February 05, 2006


On the message board The Unusual Suspects, Dayo Gould and one of his fellow posters have been writing letters to the Honorable Spencer Bachus, U.S. Representative from Alabama. They are complaining and whining about how nasty and libelous we are.

The humorous part of all of this is that the last time I looked at that site they were referring to Beth Twitty as "Elizabitch", "Batty", "Betty" and calling her a thief and a liar.

Another point of humor is that many of these so-called righteous individuals are from Canada (Gould is). Last time I checked the United States Constitution I had the distinct impression that our representatives in Congress were both elected and are PAID to represent American's...not Canadians.

Natalee Holloway was not only an American citizen but hailed from Representative Bachus' own state of Alabama.

I have not witnessed ANYONE on the so-called "evil blogs" that our friends at The Unusual Suspects refer to calling people names as they freely do to Beth and anyone else who happens to disagree with their philosophy that Joran is innocent and a victim of the media, mean-spirited Americans such as ourselves and just about everyone else who doesn't see the halo that is apparently over Joran's head.

I call on U.S. Rep. Bachus to read that message board before he considers what they have written to him and to keep in mind that he is an elected official from The United States of America...NOT the United States of Canada and that his first duty is to his own constituents, Natalee Holloway and her family.

The letters in question can be found on that message board under one of the many self-tributes to that Christian gentleman, Dayo Gould.

They can scream and they can yell but we will answer them word for word and we will have documentation and truth. They have nothing but foul mouths and allegations to back them up.

I am STILL waiting for their proof of any wrong doing on the part of Beth Twitty.



Tanya said...

hello I am from Canada and I will never step foot in Aruba until Natalee case is resolved satisfactorily. The lies and poor excuses from Aruba is enough to make me sick. They need to sit down and review themselves carefully. A good lier never gets caught...
Aruba has been caught each and every time.

Sue said...

Tomorrow Feb 6th
good Morning America will have a exclusive interview with
Paul and Anita Vander sloot
This should be a good on
There breaking there silence

Anonymous said...

I entirely do not understand the Anti-Beth standpoint. There are zero facts that she has done anything at all but try to find her daughter. Whenever anyone presses for proof, links, first-person accounts of whatever claim they have NONE. Ever. At best they provide a link to one of the Anti-Beth blog where some anonymous poster "said" whatever claim is at hand.

This just doesn't make sense. Why in the world would (what we are lead to believe) so many people turn on a woman who has had such a tragic loss? When I ask them if it were their own daughter what would they do? Their best effort is to avoid the question by saying their daughter wouldn't have been there or something equally off the topic of my query.

When it is all put together their story seems to come down to:

1. There was no crime. Natalee either evaporated or was abducted by aliens.

2. Natalee attracted the aliens or caused the chemical reaction that resulted in evaporation by wearing that very revealing HIP LENGTH top and too conservative skirt.

3. Beth lay awake nights for several years planning her attack on Joran.

4. Beth's plan involved walking away from a family, her home, her neighbors and her friends so that she could spend months in a hotel room without any convenience of home.

5. Beth has done sll this so she could gain the mere money from donations which she would have to spend on perpetrating the plan in the first place.

Do none of them see the total lack of logic to their argument? I am about to the point of suspecting there are really only about ten people in the Anti-Beth camp and each sports ten or more user names.

It would seem to me if one iota of their claims were true Beth's best bet would be to go home, keep quiet, take the money and stop rocking the boat. This she has certainly not done.

I say... for the Anti-Beth's PROVE IT. You are all so quick to tell us how innocent poor darling little Joran is because you insist he is innocent until there is evidence (oh puh-lease with the ALE helping) to prove otherwise. So... YOU prove all the cr*p you claim. Giving link after link of loser-bobsie said on some site is NOT proof. Come up with links, videos, media coverage something to prove your insane statements from the actual people who were involved at the time.

I bet you can't... so keep entertaining yourselves with your own lies. How sad... and sick.

Anonymous said...


Unless the the staff of Good Morning America will stand up and ask the HARD QUESTIONS this will turn out to be just another photo op for Aruba to do what it can to repair America's perception of their island.

The parents are not going to get on that show and touch on anything close to the TRUTH that we already do know. They are going to tell us how tragic it has been for their poor Joran and how unfair it is to punish an entire island for this... misunderstanding. They will probably even tell us how some crimes even right here in America are very difficult to solve and we should let ALE just do their jobs and hope for the best.

There is no way they are coming on this AMERICAN television show to actually break any silence, shed any light on the truth or otherwise taking Natalee any closer to justice.

The aspect worth watching will be to see if Good Morning America will have the guts to stand up, be Americans, and ask the questions these people do not want to answer.

Hey Paulus... why be talking about "no body no case" if all your son did was drop her at a hotel (which was the story when you made that statement). At the time he made this statement to the "boys" (aren't they precious) Natalee had only missed her flight. She's delayed and this guy is talking about THE BODY? Explain that Paulus.

Michelle said...

KUDOS!!! Can you hear the screaming fans in the background?

Sue said...

I didnt say that i thought they would get answer, I just think it is fucking hilarious that there going to be on the show.. Should be a real circus to watch..
Hopefully Rita Cosby bring bring in the voice specialist again to
go over what he say like he did with Jorans CA interview.. the guy clearly said in statements Joran made he was lying

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much they are being paid to come on Good Morning America to tell their side of the story and heartache. I wonder what kind of deals Paulus made in order "to" come on the show? Perhaps he told them what they can ask or can't ask since he's been running the show from day one.

It's just another spin by Paulus in an attempt to make Joran and himself look innocent. I hope Paulus knows that Americans aren't going to buy his sob story.

Eager to see the lies he's going to cough up. Since he doesn't have any intestinal fortitude I doubt he will straight out answer anything with truth.

Watch his body language and his eye contact. See how he handles himself. If he sweats ecetera.

Anonymous said...

It kinda reminds me of politics...keep throwing mud until something sticks...when you confront the joran lovers with a fact..they respond by saying we speak with hate...the only thing we hate are the lies...we try to approach things with common sense...I believe everyone here would agree we only want the person or persons responsible for this very possible crime...hey if the facts pointed to one of the mountain brook kids we would screaming bloody murder to bring them to justice...no problem..but the facts that we know don't point to them..I'm sick and tired of these men who use women and then dump them like garbage..in Aruba..USA..anywhere..As a man it makes me feel pretty bad..I guess my point is..if this person or persons gets away with this action..someone else will have to pay..possibly with her life..We have to keep the pressure on...we have no choice..they give no choice.

Anonymous said...

Probably it will turn out to be a bad morning. ABC is playing anti-Beth theme to gain attention and ratings, more advertising dollars. It will backfire on ABC. It will be just more lies. People's mind are really associating Aruba with Bush, just more lies and more lies. Breaking the silence and the domestic spying are all have the guilt of breaking the law, in this case is the violation of the individual's right and safety. Natalee had the right to be safe and protected by the police on Aruba, and she instead was violated. The lawful American citizens have the right to be left alone, they were also violated in the name of "terrorism" or "protection" without a court order. We Americans have to stand up and voice against all these nonsenses.

Anonymous said...

Aruba => Government cover-up. Domestic Spying => President breaking the law. These are the important government corruptions issues for the mid term 2006 elections of our Senators, Congressmen and Governors.

Anonymous said...

Canada? MOST of Florida is totally OVER the Hollowy/Tittys!!!Our tourism division spent last week in Aruba for their annual conference. They met with Paul and Anita (who had them over for dinner)and pledged their support and solidarity. And of course, made fun of the so called ineffective childish boycott!!! A whopping 3 states? PATHETIC!!!

stickypete said...

I laugh at the comments I have been reading. I applaud ABC for letting Paul and Anita speak. Remember - there are three sides to every story. We hear Beth's side every night on Rita, Greta, and Nancy. And those journalists are biased in their reporting. That is obvious to anyone.
But don't start saying that ABC is trying to get ratings by bringing on the partents of Joran. Because
1) Having someone from the Twitty family / camp on every night, without having someone to counter their claims is biased.
2) The family of Joran has the right to speak. They can tell their side also. That is what should be able to happen.
You guys should be happy that Paulus is going on the air to tell his story! Don't you want to hear what he has to say? I do. Catch him in lies, or maybe have him clear up things. That is a good thing. Be open minded. If not, maybe you would prefer the right to free thought be taken away from you.

Sue said...

The brief minutes they aired that i saw .. when the reporter asked if there was a chance Joran hurt Natalee and didnt tell them Paul kept looking down he couldnt even stare the camera down he kept putting his eyes down

Anonymous said...

ABC is stirring up the anger of the American tourists, no one is going to Aruba for the Spring Break. The boycott is working very well. Continental is cancelling its weekly flight to Aruba for lack of reservations. How dare the Arubans can harm a little innocent girl Natalee without getting the proper punishment, and can get away with it scott free in Aruba?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems as if GMA moved to Aruba & is taking part in the coverup of the crime against Natalee; what a shameful display of reporting that turned out to be. They allowed lie after lie from the Van Der Sloot parents & didn't question those known lies. Ray

Glock said...

Some anonymous idiot above said, "Aruba => Government cover-up. Domestic Spying => President breaking the law. These are the important government corruptions issues for the mid term 2006 elections of our Senators, Congressmen and Governors.

There is no "domestic spying." Tell your left wingnut oinkers to stuuf it. They've lost the entire issue. Furthermore, nothing that happened in Aruba is going to be on the ballot in November. That is the lamest analogy I have ever said, even coming from a brain-dead moron who thinks that what every president has done in time of war is "domestic spying." Tell your leftwing masters on the plantation they need to give you some new talking points.