February 06, 2006


I just watched the three minute segment on Good Morning America where they interviewed PVDS and Anita.

When the reporter asked PVDS, "Is it possible that he was involved somehow in Natalee's death and he simply hasn't admitted it to you? Do you think your son had any part in the death of Natalee Holloway?" PVDS said, "I don't think so..." Those were his FIRST words. Then he said "Absolutely not. "

So what is it...you don't think so? Or absolutely not?

Anita jumped in, "She left voluntarily with them, there are witnesses...for him it's the thing he regrets everyday that he did not hand her over to a guard or somebody. He said she was able to walk. (Not true...he's said on several occasions that he was very drunk and fell out of the car when they supposedly dropped her off at the Holiday Inn.) And when he mentioned that he wanted to bring her to the hotel, but she did not want to go!" (Always blame the victim, typical.)

Anita: "If we would have had any feeling that he was involved in something Paul would have taken him to the police station and would have said say, "Here. Hold him. He did something...he deserves a punishment."

Reporter: "You've been accused of telling Joran, "Keep quiet, if there is no body there is no case."

PVDS: "I didn't use the words no body no case."

Reporter: "You've been accused of counseling Joran and telling him not to cooperate."

PVDS: "No. No. I told him to cooperate so much as possible." (That's why you told Joran not to say a word in jail...Joran sat there and said nothing...plugged his ears, acted obnoxious, etc.)

I didn't see PVDS sweat yet, but watch tomorrow for the second segment.


Sue said...

IMO if they find Natalee and I pray they do.. Paul is just opening themselves up to a bigger liability.. The police want those boys, I am sure of that.. But not having Natalees remains or a Hardcore witness, one can only speculate what Koen Butt Fuck has told them or even if these witnesses that have come forward lately are credible or not.. WE NEED Natalee...

Richard said...

A few questions that I hope will be asked in the next segment, if there is one....

Mr. vdS, why is it that, when your son went in for questioning, you removed from the Internet your son's Web site? Remember, he was in a gang called "The Pimps"?

Did he ask you to take it down, or did you do it on your own?

In either case, why? If you are in the law, couldn't this be construed as destruction of evidence? And isn't there a certain moral stench about this action?

What do you have to say about the two security guards who were arrested ... or don't you think of them at all?

Why is it that Joran later told police that he had had sex with Natalee while she was drifting in and out of consciousness? Why did the Kalpoes say "something bad happened" to Natalee? I'm asking this because you say your son never did anything.

And yes, you didn't say, "No body, no case." What you DID say, according to what we've heard, is "No body, no CRIME." And I've seen people swear in writing that they DID see you say it on TV.

And by the way, Mr. vdS ... where do YOU think Natalee is?

Richard said...

How sweet of "Good Morning America" to give the van der Sloot family a forum to talk about Joran. Too bad you didn't have questions to ask. Here are some you are welcome to use:

1. Why is it that when Joran was brought in to the police, the father destroyed his Web site? Was it because Joran was in a gang called "The Pimps"? Is it proper for a would-be judge to destroy potential evidence?

2. Why did the father take his son to gamble and drink at the casino when he was under age?

3. Why did innocent Joran hang around the Mountain Brook kids representing himself as a foreign student?

4. Why did the three teens last seen with Natalee try to place the blame on two security guards?

5. Why did the Kalpoes say that "something bad happened" to Natalee Holloway?

6. Why did Joran change his story more times than anyone can remember?

7. Why did Joran, while in jail, refuse to cooperate with the Dutch detectives, who later said they were convinced he knew what happened?

8. Why did Mr. and Mrs. van der Sloot first tell police that they picked up Joran and the Kalpoes at 4 a.m., and later change the time to 11 p.m.?

9. Why did Mr. vdS make two ATM withdrawals of cash on the night that Natalee disappeared?

10. And what do Mr. and Mrs. van der Sloot think happened to Natalee Holloway?

There are lots more questions that could be asked ... hundreds. Maybe instead of giving the family a chance to sound off and attack the Holloway Twitty family, you might actually ask some of these questions.

Or is that too much to ask from journalists today?

Anonymous said...

PVDS was just a good father. My husband is a wel known defense atorney and our children know NOT to talk to LE without an attornrey, how to trip cops up to confuse them and EVERY decent lawyer counsels his children if they're in trouble. My 17 y/0 has said "No body NO case" since he was about 7 y/o. It's common knowledge. PVDS was/is being a god father. From what locals are saying, he's going to be a very, very, very. very. very RICH lawyer pretty soon. People are encouraging him to file a slander/libel suit against BHT, for all her crap. My husband and 7 other American lawyers have offered to do ANY legal work for the Van der Sloots/ Kalpoes pro bono. Two Miami lawyers wil be in Aruba this week to go over any legal strategies. I'll keep you posted.

Sue said...

what a fucking joke

Sue said...

Also I see NO lawyer stepping up to help teh 2 sercurity guards that were falsly arrested because the 3 suspect lied there asses off.

The only reason he would sue is to hopefully change public opinion of himself

maggie said...

Here's a video from msnbc on June 29th.. of the prosecutor saying the father told them no body, no case. the day after Natalee went missing


Anonymous said...

Also I see NO lawyer stepping up to help teh 2 sercurity guards that were falsly arrested because the 3 suspect lied there asses off.
because all those bastard dutch lawyers down there only spank the monkey for $$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Sue, I hope you don't kiss your momma with that mouth. You obviously don't have children, perhaps you might understand that these people have a right to love theirs regardless of your presumptions of his guilt. I'll take a wild guess that you're too ugly to get impregnated by any self respecting man, because you certainly have an ugly attitude.