalized prostitutes were murdered last few months in Amsterdam and Hague. The brothel industries are losing money in Holland. The builders are investing a new modern hotel in downtown for brothel business, and they opt to back out because the prostitutes are being destroyed so quickly, and there seems to be a hate crime against the white prostitutes especially. A priced white prostitute costs a owner over 5 millions dollars to import from Russia. So far five Russian brides have been raped and murdered last few months. Their bodies disappeared without a trace. The Holland police anticipate the so called "No Body, No Crime" crime wave has reached the shores of Holland from Aruba. They have requested the NATO warships to help to look out for some criminals to dump the victims bodies in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

By the way the picture of Natalee next to the American Flag posted in thid blog is a very eye pleasing good fit. This is what United States is all about, the meaning of this particular picture knit and tie the hearts and minds of all our fellow Americans together. Our Flag is our strength, and Natalee is our Guardian angel darling. If somebody can transmit this lovely Natalee picture to our troops in the Iraq war battles, I am sure our brave soldiers can have the victory and the triumphs.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that this story has now taken a backseat. I'm somewhat disappointed in the media for just "dropping the story" and not pursuing the boycott and other stuff. Aruba is what it is, a 3rd world country lucky enough to be sitting in a tropical paradise. The intelligence of their "leaders" clearly shows why we never hear of anything good ever coming out of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

It seems Aruba Rulers are in Washington to prove/answer American
Officials what has been cooked so far in Natalee Holloway's Disappearance in Aruba case? Can they say or show what is being presented to court? Why not to BETH
and if not why not? Why are they here in America if they can not show any of their work?
"What is different? if no justice
to commons" In that case, ARUBA is not a paradise; may be parasite!

Anonymous said...

It is incorrect for the author of this blog to say that Americans traveling abroad have no rights. Of course she exposes her own ingnorance when she suggests calling in another physic. The boycott is an embarassment. At least Mississippi got it right.

Anonymous said...

Deepak "Chopra" said...

ur quintessential views on this case sickens me. u seem to take personal shots at anyone who disagrees with u. ur blogs are totally lope sided and do nothin but support...


I won't allow the rest of this dirty comment, because it is QUITE offensive; but I must say, Deepak, your choice of words against this helpless victim and her mother is nothing less than pure MISOGYNY. Maybe it's because you said you are from India. They don't respect their women either.

You also are obviously not schooled enough to discuss the subject when your complete rant was second hand ridiculous jibberish that's about as old as the dot on your wife's forehead. You also seem to have only read maybe one or two posts before you started spouting your 7-11 mouth off. Go back to worshiping your cows while I have a nice big ass steak. Yummm..yummm.

Wow...what did it feel like to just get your first last of 'whoop ass' of Michelle? How you like that now?

Michelle Says So said...

"your first LASH of whoop ass"...