April 18, 2006


Hat Tip to CM!

This is from another site translated by ****** (I don't want to post their name in case they get mad, but if they want credit they can email me and I'll put it up.)

According to Diario

  • Geoffrey and the son of Dompig (Michael Anthony Dompig) are good friends. They were working together on the Visibility Team.

  • According to their colleagues they would always say how much fun they had with female tourists.

  • They even liked to lie that they were police officers.

  • Geoffrey is working with a sea-sport company, meaning that he is a ‘beach bum’.

More detentions can be expected although Diario has information that Geoffrey isn’t cooperating at all with authorities. The article mentions the unknown male DNA.


doug3 said...

To Michelle and Meri. Great job. Keep them on the run!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Caveat Emptor! Beware! The fast boat reads like "WWW.GONAKEDARUBA.COM" to me, I hope I don't have the tunnel vision like people say I have. I will never let any of my daughters getting onto that sex boat. That's what Aruba really is. Sex predators! It scares me so much as a loving mother.

Anonymous said...

all the pictures are gone form the gonativearuba site

Cherie said...

Dear Michelle,

Thanks for all of the information that you post about Natalee. I like your blog and Scared Monkey. You both are about supporting the family that has lost a loved one. I just do not understand how people can put down the Holloway/Twitty familes when they have suffered so much already and only want answers. I hope that this new guy has some info that can help solve this case. If JVDS and the Kalpoe brothers did nothing to Natalee then there was no reason for them to lie.

Also wanted to ask what happened to that group picture that you had up last night showing JVDS and this new guy?


Michelle said...


Thank you for your wonderful compliment. It's nice to hear something positive because it seems like I always get hate mail. :)

As for the picture I removed...About 10-15 minutes after I posted the pic from a source, I found out there was an error and the individual that was thought to be Geoffrey was not, but instead was Koen Gottenbos's brother Sander. So that's why I immediately removed the picture.

mayan_moons said...

you have kudos from me and many others i know for interesting, informative and intrigue.
many thanks for you contribution of shining a bright light on what i feel is the most unsafe place to vqacation that i've ever heard in my life, and thats been a long time. ;)