April 16, 2006


Suspect, Witness, Co-Conspirator, Accomplice?

Geoffrey van Cromvoirt

FOX News- Jossy is saying it is the
Geoffrey van Cromvoirt that works with his fathers security company, VBC Security. This company handles video surveilance for the Visibility Team and Hotels. Jossy says the charges need to filed against him tomorrow. He hangs out at the beach, so may be a friend or have contacts with the other 3 suspects.

The Aruban authorities have been tailing this guy for the last couple of months and information based on Joran's statements it sounded like there were possible phone calls between Joran and GVC.

The Van der Sloots are saying they do not know this person. VCB are the security for the Marriot Moomba Bar. Notice the red pickup and the police uniforms in picture. They are the same as what was seen in the infamous Aru-bay rock videos....same truck and uniforms. Is there a connection?

Aired JUNE 7, 2005- 13:00 ET

KARL PENHAUL, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Hundreds of government workers joined the hunt for Natalee Holloway Monday afternoon on the wind-swept eastern tip of Aruba. They were backed by Dutch marines and Aruba's search and rescue team.

A senior police official has told me this morning that two items of interest were found. They're now the subject of intense police scrutiny. The first item found was a pair of ladies sunglasses. He declined to specify the make.

The second item was a man's white shirt stained with blood and bearing the logo of a local security firm.

Geoffrey's Father, Willem van Cromvoirt, owner

email: willlem@vcbsecurity.com

Cell: +297-5937078


Anonymous said...

Jossie and Joe T both say that Juron doesnt know this kid or has ever spoken to him

Anonymous said...

Joe Tacopina? LMAO! He's needs to dump the VDS as clients. He doesn't know what he's gotten himself in to. He's contradicted what has come out of Joran's mouth on national television. D'OH!


dennisintn said...

anita says jvds didn't know gvc. julia r. says jvds didn't know him, jvds says he didn't know him. joe t. says he didn't know him. with what we know of these "credible people", we can safely surmise jvds and gvc have been **shole buddies since birth. unseparable playmates, and locked hip to hip since birth.

mayan_moons said...

lmfao dennis

hip locked to be sure!~