March 06, 2006


Commentary--Meri U., Aruban Boycott Blogger

I have been reading for many months how Beth is lying, how Beth is this and that and the next thing. I have been reading that Beth is wrong about Joran and everything else. She didn't know her daughter....she was Hitler's sister and a person that her daughter would want to run away from.

Let's set the record straight shall we?

Beth Twitty is looking for answers because her daughter was taken from her. She is most likely dead and Beth has to live with that every single day. Her life is changed in the worst possible way and all she has wanted from the very beginning is to know the truth of what happened to her child.

For many months Beth put her faith in the Aruban police and Prosecutor. She was privy to information that she kept to herself so as not to hamper their ongoing investigation. She put her faith into what they were telling her. Then they stopped telling her anything and they released the three main suspects in the case. They were free to come and go as they pleased. How must Beth have felt about that? How would you feel if your child was missing and three young man, who had lied to the police about their actions toward your child were set free? Three young men who the Deputy Police Chief called "Guilty as hell" even AFTER they were released.

When the Governor of Beth's state called for a boycott Beth said, "No, let the Aruban police and Prosecutor do their job." When the media asked her to release the information that she had been given she refused and said, "No, let the Aruban police and Prosecutor do their job".

Finally, after many months of stalling and halted searches and faulty information or NO information at all, Beth agreed to a boycott and she began to speak out. Even more months went by before she hired an attorney here in the USA. The only attorneys she had prior to hiring John Kelly were hired to help her communicate with the police and prosecutor so that she could find out what was going on. She never spoke of civil lawsuits until almost 9 months had passed since anyone saw or heard from her daughter.

Would you have had such patience? I wouldn't. I don't know what I would have done because like Beth, I don't spend my days practicing for the moment when one of my children will be taken and never heard from again.

Would I have shown the courage that Beth has shown? Would I be able to appear on the news almost nightly begging for answers? Would I be able to lecture students on safety issues when they travel to foreign places? I don't know if I would have that kind of courage but Beth Twitty does and for her trouble she get's called names not only by Internet people but by the very person who is suspected of harming her daughter.

She tolerates it all with dignity and courage and she goes on and on without showing us all her terrible pain.

For those reasons alone she deserves respect. Whenever I read or hear someone talking about this woman in a negative way I get angry and I put myself in her shoes. I know that I would not be able to remain as patient as Beth has.

Just for a moment put yourself in this woman's shoes and pretend that you are reading about your child and that you are hearing ignorant individuals call you terrible names, calling you a liar. Just think about it and imagine it.

I have never met Beth Twitty but I have watched and listened to her many times and my admiration for her is immense. My anger at her detractors is also immense and I will go on defending her right to find justice for her child for as long as it takes.

If she is making up lies then she will never find any answers because everything that she lies about will lead her in the wrong direction. Why would she do that? Why would she want to sabotage her own desire for the truth? Use a little logic and common sense here...she would NOT.

Beth Twitty is not a perfect human being and no one ever said that she was, including her. She is subject to making mistakes like every other human being. She lives daily with horrible grief and a huge void in her life....she will ALWAYS have to live with grief...even if she finds the answers she's looking for the grief will remain in her heart and in her life. So why would she lie? Why would she pick Joran van der Sloot of out of an entire Island full of people and lie about him?

Wasn't it Joran who singled himself out with HIS lies...his MANY lies and changes of story. He is the last admitted person to see Beth's daughter alive and she has every right to be suspicious of him. She would be foolish if she wasn't. The police are suspicious of him..many of us are suspicious of him and his added layers of more lies aren't helping his case one bit.

Those who see Joran as innocent are not capable of understanding how this robust, handsome boy who appears so normal could be anything else. I don't blame them for feeling that way because Joran can be quite convincing and he does look like the perfect boy. He certainly doesn't look like a killer or a predator.

But...what does a killer or a predator look like? Usually they look quite your father or brother or husband or neighbor. Unless they are stark raving mad and running around talking to space aliens it is impossible to identify a man or boy who might kill before the fact without a past history or some hard evidence. Unfortunately there isn't much of that in this case accept for Joran's own lies...his own words which keep contradicting each other. Why does an innocent man/boy have to lie so much? None of his explanations for this make any sense. NONE OF THEM. He had plenty of chances to tell the truth from the first moment that he was approached up until now and I don't believe that he has.

Beth Twitty is seeking the truth so why would she lie? I am also a mother and if something happened to one of my kids like it did to Beth's child I would want the truth also...I would NOT lie and there would be no reason to lie. How could that help? It couldn't and would only muddy the waters further. The Aruban authorities and prosecutor have muddied them enough already with help from people like Arlene Ellis Shippers and Julia Renfro....Beth doesn't need to lie.

If you can stop and think about this logically for a moment you would know that Beth has nothing to gain by lying and everything to lose...she has already lost her daughter so why wouldn't she have everything to gain by finding out the truth behind Natalee's disappearance? Wouldn't that bring her some peace of mind...wouldn't that allow her to move forward without doubts and fear of what her daughter may or may not have gone through? Yes, of course it would and that's why she would not and has not lied.

How anyone can inflict this kind of additional victimization on a woman who has already suffered so much loss is beyond me. I can't comprehend people who are spending their time calling her names and accusing her of all manner of evil things.

Just use a little logic and place yourself in Beth's position for a moment...what would you do?

I suspect that one of the answers to that question would not include lying to find the truth. That makes no sense and those of you accusing Beth Twitty of lying are senseless.


dennisintn said...

i think you are totally accurate in this statement. you don't characterize the haters for what they really are and that's o.k., we know anyway. thank you very much for this post.

dennisintn said...

i think you are totally accurate in this statement. you don't characterize the haters for what they really are and that's o.k., we know anyway. thank you very much for this post.

Anonymous said...

You say bring it on and then moderate comments?

It is hard for anyone to understand a pathological lier.

Anonymous said...

Keep those blindfolds on! One day the truth will come out and Beth will fall off that pedestal so hard you won't know what hit you!

Anonymous said...

You can't answer the real questions that are brought to the table.

Sensible questions that are presented here are answered by irreverent and venomous answers.

Do you really have that much hatred in your heart?

This doesn't help Beth at all.

Anonymous said...

I dont hate beth I feel sorry for her...I think she is being used by the media... To a certain degree she lets this happen for the greater good of perhaps finding out what happend to her daughter is her strat. and she is stinking by it...however she is not a saint and might have made a wrong decision...however she is not to blame for it...emotion obviously is taking its toll on her...ppl shouldnt be selfish for own entertaintment value she brings them... when is someone gonna say...enough is enough?

Sue said...

If Beth speaks out of context it is only inforamtion that is provided to her.. Everything Beth has said Was either statement she has read in the case or information provided from sources in Aruba

Connie said...

Thank you, Meri, for such an accurate and well-spoken post. Truth and justice always prevail!

Anonymous said...

Already it has been stated on other sites if there is nothing to hide Mrs. Twitty, go on Live TV or radio and give answers to the questions that so many people have.

Follow the boys lead, at least he went on the radio and answered questions from the public.

Until questions are answered by the MRS. this "story" is a "public lynching"

dennisintn said...

just what questions do you think beth owes you or anyone else the answers to? it's beth that has the questions that need to be answered. where's natalee's body and what happened to her, and who did it. and when will these people be prosecuted. those will do for a start. later she can get to the reasons for the cover-up and who's going to pay for that.

Anonymous said...

Beth go on live TV to answer question???What rock have you been under? She has been on TV many, many times!Give one example of what question she should answer. I am really in the dark about this one!

Anonymous said...

You spoke the Truth. Only the Truth will set a person Free, and only answers come from Truth. Beth doesn't have any reason to lie.

Anonymous said...

It would be a waste of everyone's time to ask this panel questions that only her MOTHER, or Birmingham residents could answer.

One day "it" will all come out as Jody B. puts it.

Anonymous said...

You know, it is about time somebody stuck up for Beth. I totally agree, she isnt a lier. It would be rather stupid of her to sabotage her daughters justice. If she had doubts that Joran did anything, why would she want the real suspect running free? We all saw the interviews, Joran cant even look at anyone straight and say he knows nothing. He twiches his eyes to either side and has a look of remourse on his face. I feel people are singling out Beth, and for what- being a good mother who wants to find the truth?! I tell you what, if I were in this situation, Joran would have to hide under ground, cause I dont think I would let him walk free. I would get my own justice.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on....???? Here, you would just remove any post that did not support your views. This Blog is so Pro-Beth there is not room for other opinions.

Brown Sugar said...

Don't you know idiot??? This blog won't delete anyone's comments unless they are blatantly rude or uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

I have visited Aruba many times and will return, but with a different perspective.

I posted a message on about the rising crime rate about a 4 months before Natalie went missing and was blasted by US tourists and Aruban locals! I simply stated a concern about facts I had received from friends that were robbed and threatened (more than once) while in Aruba, and the responses were disturbing. Aruba’s crime rate is rising, and it has been noticeable to those who frequent the island (mostly due to immigration due to workforce shortage). It is still better than a lot of places in the world! Viewers should know to use at least some degree of “reasonable caution” when away from home. It’s NOT the responsibility of hotels, cruise ships or resorts to baby-sit visitors. Provide security and safety… yes….. baby-sit….no!!! A lot of vacationers do things that would not imagine doing even in their own cities, let alone a foreign country where the laws are often very different. And when something bad happens the same comment rings out…….. “But I’m an American”…….. VERY SAD.

As for the “Natalie Holloway” situation…….
There are some facts that I can’t escape:
1. Why would anyone’s parents make a request on international television for help finding their daughter “even if she’s found in a crack house.” No parent would make such comments in the event of a missing child. Hope in finding the child, yes, but this is strange. Unless there is more to the story……..
2. The comments about Beth being in some way related to Hitler? Hopefully an over zealous teen making derogatory comments about her mother…. however… I recall a brief comment about the Holloway’s or Twitty’s owning or working with businesses in South America! Very interesting….. because the Nazi movement was exiled to South American countries after World War II. Many ex-nazi’s have been found in these areas. The business practices there are also very questionable in all sorts of ways. Is there more to the story………… ?
3. Joran is smooth, but also a kid. Yes, he is slick and probably prior to Natalie, the local Don Won(?). Anyone who has traveled has seen the behavior of young girls (and men) who are away from their parents (hopefully) watchful eye. They go crazy! It seems as though girls are more emotional about the ending of a vacation and returning to their everyday life. They seem to always want the “vacation romance” with the foreign guy with the cute accent! The guys are always eager to use this to their favor. I’ve seen young girls “in the company of their parents” that look more like prostitutes than young, vacationing women. This is very disturbing. Is there more to the story……..?
4. The choice to send a bunch of high school kids to a foreign country with no supervision is simply…… STUPID!! And in this case …. very costly in MANY ways!!! Natalie’s friends should be spoken to more. Is there more to the story..?
5. US tourists are often the ones that embarrass our country to locals. I have seen this over and over again in traveling abroad. US citizens need to realize that they are “visiting” another sovereign nation. It is quite embarrassing to watch a biligerent tourist making derogatory comments to locals under the banner of “I’m an American”. YES, they rely on the tourism dollars of over-stressed and often spoiled Americans that think we should “nuke” anyone that doesn’t agree with us. The American people as a whole are absolutely wonderful, and so likewise are the other “working stiffs” from other countries. It’s the rich, spoiled, rude, power hungry and like described people who start and continue international hoopla.
6. The Dutch live a little different lifestyle than the American counterpart. In general they don’t look eye to eye and in short “Amsterdam”. Ya know what I mean!

I would like to know more about the whole situation, including Natalie’s families on both sides. She surely did not deserve the situation she has been dealt under any circumstances! I just think there is more to the whole picture than just the 3 or 4 boys, a very bad night out, and some very poor friends that should have done more to protect Natalie. Close friends, especially girls, DO NOT allow situations like this to happen without prior experiences of a similar nature. Something stinks and it’s NOT just Aruba!

Anonymous said...

How much money are you making off this scam, Michelle ? Hopefully for you, it will be enough to cover your legal expenses when you are sued for slander.

Michelle said...

Just a regular citizen like you...not being paid a DIME.

And go ahead with the suing threats. I'd like to see that. And by the way, it's LIBEL, not slander. Get our your dictionary.

As I've said before, libel doesn't apply the same to public figures, and if a suit is initiated, they have the burden of proof to prove damages. I highly doubt Greta or the Van der Sloots have been damaged by my blog.

Get a life!

Yvette from the Netherlands said...

I understand that Beth is in pain... Well I can't obviously cus I've never been in a situation like this, but won't call her a liar, I don't think she is. But what I do think is that her pain is causing blindness. I understand sooo much that she has to find the killer, that she want to know who took her daughter away from her. But I don't think Joran did this. Imagine you being accused of murder. I just KNOW you would probably start lying about things. You would be so afraid of saying things that make you look even more quilty, you can't think clearly. Joran did not murder Natalee. Just look at him. Don't you think that if he was the killer, he had been broken down already and confessed the whole thing? I admit, he probably knows more than he is telling us, maybe these 2 friends of him did something... But I'm pretty sure he did not murder her. And Beth is focussing on the wrong person. I'm sorry for my bad english :)

Anonymous said...

In this whole mystery, there are only 4 people that have told the truth. Beth, Dave, and the 2 security guards that were arrested.

Anonymous said...

The first words out of Joran's mouth when he was asked about Natalee, when she went missing were a lie.He was not under arrest then and had not been accused of anything. What does that tell you?

Bethsupporter said...

Anyone that puts down Beth Twitty for anything whatsoever that she has done or said is simply stuck on stupid! They need a good bitch slapping and I am the one to do it. Bring it on. I am ready!
Beth is a courageous woman and I admire her greatly. I cannot even began to imagine the pain she feels inside.
You bashers and trashers have no heart, no soul, no mind. You are all losers and are empty inside.
I feel for you all. You all need your medication !

Anonymous said...

Enough of these Beth Haters!!! I think the woman deserves tha "Mother of the Century" award.....