April 06, 2006


So Sorry Joe T. you blew it again

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

It was Dave and Beth who turned over the room key information to the Aruban authorities MONTHS ago. It was Dave and his investigator Art Woods who first interviewed "Booty" the drug dealer (who Dave mentioned was "High as a kite".) He NEVER mentioned Natalee buying drugs from him or going back to her hotel that night.

Booty? Nice name.
Did your mother come up with that?

Suddenly he has a wonderful "CREDIBLE' story and it creates a need for massive searches that produce nothing. Guess who Booty is? Dompig's brother-in-law. Yep, folks, the "CREDIBLE" witness that Dompig referred to on "48 Hours" was his OWN brother-in-law and a KNOWN drug dealer on Aruba.

Joe T. is basing his information on the word of a drug dealer and old information supplied to the police by the family of Natalee Holloway. Some investigative techniques Joe...really good, solid work...NOT. Old news, drug dealers related to the Deputy Police Chief? What more could one want in the case of the dirtiest police investigation to come along in years.

Tacopina is using what he wants from information with no solid foundation and Booty is trying to SELL his story to the highest bidder. I wonder if Dompig was going to get a cut? Sorry Joe, it just won't go...none of this will help clear your client and it only proves one thing...ARUBA is dirty and corrupt and not safe for tourists...at least if those tourists want to stay alive.

Since Natalee disappeared....the body of one man (Robert Wayne Bens
on) was found dead in a container, another man found with his throat cut, and today, yet another body found in flames in a cave.

Let's hear from you Arlene and Julia and Steve Cohen...care to tell us how Aruba never has any major crimes? Care to explain why Aruba never solves any of them?


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