April 17, 2006


I find it extremely hard to believe that on an island that small, with the closeness in their ages, the "coincidence" that they frequent the same bars, casinos, etc., and, wow--they have mutual friends to boot! Joran is a liar. He knows this kid. Let's add this lie to the list. Taco Joe...why are you defending this moron? He's making you look like a total clown.

Or shall I say PUPPET?

An interesting tidbit from an anonymous commentor:

  • "www.magic965.com at 7am this morning. Aruba International School just took out the soccer team alumi pictures. They were there this morning. Joran knows GVC."

More Lies Uncovered:

  • CNN reported that Geoffrey van Cromvoirt is a regular at Carlos & Charlies

  • Rita Cosby reported that Joran and Geoffrey van Cromvoirt know each other. She stated that this information comes from the ALE as she is in Aruba right now. She also states that it is a known that this new suspect was in contact with the three suspects, especially Joran over the last 10 months. Rita is adamant that "Aruban Officials" have said that Joran has "told Geoffrey van Cromvoirt after the fact" things about the "murder and disposal" of Natalee. They have followed this communication from "other witnesses" for at least 3 months.

  • Joe Taco implores that Joran does not know this Geoffrey van Cromvoirt. However, on FOX he stated, "...it seems all the teenagers there know each other." He has now since retracted that statement.

Anita's attempt to cover up via email:

"The word is out on NBC that Joran knew this guy. This is not true so please put this on the blogs. Beth shall do anything to connect this again with Joran. Joran doesn't know every 19 year old!!!!" (source)


dennisintn said...

roflmao, i should have known that the "source" would be the vultures and buzzards at the refugees. you'd think they would all just check into the same asylum and do away with having to beat on the keyboars so much.

Michelle said...

Well, I HAD to print the source...no matter what I think of them. It's like having to kiss a really creepy old relative. You know you have to do it, but you don't want to.

wiscbelle said...

You have to get a copy of that picture Michelle!!!! The lies will continue to roll on in. We must keep proving that they are all LIARS!!!!! VDSloot's, Kalpoe's, ALE.....Is there anyone with just a tiny shred of decency and respect over there in Aruba?

Anonymous said...

Joran's "Police Shirt" pic is in flickr.com. He got it from GVC.

Anonymous said...

GVC did not attend ISA. The guy in the pictures is someone else!

mayan_moons said...

*lmao with dennis*

lady_justice said...

not even a sliver wiscbelle
of decency that is