April 17, 2006


Look! We are committed to solving this case!
We swear! This time we are for real...no more lies!

Please don't hold your breath people...

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

After watching the various media outlets cover the surprise arrest on Aruba I found myself getting dizzy. On one channel I saw Julia spinning like a top along with Arlene.

On another channel I saw Joe T. claiming that Joran doesn't know the kid who was arrested and he probably was deposited by aliens on Aruba (or was it Scientologists?) because no one every heard of him before.

On yet another channel there was John Q. Kelly telling me that there is a connection and that the arrestee probably knows friends of Joran and there might very well be a connection.

Hit the remote again and you'll find a panel of talking heads claiming that this means that the "case is about to be solved" or "This is another red herring" or "You can't believe anything that the Arubans do or say" (I tend to go with the last comment myself).

Tomorrow the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes goes to court so that they can hold him for 8 more days.....I figure that if Paulus wants him held than he will be held and if Paulus doesn't want him held he'll be cut loose soon. After all Paulus is the puppet master on Aruba.

Now for my favorite comment..once again from Joe T. (who talks faster than the sound of a speeding bullet), "There was forensic evidence found on this kid's shirt 9 months ago". NINE months ago? Really? That recent? Wow..... I also heard that the so-called blood on the shirt didn't belong to Natalee and that they have NO forensic evidence at all to even prove that a crime was committed and now they have blood on a NINE month old discovery and they just now arrested the supposed owner of the shirt? How very typical for the Aruban police force...how perfectly timed.

Make up your minds fools...was there a crime, did she OD, did she wander off somewhere, was she picked up by Tom Cruise and company?

I wonder if we will be sitting here in fifty years while they are arresting a rather elderly Joran or Deepak or Satish or some gray haired Dutch boy with blue eyes?

Maybe they will even manage to prop up Booty and have Dompig claim on the new version of "48 hours In Outer Space" that he knows where the body is buried?

Joe T. also said that the "NEW" police Chief is getting things done. NEW? Dolph Richardson has been there since day one. He has always been there and he is just now doing something?

I wonder if in 50 years they will dig up Vander Stratton, Dompig, Richardson and Jacobson to bring in more "credible" witnesses. They can organize a search party to find the graves of these long dead police officers to make sure that the case is properly investigated. Or, even better, their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren can take over for them and keep on investigating.

After all they have been working diligently on the case every single day since Natalee went missing at a cost of over 40 zillion dollars (almost the entire police department budget) according to Julia the seer.

Do you realize how ridiculous this entire case is? How horrible this is for Beth and Dave? Maybe Joe T. can start a traveling circus where he represents and defends people from all over the world against American's who have lost a loved one? Maybe Julia can use her cane and a walker to spin her tales in a creaky, fading voice from the comfort of her rest home and Arlene can be wheeled in to interpret Dutch Law? If this wasn't so damned pathetic I would laugh instead of feeling like I am going to cry every time I hear another story from the Tales of Aruba.

The real thing makes "Shango" look tame by comparison.


The Speculater said...

Is anyone else getting tired being strung along ?

blackhawk said...

Man, I saw Joe T. everywhere today and doing his "Pro Boner" work...sticking it to everyone who has anything on his client...As we all know Sloot doesn't know anyone when it comes to this crime...Just wait and see, I'm sure pictures will start popping up showing him with this person he does not know and of course Joe T. will say they have been tampered with and other excuses to cover for his client...Joe T. just stick to the civil case I think thats gonna give you enuff headaches....Aruba truely is a,"" Fanstasy Island""..because we haven't seen ANY freeking REALITY yet out of that hellhole...Oh yeh,I'm not gonna hold my breathe!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed. This recent arrest proves only one thing: THE BOYCOTT IS WORKING and the PRESSURE IS ON.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your articles, they make me laugh eventhough I feel like crying about all the bs being spouted bt JR and Joe T. Do they really think we are that gullible? Every time they open their mouth with yet another lie, they insult our intelligence. What concerns me more tho is that NO interviewer on any channel has the guts to ask any questions that would be hard to answer.
Why was it necessary for daddy Sloot to lie about picking up junior first at 11 pm and then at 4 am? Why the need for the ATM in the middle of the night? It just makes me sick.
Love your good work, keep it up.

Chris in Texas

Michelle said...

I'm glad that I can give you some humor from a horrific tragedy. Thanks for the boost...too many negative people all over my ass! Have you ever noticed more people bitch and complain than those that say nice things? Boggles my mind.

If I were on MSM, I'd be up in their face, re-quoting them from past interviews and calling them out every chance I got. They'd hate me so much they'd refuse to do my show, I'm sure. That's why I have a blog! :)

Summer Lowell said...

I don't think many of usin Aruba give a hoot about Beth or Dave anymore. Sorry, just how it is. They've become the butt of local comedians. You can't get through a local comedy show without at least 6 - 10 jokes about Beth, Dave, Jug or Alabama. Some are really funny but some are cruel too. Hopefully in tomorrow's paper, GVC's family has come out and made a statement that he is NOT a friend of Joran and has never traveled in the same social circle. I'm telling you, Joe Tacopina is being worshipped on this island now. Local press says him and his 4 investigators will single handedly solve this case and get their client exonerated. He's left 2 investigators on our island full time and they are aggressive and very very good.

Michelle said...

Yippee...I'm really happy for you. And guess what? No one in the U.S. gives a 'hoot' about you either.

Anonymous said...

Summer, you're out of your mind, but I guess you already know that.
Hope you remember your words as you slowly sink into oblivion.
Just occured to me, you sound just like that idiot johnm, very poor english.

Gennifer Mogley said...

Oh my GOD!!! This is NOT nice!!!! Just saw them selling T shirts at the mall that say "Beth Holloway Twiity has as much credibility as Terri schiavo's parents - ZERO!!!" And theres a picture of Beth and a picture of Terri Schiavo and her parents! That's a little overboard, huh?

mayan_moons said...

*laughing so hard it hurts*

michelle your rendition of how the players in aruba will still be on the case is in 50 years is hilarious!~ aruba is a laughing stock to the world hands down, i mean when you have Karin Janssen writing to our Dept. of Justice asking if Beth is related to Hitler & if she's planning to go to Austria screams something. Stupidity reigns on that shithole called aruba.