April 16, 2006


ORANJESTAD--Aruba Natalee Holloway's father says this is the first he's heard of a teen arrested in the girl's disappearance in Aruba.

Island authorities say they arrested a 19-year-old with the initials G.V.C. (Geoffrey Van Cromvoirt). Aruban officials usually only release a suspect's initials. Dave Holloway tells C-N-N he's "hopeful something will come out of it." He says he's been told the person's identity and it's "someone new" who hasn't been mentioned before.

An official at the public prosecutor's office refuses to offer any details. Holloway says he still believes those three "still know more than what they told authorities".


Anonymous said...

The Aruban police only released his initials.

Jossie Mansur released his name and family connection

Mckenzie Sappoforo said...

Jossy just interviewed. He says that this young man is being held as a SUSPECT not a witness, not a material witness, and not an accomplice!! He is a very close friend of DOMPIG's SON!!!

dennisintn said...

even dompig said the 3 amigoes "and others" were involved. gues we now have one of the "others". maybe this is just the beginning of a new round of arrests to fill out the board.

Anonymous said...

This kids' dad is no lawyer so that means he's basically hosed.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, now we know that you really just blindly copy other people's BS without checking the facts first. I've known this all along and think it's wrong! It means you're nothing more than a sheep following the other sheep. You could make a difference if you would check the facts before you print something. THAT would make you look believable. Now this whole website means NOTHING!!! It's just more sheep talk!

Why am I saying this:
First you say this guy's name is Godfried VAN Cromvoirt. You even link to his fathers company's website. On this website you can clearly see that his father is called VAN Cromvoirt. Which makes sense, as VAN is Dutch. Now ABC, Scared Monkeys and all the others copying eachother somehow turned this guy's name into VON Cromvoirt (and I'm not even talking about his first name!).

Now you have been covering this case for how long now? 10 months or so? You should know by now that VON is German and VAN is Dutch (VAN der Sloot)..... And as you claim this guy is Dutch, his name is VAN Cromvoirt!

But I guess you would only know this if you would have been truly interested in the facts and backgrounds of this case. You're obviously not. You like being a sheep and ruining a whole island, lots of families and the reputation of your own country with your sheep talk!

Next time, get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself again....!!!!

Michelle said...

KISS OFF. I changed his name after I found out his real name. Do you realize how much information I get? So I spell a name wrong? It was at the beginning stages and I wanted to provide any informatinon I could for the readers. As you can see, I changed the spelling of the idiot's name when I found out.

Look...get your own blog, make contacts, work hard and provide all the information YOU have. At least I'm doing something. I have a demanding job, a child and a life...what do you do?

Brown Sugar said...

Michelle is not only my friend but I work closely with her. I know how accurate her connections are and what is in her heart. She delivers more accurate and up to the minute news on the Holloway case than ANY other web site and she has the guts and the heart to do it. So what if she used Von instead of Van...who cares and how is that relevant to the content of her articles? We are Americans and we don't always know the correct sir names of people from foreign countries. Can you tell me with a straight face that ALL Europeans from Holland or Germany pronounce all of our names correctly?

I sense a jealousy here in the comment about Michelle's word usage. I sense a resentment because she gets the news quicker than other sites do.

Michelle cares more about Beth Twitty than almost anyone else that I know and that's why she runs this blog. If you have to be petty than you are the one with the problem.

Millicent said...

Well said---Michelle is a credible source of information. I, too, know she checks and double checks all information BEFORE it is published. If only the information from Aruba was as credible as Michelle. Yesterday the NY Post quoted a website filled with hate and abuse for Natalee and her family. Perhaps they are afraid of the truth as well. And shame on them! Please keep up the good work, Michelle!

AVN said...

I'm very upset by everything that I have read. It's hard for me to leave this message. I'm on the fence on this case. I have been following it like everyone else when the news hit big! In 2004 I spent 9 months in Aruba working and visiting my family. It was the best time and I never felt more safe in our Happy Little Island. I feel horrible for Natalee and her family. I know what it's like to lose someone violently, it's a pain that will never go away (R.I.P. Ricky B... the good die young). You just have to remember the good times. I pray for her, for her family, and her friends that they find peace in this horrible tragedy.

Then there's the other side. The van Cromvoirt family. They are a great family and I have been blessed to know them. My prayers also go out to him and his family. I hope that everything turns out okay so they can move on with their lives. Geoffrey was brought in for questioning and that's all we know at this point. In a country where pointing fingers is the norm, we have to remember that old saying, "innocent until proven guilt".

Thank you

Michelle said...

I don't think I've ever accused this boy of anything. I think he just knows something. I hope he talks.


pasteurella said...

Just a quick search:
1996 Dutch Tourist Tosca Dieperink killed in Miami
1993 German Tourist Uwe-Wilhelm Rakebrand is killed in Miami
Okt 1992-april 1993 8 further foreign Tourists (4 Germans one of them a Ms Jensen) are killed in Miami
August 2007 Lavern Paul Ritch a British tourist murdered on the Jersey Shore
Sept 2008 British tourist killed in Florida

Now did subsequently the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain call for a boycott of the USA?

Many americans get murdered in Mexico. I do not see a call for a boycott there. Many americans actually get murdered in America. It is a tragic case, but everyday kids disappear in America and nobody gives a damm