April 17, 2006


The Abrams Report - MSNBC - Dave Holloway

Nancy Grace - CNN Headline News - Dave Holloway

Larry King Live - CNN - Dave Holloway and John Q. Kelly

Hannity & Colmes - Fox News - Linda Allison

On The Record w/Greta - Fox News - Beth Twitty

Scarbrough Country - MSNBC - Dave Holloway


dennisintn said...

who was that genius who said natalee ann holloway would be forgotten before christmas? maybe he was thinking about 20l0 or something.

Anonymous said...

thanks Michelle. Keep on keeping on! I'm not getting too excited about GVC. This may just be more BS from Aruba. If he does know something, the prosecuter can offer him an informal plea bargin.
And before someone comes along and says no plea bargaining is allowed,I would say they are full of shite. Dutch law professors have stated that a plea bargin can be offered. Arlene S lied her butt off.
Oh and Dennis, I've heard that Natalee would be forgotten a lot of times. It's not going to happen!