February 07, 2006


Joe Mammana, the infamous bad boy turned good, with the outspoken, unforgiving and vigilante attitude was asked to address some of the rumors from the media and the internet. "If it's anything bad...everyone thinks its me...I bet they all think I was the guy in the grassy knoll, too.", Mammana laughs.

M: The National Enquirer article states that you have bounty hunters after Joran in Holland. Is that true?

Joe: Yes I do. They are professionals that just want to talk to Joran. To my knowledge, they have not yet approached him.

(These professionals contacted and met with Joran's school in Holland who stated he was no longer a student.)

M: Are you paying Beth's attorney fees?

Joe: No! I have my own attorneys on retainer and she is welcome to use my attorneys whenever she likes. I am not paying for John Q. Kelly.

M: Is it true that you sent the Kalpoe brothers or Joran threatening letters?

Joe: I'd like them to show me these "threatening letters" and I'll tell you if I wrote it. C'mon, please.

M: Since Daddy Sloot is suing the Aruban government for his unlawful detainment, why can't the two innocent black security guards do the same?

Joe: They can't sue the government because they are still considered suspects.

M: Why?

Joe: That's Aruba for you. I am working with the NAACP on this issue and I want these two men to know that I am here to help them in all legal aspects. I don't know if they already have attorneys, but I have a lot of resources to help them.

Joe's Final Comment:

When you least expect it, expect it. What you see is what you get and if you don't like it there are two words I can use for you...


Sue said...

I like Joes earlier statement
That he would like to smack the smug look Off Jorans Face.

Please take a good swing for me

Anonymous said...

Why did Joe hire bounty hunters? This is not for him to investigate. It's good to stay on the sidelines and help, but it's a bad idea to run on the field and try to make the tackle, when you are the waterboy!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 words too, Joe:-)

GO JOE!!!!!

Lake Erie Princess said...

Joe I LOVE you !
IF u read this, I hope u get Joran and his slimey buds !

We need to add ABC to our Boycott list after their cheap shot on GMA portraying the Sloot's as the victims in this situation. PLEASE !

With your position and power hopefully we can get get NH back home for a peaceful resting place, which her and her parents deserve !

Richard said...

I wonder how long it will be until Aruba attacks Joe Mammana for trying to keep the Natalee Holloway case in the public eye. Certainly, until the recent re-emergence of the van der Sloot family from their customary slime, it's been awfully quiet.

Kinds of reminds me of those "fireworks" we were promised ... and for which we are still waiting.

To use the British phrase, the Arubans are a bunch of damp squibs, it appears.

Let's hope that Joe Mammana will liven things up.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! I have all confidence that Joe M. will see justice done. In the end, it will be bye, bye Joran!

Dan in Tx said...

Remember when you first posted about Joran not being in school anymore? Remember how you got slammed by trolls left and right? I seem to recall saying that everyone would owe you an apology when they found out the source of that information.

I think you can tell everyone 'I told you so nyaah nyaah' now!

Of course people will accuse you of making this all up, but I seem to recall that you were the first person to put me in contact with Joe.

Anonymous said...

I also say Go Joe GO !!
and a Big cyber hand shake Joe, You have more support then the MSM will ever let you realize .
Sometimes it takes street smarts to do what laws and being PC cannot do .
Jerry from Ohio

dennisintn said...

two words for jvds and friends and supporters, two words for joe mammana. for joran and his friends and fellow pimps, tough sh*t. for joe and his friends, go joe.


natalee and her family deserve peace, resolution, and justice. jvds and friends deserve all the hell that can be dished out to them.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not. Joran has got infected with HIV, and that's why Paulus said Joran is not the same boy anymore. Joran cut classes and stayed late in the striper bars and played around the prostitutes and he didn't pay his money. One night he was drunk and got into a fight with a pimp. The pimp got mad and poked dozens of syringes all over Joran's body. The bullies at the bar were stepping on Joran's back on the concrete floor while Joran was screaming. Joran is dying now, so sad.

Anonymous said...

I am with Jerry from Ohio--a big cyber handshake for Joe Mammana from me. Joran, and hopefully the Kalpoe creeps will "disappear" soon. I have a six pack of wine coolers chilling in preparation of celebrating that day. Go for it, Joe. Thanks Michelle for letting me say my peace.

sue said...

I wanna Know Why Joran isnt in school.. They released him so he could go to school and get on with his life.. Now the little fucker cant even keep his ass in school..
who is hiding him??
FIND HIM JOE... track him down..

Anonymous said...

The NAACP is an American civil rights group. They have no power, influence or jurisdiction in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Go Joe! I am sickend that ABC chose TEMPORARY viewership over INTEGRITY. I believe Joe can show them how to put AMERICA back into their Good Morning America.

Joe might not be the typical "gentleman" but THIS fiasco from Aruba stopped being a gentleman's GAME a long time ago.

Anonymous said...


When Joe M. says he will see justice done, I have no doubt he will. I wish there was a betting pool as to how much longer Joran will be above ground. I would like some of that action. I am sure Joran and the Kalpoes will meet their justice sooner rather than later. Joe, this Bud's for you!!!

RW in Georgia

Anonymous said...

Why do you feel the need to curse like a drunken sailor always? Stop with the f-bombs.

Sue said...

I dont sugar coat anything, Im not going to pussy foot around for anyone..and certainly not the Vander Sloots, Kalpoes or anyone else.. I call it like i see it..
Deal with it

Glock said...

Anonymous said: "The NAACP is an American civil rights group. They have no power, influence or jurisdiction in Aruba."

If the NAACP thought it would get them some jack or some votes, they'd help. But the fact is that Aruban blacks are considered second-class citizens there with little or no power, no money, and obviously can't vote in the U.S., so they're SOL as far as the NAACP is concerned.

The NAACP has acted in other countries, such as Haiti, but that's because Haiti was a political issue in the U.S. more than once. The NAACP tried to advance immigration for them, thankfully with no success.

"Jurisdiction" is not an issue for the NAACP. They are a private organization and can go and do whatever and wherever a host will have them. In fact, they convened a "Caribbean Summit" a few years ago concerning blacks in the Caribbean region. They also were involved in something with the Caribbean that the UN funded. There's nothing to stop them from sending one of their lawyers to Aruba to locate, finance, and oversee legal services for Abraham Jones and Mickey John. They just don't want to do it because there's nothing in it for them.

Glock said...

Anonymous said, "Folks,

When Joe M. says he will see justice done, I have no doubt he will. I wish there was a betting pool as to how much longer Joran will be above ground. I would like some of that action. I am sure Joran and the Kalpoes will meet their justice sooner rather than later. Joe, this Bud's for you!!!"

I don't think Joe will do anything illegal in this case, and I personally don't think it's appropriate for you to suggest that he will.

If anybody whacks Joran, it'll be an Aruban drug thug with an axe to grind about bad press and FBI attention or else somebody who's heavily invested in the island's tourism business.

dennisintn said...

i agree with you on this, glock, when jvds gets it, it'll be an irate aruban citizen or an irate drug dealer who's had his profits cut by all the publicity. i just hope they gets natalee's location from his before they're through with him. the family needs that, and the reward money can help recoup losses to whoever finally gets even with him.

Anonymous said...

Put Joran through sea water clock machine, one drop at a time landing on his forehead between his eyes, pretty soon the brine will dry over his eyeballs and salt him bad. He will go blank, and he will talk.

Anonymous said...

Why would you post people advocating torture of a human being, and let people spread AIDS rumors?? Do you not have any morals at all? You are as bad as those that say Natalee got what she deserved. You have the ability not to post things (and you use it when it backs up your positions), you should also use it if you want your blog to be recognized as credible. Right now it has become a joke.

Anonymous said...

It's no joke. Joran was attacked by bunch of bullies downtown. It was reported in a local Dutch English newspaper two weeks ago.

therealtruth said...

It's a shame what they've done to Joe. A shame!