April 19, 2006


By Meri, Boycott Blogger

I watched all the shows last night like Rita and Greta and Dan (earlier in the day) and my head is spinning round and round.

So much speculation and rumor and so little information. Julia did her usual lying and spinning about what Beth supposedly said to her and what she reported to Vanity Fair for that ridiculous article on Natalee.

Beth has totally disavowed what Julia says and since Julia has every reason to protect her once thriving business interests on Aruba I don't believe a word that she says. She always has that shit eating grin on her face and acts so smug and righteous.

Arlene did her bit tonight and also sang the praises of the Aruban police investigation...yeah, Arlene, we all know how well that's gone these past 11 months. Why don't you go talk to Julia so you can both preach to the chorus and have an orgasm over yourselves?

Here's my guess...and it IS only mere speculation with no fact behind it....they will soon arrest Steve Croes and possibly Deepak. They will charge them with the murder and kidnapping of Natalee Holloway and with drugging her. They will have a trial and both will be convicted.

Game over...the end.

'No body, no Natalee' to paraphrase that great man, Paulus van der Ditch (Sloot means ditch in the Dutch language from what I've heard.) Joran, well, he goes on with his life and we will NEVER know what he had to do with Natalee's disappearance. Some of us will always wonder and some of us will always believe that he was involved. I'm pretty sure that Beth will.

I will be moving on to another case somewhere out there and hopefully it will be in a place where police are really police and investigations are really investigations.

Wonderful Joe Mammana will keep putting up reward money for those who need help finding lost loved ones and the talking heads will talk about some other poor lost soul. What I sincerely hope is that I never run into a situation like this again...EVER. My heart couldn't take it and my brain wouldn't even try.

The next month will tell a lot about this case and we might have some kind of resolution....but will it be the right one? I doubt that we will ever really know.

God bless you Natalee.....there are many of us out here who care about you and who will remember you. Wherever you are you have a family to be proud of because they are fighting so hard for you and many supporters who want to see you get some justice.

We won't give up until the fat lady sings...and I am not hearing any music.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! I am so impressed with your site. How soon do you think the two new arrests will happen?

Michelle said...

I am not sure...there's a rumor that it could happen any day. But with Aruba, you NEVER know. I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

Anonymous said...

Deepak is practically in house arrested. His Surinam passport expired few months ago along with his Aruba visa. He can't go nowhere. Surinam is also corrupt, and delays Deepak's passport renewal for political reason and also for legitimate clause of Deepak is still a suspect in the connection of the murder of Natalee. The only santuary for Deepak to go is the prison. He would rather go to an American prison instead of a Dutch prison, and at least he feels safe with the American prison. He knows sooner or later he will be terminated by Joran if he continues to stay in his mom's house. He receives lots of death calls lately and locally if he refused to admit Satish did pick up Joran from the beach at 3:30 AM that morning.

Anonymous said...

i only recently discovered your site. please keep up the great work - til the end, we need you!


Tarza Lieber said...

WOW!!! Anybody else see Joe Tacopina on IMUS this morning?? If I was Beth/Jug , I'd be quickly moving all my assets to an offshore account somewhere. Tacopina really showed his cards today. He said he is unequivocally, no holds barred, mark my words going to win a huge defamation settlement for Joran. He's going after many people including the parents who called Joran a murderer, predator, rapists etc. He was furious. I think everyone suspected that, but this is the first absolute overt threat. This man could gladly be my lawyer anyday, whether you like Joran or not, this dude is on fire and setting a great example for lawyers everywhere. Tacopina even dared IMUS to call Joran a murderer on TV and said he'd come after him too.

Michelle said...

Ok, first of all, Joe T. doesn't know what he's talking about. It's confusing how he passed the bar.

1. Joran is not a U.S. citizen and is not protected under the same rights as Americans.

2. If a person becomes a public figure, people can say what they want. It's called the first ammendment. Joran is no longer a private citizen. He is a suspect in investigation watched and known worldwide. He has willingly gone on interviews and has admitted his a liar.

3. In order to prove libel (libel is written; slander is spoken), the plaintiff must prove damages. What are his damages? That everyone things he's Satan's child?

Therefore, due to #1, all of this is a moot point. Is Scott Peterson suing anyone? OJ? The parents of Jon Benet Ramsey? Michael Jackson?

Please...someone take this Taco Joe aside and bitch slap him for me. He's completely ridiculous...his strategy is to SCARE people. It's a tactic that has worked since DAY ONE. Fear can control anyone. We are not afraid of you Joe and I'm going to keep blogging and blogging and blogging.

I am actually laughing right now...

Morgan Dunne said...

Then why have the Holloways , under advice from their lawyer (JQK)toned down their rhetoric?? Beth daily would say that Joran is a predator, rapist etc, everybody has seen and heard her these things,why has she stopped when Tacopina started to represent Joran. There's no denying that. There whole conversations are totally different. I think they're afraid. And, according to Mark Geragos last month, Tacopina has a great defamation suit against Beth, Jug and some others. Geragos predicted that when Tacopina got involved, we'd hear less inflamatory language and that exactly what happened.

Anonymous said...

oh please, you defenders of VDS might as well give it up. I'm not buying into this new arrest. GeoVC hasn't done anything as far as I'm concerned UNTIL Aruba proves it without question.
Those liars have had plenty of time to set up another scapegoat.
Isn't it odd that he has blonde hair and apparently, blue eyes?

Remember, they tried to frame Mickey John and Abraham Jones.
Never forget that.

All the rumor spreading will get you nowhere, but keep it up cuz it's funny to watch you idiots spinning like tops. ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

take care Michelle!


Anonymous said...

Actually morgan dunne -- we hear much more inflamatory language now.

It all comes from Tacopina.

Hey Joe T -- Joran is a liar. Wanna sue me?

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me Michelle. Let him sue the whole world, since most are covinced of the evil that is the Van der Sloot clan.

lady_justice said...

Beth is NOT toning down her statements coz joey pacopeanuts hitched a ride on the JVDS trainwreck fool. Once the VDsluts tounced down in NY & were served a lawsuit they HAD to get american representation. Beth isn't playing games like aruba & all it's *big people liars* do. She's doing what she is supposed to do now and thats to let her lawyer do the talking for her. Meanwhile no one or nothing can shut you van der sweats UP, pacopeanuts can't do shit with a slander case, once an american jury reads all the shit VDS's and their cohorts have been spewing about Natalee & Beth the wrath of 12 people will hammer down on the lawyer & VDS's who dares to waste their time with this frivilous bullshit when a beautiful American girl is still missing. Bring it on Bitch!~

Anonymous said...

Ole joe t. knows exactly who to sue. I'm sure it is not Dave Holloway since he doesn't have the big bucks. joe mentioned he wasn't sueing the family. What about Jug Twitty. He is the so called big money maker. It just goes to show you how joe is losing his mind. These families aren't interested in money they just want to find there daughter. I have a daughter 19. What the holloway/twitty families are going through I cannot comprehend. It's HELL for them. By sueing, ole joe will be the most hated attorney of all time. A real SCUMBAG!!!