April 16, 2006


Aaaah....the neverending saga of the condescending media whore, Julia Renfro. After watching her on "The Lineup" this evening with Kimberly Guilfoyle, I just about choked from disgust. Who does she think she is? Some pathetic 'has been--never was'editor of some lame island fluff paper who is milking this incident to the hilt because Aruba has basically fired all their spokespeople for screwing up. Who is Kimberly Guilfoyle? A famous ex-prosecutor and a genius TV legal veteran who could debate her under the table until she crawled away crying like a little bitch.

Where does she get the nerve of acting the part of the 'superior all knowing' by coming across as a temperamental egotistical bitch? She's not adding points for Aruba whatsoever. She's a joke and she knows it. Julia is not partial, provides lies and half truths, and will continue to bash Beth, Natalee and her family until the day she dies. She is a friend of the van der Sloots and will defend them at all times and at all costs. Am I on the right track Glenda???

In my daydream (or shall I say, "re-enactment"), Julia would be in the studio sitting next to me and after hearing that "tone" of her voice...that pathetic grandiose attitude, I would have instinctively bitch slapped her. Twice. And maybe with a leather glove just for the sting and for a laugh.

Why do these MSM stations keep asking her to come on their show and ask her questions when she either lies, knows nothing, or comes off as a total bitch--showing Americans that the Aruban authorities don't care about American tourists.


(Regarding new arrested suspect) Well, as you know I’ve been around since the 30th of May…and there were reports that there was a young man hanging around the group of 127 kids while on the trip, and he could very well fit that description.


We had a report by Tracy Allen and said that she was assaulted on the beach. Any connection to this case?


(Heightened tone of voice) ...Well, that’s something we don’t know! But we were familiar with that particular incident before Natalee even disappeared as well as others. And I believe that the police were working on that particular case as well, as I’ve just said, other specific incidents in that area prior to Natalee’s disappearance.

(Sounding annoyed) Natalee’s disappearance has basically taken over the island. 40% of the budget, millions and millions of guilders (florin) and unfortunately for other cases they have been kind of put on the back burner until we figure out what happened to Natalee.


Well all that money and all this time how come we are just hearing about this guy just now?! Why are they just bringing him in at this point?


(Condescending tone) Aaah…because at that particular time, as we know Kimberly, the main focus has been on Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers!


Ok, well do you think he is going to be released or do you think authorities will keep him for a longer period of time?


Well, that has not been said at all. Like Arlene said earlier the only information the police and Aruban authorities have given out at this time are the initials. There have been no other official reports!


Does he have any kind of history or reputation for being a troublemaker in the area, or harassing people, or is this a clean cut kid and this comes as a surprise?


No, I think it’s more of a surprise. I actually haven’t spoken to anyone that knows him. I did check with the van der Sloot family and they do not know him. Joran doesn’t know him. He has never associated with this particular young man, and so far as we can tell he does not have an arrest record or any particular kind of reputation.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Julia(hag)RenFOE.
She makes me sick!

blackhawk said...

Julia represents Aruba perfectly to a "T".....Aruba and Julia go hand in hand along with the Sloots and Kalpoes and ALE and their Govt.
Completely without shame...Natalee has been such a terrible problem for their happy little island and of course its all Natalee's fault and her horrible mother and father and the unfair US media...nothing is Aruba's fault...nothing is ever their fault...you know a sign of great leadership is taking responsiblity for your actions or lack of actions...No one on Aruba does that...they only blame others for their ineptness...in order for anyone there to be completely honest would bring down their house of corrupt cards...they honestly think the blame game will work for them and it has back fired on them repeatedly...but you must understand they can't be totally honest they are the lifeguards of the "Cesspool" We know as Aruba...The more Julia talks the people of the world can painfully see how dark this island is....I'm sure parents don't like her attitude for good reason..That could be my child she is trashing and that child is missing..raped,murdered..dumped like a piece of garbage...Julia I hope its worth it...I wonder how you sleep at night...maybe pills or booze I guess... The party is still on,we won't quit!!

Anonymous said...

Because Julia exposed Jug Twitty for being an overagressive thug, then she deserves to be treated to being called names like whore?? Yet you have a fit when women do come out like the stripper who is accusing the Duke Lacrosse team (who's story is falling apart - where is your apology to the team for calling them what you did?). So my question to you and your truck driver mouth - is your double standard approved?

Michelle said...

If you re-read the first sentence carefully...I called her a "Media-Whore". If you didn't know, that's not the same thing as an actual whore.

Next time you better know what you are talking about before you accuse me of calling someone an actual whore. It's media whore...media whore.... Ever heard of it? Men can be media whores as well! Get over it!

dennisintn said...

i wonder how much julia has to pay the networks for her "love aruba, love jvds, hate beth and natalee" commercials. i guess the same people paying for joe taco is paying for julia's commercials.