April 18, 2006


I received these two comments today. I don't know their validity, but I found them particularly interesting, if true. If anyone can corroborate this information, please contact this blog at arubanboycott@sbcglobal.net.

  • This is a very serious coverup for Joran and GVC and many others involved, including the school officials and probably the Aruban government workers as well. The new school site was next to the oil refinery. The construction company leased their huge incinerators to burn off the trash. There is a big fear that the worst of what happened to Natalee could have happened nearby. Some people had the security clearance to drive through the gate with their dump truck.

  • GVC knows Koen too. C&C has secret cam installed by VCB company to pick the right girl for the night.


Angelina Morrow said...

Bullcrap! Even KJ called Joran a "former suspect" this aftenoon. GVC was a terrible student with ADDHD and went to the EPI school NOT the International School where Joran went. This is from Jossy and Diario. Why do so Americans have such a problem with the facts? It's so difficlt to understand.

Anonymous said...

The statement I seen released from the prosecutor never mentioned Joran. It only told what he was being held for.

Anonymous said...

"Municipal Services for Management of Solid Waste, Including Hospital Waste. For disposal of solid waste, there is a 12.5-hectare refuse dump located in Parkietenbos. Different types of
waste are taken to this site (refuse from homes, offices, industry, hotels, restaurants and
cafes, construction and demolition sites), but no documentation is available regarding the exact
amounts. Hospital waste also is transported and disposed of in the municipal dump. Infectious
waste is burned in an incinerator, which may pose operation and maintenance problems." The above announcement has been quoted from one of the Aruban government website recently. The old incinerators were given to the Aruban Health Ministry by the old Lago Colony refinery to help to reduce the yellow fever epidemics which killed most of the island population in the 60s. The question is that these incinerator facilities are guarded by the VCB police security company. Somebody could have abused the incinerator for body disposal.

brerlee said...

Angelina Morrow said...
"...Why do so Americans have such a problem with the facts? It's so difficlt to understand."

Right. It's the "Americans" that caused all the problems.
It's Americans that abducted Natalee.
It's Americans that arrested 2 uninvolved former security guards.
It's Americans that were last known to be with Natalee.
It's Americans that constantly lie to Aruba Police.
It's Americans that can't understand that Joran walked home without his sneakers. No, wait, Americans can't understand that Joran got a ride from Deepak. No, wait, Americans can't understand that Joran got a ride from Satish.
Americans don't understand exactly where, err, what beach, or house, that Joran walked, or got a ride, back home from.
Americans can't understand how Natalee drugged herself, buried herself, unburied herself, reburied herself.

Yeah, you are right. Us Americans sure are dumb.

Anonymous said...

yes their the most stupid people on planet earth